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Hive CPQ logo

Spend less time quoting and more time selling with Hive CPQ

learn more
Hive CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a powerful product configurator that simplifies the sales process of large manufacturing enterprises selling complex products. Configure products in interactive, photorealistic 3D models, and provide real-time pricing calculations and error-free quotes instantly.

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3D Source logo

Interactive 3D product & scene configurator

learn more
Photorealistic product configurator to view and configure products online in high resolution via websites, tablets and interactive displays.

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Kickflip logo

Create professional product customizers with no code

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Build an outstanding product customizer for your ecommerce without writing a single line of code. Available on the Shopify, Prestashop and Wordpress app stores.

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Conga CPQ logo

Deliver accurate quotes more quickly & create smarter deals.

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Conga CPQ empowers sales, partners, and customers to configure complex products and services, deliver accurate quotes, and create smarter deals, with the most up-to-date product and pricing information.

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bit2win CPQ logo

Automate config, quote, orders, sales & marketing processes.

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Bit2win CPQ enables sales and marketing organizations to automate and optimize quote creation and orders capture. Built natively on Salesforce Bit2win is now also supporting other CRM systems and is cross Cloud platform solution.

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Elfsquad logo

CPQ designed to connect sales & production processes

learn more
Elfsquad is a cloud-based CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution designed to help businesses automate pre-production processes and customize products according to client requirements. Users can generate personalized brochures and documents with product information, pricing, images, and more.

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Tacton CPQ logo

Tacton Trusted Configuration. Sales Made Simple for Complex

learn more
With Tacton CPQ, B2B manufacturers can sell highly individualized products as if they were standard. With needs-based configuration, instant pricing, 3D visualization and automatic CAD files, your sales reps can define, price and order custom products without sales support.

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eCATALOGsolutions logo

3D CAD library

learn more
eCATALOGsolutions is the premiere digital 3D CAD library, with trillions of 3D downloads and over 800 manufacturer catalogs. The software is designed to be easy to use, with step-by-step intuitive prompts to guide first time users through their first project.

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B2B Collaboration platform

learn more
BQUADRO is a cloud-based B2B collaboration platform that helps digitize business operations and maximizes engagement of the entire network.

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ATLATL Visual logo

Platform for 3D product visualization and configuration

learn more
ATLATL Software’s Visual platform transforms the way consumers buy with 3D product visualization and visual configuration. With visualization and product configuration, consumers experience a real feel for the product before purchasing, providing a better customer experience online.

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Powertrak CPQ logo

Visual Product Configurator Solutions for Manufacturers

learn more
Powertrak CPQ is a quoting, guided selling and ordering solution that offers 2D & 3D product configurations with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

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ConfigCat logo

Application lifecycle management software

learn more
ConfigCat is a DevOps software designed to help businesses manage and control features, roll them out over time, and measure impact. Administrators can decouple code changes from feature releases from code deployments using a centralized dashboard.

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Merkato logo

CPQ suite of applications to manage sales force automation

learn more
Merkato is a sales configurator suite designed to help businesses automate processes related to quote generation, e-commerce management, & upselling. Users can create documents including parts lists, order confirmations, payment terms, or delivery instructions, based on financial calculations.

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Experlogix CPQ logo

Simplify complex configuration, pricing, and quoting!

learn more
Experlogix CPQ streamlines the sales and ordering process for organizations with configurable products or services.

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Efficient proposal preparation for complex products

learn more
The CPQ software LEEGOO BUILDER supports you in product configuration, calculation and proposal preparation. The flexibly adaptable standard software is primarily designed to meet the requirements of mechanical engineering, special machinery and plant engineering.

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PrintXpand logo

Enterprise web-to-print solution

learn more
Our Product Configurator Tool makes it easy for customers to customize their desired product with an intuitive interface and multiple configuration options.

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SAE CPQ logo

CPQ Software - sell complex products with ease

learn more
With our CPQ software, configure, price and calculate your complex products in the simplest possible way and optimize your sales!

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Cincom CPQ logo

CPQ Software for Manufacturers of Complex Products

learn more
Cincom CPQ is a configure-price-quote platform that provides a better buying experience for customers, enabling real-time, accurate pricing and sales quotes/proposals. Cincom CPQ provides sales reps with expert knowledge and confidence they need for selling complex products.

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Unleash logo

Open-source feature management platform

learn more
Unleash is an open-source feature management platform.
Reduce risk and roll out features with confidence. Feature Flags help you target specific customers, users and regions so that you can test your changes before rolling them out to the entire world.

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ERP123 logo

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and distribution software

learn more
ERP123 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and distribution software that helps manufacturing, product distribution, and third-party logistics businesses streamline processes related to sales, client onboarding, inventory management, document tracking, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members across service industries to handle field services, track time, manage materials, generate mobile reports, and more.

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eRep logo

CPQ software to simplify and automate the quoting process

learn more
eRep CPQ provides robust product configuration engine complete with smart order string generation and BOM list that is exported into your existing ERP system. The configurator can handle simple to extremely complex products. Images can change based on options and rules.

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Qmaze logo

Web-based sales & product configurator

learn more
Qmaze is a web-based CPQ sales & product configurator designed for companies that sell custom products, serving B2B and B2C companies with 2D and 3D visualization

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OmegaCube ERP logo

ERP software for manufacturing and distribution businesses

learn more
OmegaCube ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution designed to help businesses in manufacturing and distribution enterprises automate manufacturing workflows and operations. Organizations can streamline inventory management, order processing, sales, accounting, purchasing, and warehousing, among other processes.

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PALMA logo

Product portfolio and configuration management.

learn more
PALMA is a SaaS solution that enables businesses to manage product configuration, maintain portfolios, track development delays, and more.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based 3D architecture software

learn more is the easiest-to-use 3D content creation platform in the world. Create customizable 3D visuals of your products in minutes. No 3D skills required.

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