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ALog ConVerter

Server access log solution for finance and manufacturing

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ALog ConVerter overview

What is ALog ConVerter?

AMIYA's ALog ConVerter is a comprehensive, secure server logging solution targeting those businesses and organizations seeking reliable log management. Already deployed by those within the finance and manufacturing industries, but suitable for all, ALog ConVerter enables mid-size to larger enterprise firms to efficiently process a large volume of server log data. Instead of watching individual employee and user activities at client-side, the system uniquely monitors all activities and behaviors from the server side to provide maximum peace of mind. This method not only ensures company data is stored most securely, but also keeps retrieval easy while improving efficiency in a cost-effective way.

Particularly useful when it comes to audit trailing and tracing when, where and how server-side data is being accessed, Alog ConVerter also supports compliance regulations with vital reporting tools. By centralizing log collection and aggregation, server data records are persistently archived successfully and made accessible to authorized administrators. Such features are not only beneficial for securing data and tracking usage, but also in the analysis of real time server performance, capturing error logs, exceptions and more to guarantee uptimes.


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ALog ConVerter features

Secure Data Storage

API (159 other apps)
Access Control (120 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (102 other apps)
Activity Tracking (59 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (66 other apps)
Authentication (72 other apps)
Compliance Management (118 other apps)
Password Management (65 other apps)
Policy Management (73 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (78 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (97 other apps)
Risk Alerts (63 other apps)
Single Sign On (59 other apps)
Third Party Integration (86 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (60 other apps)
User Management (59 other apps)
Vulnerability Scanning (58 other apps)

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Key features of ALog ConVerter

  • Compliance reporting
  • Audit trails
  • Thresholds
  • Archiving
  • Server data audit trailing
  • Server benchmarking
  • Event log analysis
  • Secured data storage
  • Server performance monitoring
  • Exception and error reporting
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ALog ConVerter is a server log and management solution by AMIYA that features a unique engine for the efficient monitoring of server-side data activity and performance, rather than watching the activities of individual client-side users.

Suitable for all businesses seeking trusted log management capabilities, ALog ConVerter promises to support the secure storage of personal records, trade secrets and financial information by providing detailed server records pertaining to all these files.

Server-side monitoring promises to be the best method for keeping data protected while continuing to make data retrieval easy, and management cost-effective.

Centralized server log collection and aggregation supports essential audit trail processes necessary when ensuring compliance with stringent data standards.

Analyze logs for erroneous activity, performance spikes, exceptions and errors to get a valuable overview on server status when guaranteeing uptime or proactive, responsive maintenance.