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Publifix logo

Press release management and distribution platform

learn more
Publifix is a comprehensive public relations platform that assists communications teams and PR agencies in various industries with their press release distribution and monitoring processes.

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Contactually logo

Turn relationships into results

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Contactually is an easy-to-use system for building better relationships, and getting the most from your network. Combining the best features of contact managers, email clients, and CRMs, it gives you everything you need to organize, follow-up, and engage with everyone who matters to your business.

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Map My Customers logo

Web-based tool for monitoring field service reps

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Map My Customers gives sales leaders visibility into what reps are doing in the field. And reps get a mobile app that helps them plan their day, track activities, and find opportunities.

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Prophet CRM logo

CRM Software in Outlook

learn more
Getting Prophet CRM for Outlook Means:

No more switching between Outlook and your CRM
No redundancy, no syncing, no time wasted
No more lost sales opportunities

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Kanbox logo

Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Gen Powerhouse

learn more
Kanbox enables you to export prospects from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, find their professional emails, obtain clean and non-duplicated data, automate your B2B lead generation campaigns, develop and organize your network effectively, and communicate with your prospects in an intuitive interface.

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CobbleStone Contract Insight logo

Managing contracts just got easier!

learn more
CobbleStone Contract Insight is an advanced contract management software used by professionals to better manage contracts, agreements, and other committals. It includes features such as vendor & customer management, contract authoring with field merging from templates, and calendar tasks.

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FLG logo

The best solution for first time CRM adopters.

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FLG is a UK–based lead management CRM system designed with simplicity, power, and ease of use in mind. It comes with a free trial, lite and professional packages. FLG offers everything you need to manage 100,000s of leads, helping automate workflows and schedule appointments.

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SalesNexus logo

CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation for B2B Sales Teams

learn more
CRM and Marketing Automation all in 1. Automate emails, texts and manage sales and marketing thru the entire funnel.

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Quoter logo

Sales enablement for technology service providers.

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Quoter is a modern, cloud-based quoting platform that helps technology service providers sell more and get paid faster.

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Cirrus Insight logo

#1 App for Salesforce Productivity & Meeting Automation

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Cirrus Insight enhances productivity with Salesforce and automates meetings by integrating with Gmail and Outlook. Users can sync data, send personalized emails, track interactions, and schedule meetings effortlessly. Cirrus Insight supports over 50,000 users globally.

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Shape logo

Cloud-based CRM, sales & marketing automation software

learn more
Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, & marketing automation software for businesses in industries such as legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, & education. Shape offers tools to manage & automate online marketing & promotions, capture and service leads from online sources, & more

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Covve App logo

Stay in touch effectively with clients and personal contacts

learn more
Make sure you never let a relationship go cold. Stay in touch with clients and personal contacts.
Covve Personal CRM is your personal assistant app, reminding you to keep in touch and giving you the right excuse to reach out.

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Tubular logo

Sales pipeline software & CRM for teams

learn more
Tubular is a cloud-based sales pipeline & customer relationship management (CRM) software built for teams, for managing contacts, leads, deals, tasks, and more

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Platformax logo

Inside sales management with automated prospecting

learn more
Platformax is a complete inside sales CRM that makes it simple to organize your sales pipeline and leads, manage team members and prospect via calls and emails.

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InStream logo

Sales, contact management & relationship automation tool

learn more
InStream is a sales, contact management & relationship automation tool designed to enable SMBs to build, manage & sustain effective customer relationships

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Ontraport logo

Sales, marketing, and communication management software

learn more
Ontraport helps businesses streamline sales, marketing, customer communication, and other operations on a unified portal. The marketing automation tools let organizations create, run, and manage marketing campaigns using customizable templates and send targeted emails or text messages to customers.

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SMMware logo

Client management and accounting tool for sales teams

learn more
SMMware is a cloud-based platform for small to medium businesses. The software offers flexible options for scheduling which associates will work on a job, view tasks on a calendar and enables employees to block their availability time to streamline operational processes.

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Relenta logo

Email-based CRM for people who get things done

learn more
Relenta is a beautifully simple and amazingly effective email-based CRM.

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EssentialPIM logo
Category Leaders

Personal information management software

learn more
EssentialPIM is a cloud-based personal information management software designed to help small to midsize businesses view, store, and manage all personal and important information in a secure and centralized database. The platform enables organizations to update, edit, and organize appointments, notes, contacts, passwords, tasks, and emails across multiple applications and devices via a unified portal.

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Lead Docket logo

Cloud-based lead management software for law firms

learn more
Lead Docket is a cloud-based lead tracking software designed to help law firms manage leads, referrals, tasks, contacts, and more on a centralized platform to improve overall conversion rates. Managers can send automated emails and text messages with images to prospects.

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Call Center Studio logo

Pay-as-you-go • Scalable • AI Powered • Better CX

learn more
Call Center Studio is a web-based pay-as-you-go CCaaS packed with everything your operations need to become a 360-degree customer experience base.

Unleash your agents’ full potential, thrive with operational efficiency, and leverage scalability with remote-friendly Call Center Studio.

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LionDesk logo

CRM, marketing & transaction management for real estate

learn more
LionDesk is a CRM, lead, and transaction management platform for real estate agents, teams, brokers, and lenders, with native mobile apps for Android & iOS

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Rolldog logo

Rolldog CRM - manage your business AND increase revenue.

learn more
Rolldog is a CRM and Opportunity Management software—all rolled into one. Rolldog helps businesses better manage their customer relationships, while proactively tracking and scoring leads and opportunities to help increase revenue, boost sales and marketing effectiveness.

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Redtail CRM logo

Web-based CRM for financial professionals

learn more
Redtail CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for financial professionals, which includes tools for managing contacts, documents, records, activities, email broadcasts, seminars, workflow automations, reporting, and more

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1CRM logo

Doing Business, Better

learn more
1CRM is an all-in-one CRM solution which stands out as cost-effective, and comprehensive. Order Management, Service Management, Project Management, Timesheets, Expense Reports, and Vacation Tracking are all included in every version of 1CRM, starting at $12/user/month.

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