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Lytx overview

Lytx DriveCam is a safety program for businesses running small and large vehicle fleets, using tracking capabilities and intelligence-backed analytics to improve driver safety. With a view to reducing costs, the system comes in the entry-level Protect option for smaller fleets and the Enterprise solution for unlimited vehicles across any number of depots. Using an iterative process that feeds data back into and draws from actionable data intelligence, DriveCam uses in-cab GPS technology to capture in real-time any unusual events typically caused by risky driving. The footage and associated data is uploaded via wireless network for review, analysis and scoring.

This information is then used to inform driver training sessions, supplementing the coaching of better, safer, more cost-effective driving while encouraging them to offer feedback. The DriveCam Online portal then supports coaches with anytime access to task prioritization, analytical capabilities and over 45 available reporting options. Drivers can then return to the field equipped with enhanced skills, protected from the possibility of false accident claims and assisted by in-cab feedback via Lytx's ActiveVision service.


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Lytx screenshot: The Lytx DriveCam login pageDC Enterprise® | Lytx DriveCamLytx screenshot: Triggered by unusual driving events, the Lytx recorder captures live video footage and performance dataLytx screenshot: DriveCam uses an iterative process to capture, review, analyze and coach improvement from fleet driversLytx screenshot: Provide video coaching for drivers to teach them how to improve their skills and ultimately perform more efficiently

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Key features of Lytx

  • Accident tracking
  • Driver management
  • Fuel management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Driver compliance
  • Mapping
  • Risk management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver safety training
  • Driver productivity reporting
  • Performance management
  • Driver safety management
  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Claims management
  • Video coaching
  • Reporting
  • Multiple depot locations
  • Event logs
  • Online activity dashboard
  • Predictive analytics
  • Training support
  • Online training
  • Online portal
  • Safety scoring
  • Feedback collection
  • Prioritization
  • Speed management
  • Vehicle performance reports
  • Status reporting
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Lytx DriveCam is a safety program for analyzing and improving fleet driver performance for Enterprise size operations with unlimited depot locations, plus smaller businesses of up to 350 vehicles at a maximum of 3 locations.

Benefits include the reduction of higher business costs associated with collisions, insurance premiums, collisions, maintenance and fuel consumption through greater vehicle efficiency and optimized fleet productivity.

Record unusual driving events footage and data with Lytx event recorder, while using Lytx's ActiveVision service to provide drivers with in-cab feedback on correcting behavior, improving performance and minimizing risk.

The DriveCam Online portal provides 24/7 system access and features for prioritizing coaching tasks, viewing driver data intelligence and running between 4 and 45+ types of reports.

Use tracking capabilities to manage large fleets, accessing over 45 built-in report options to highlight useful data trends

Use captured footage, driver data and safety scoring to support face-to-face, remote or self-coached driver training by encouraging them to view the captured events and submit their own feedback.

Access predictive analytics, actionable fleet performance intelligence and reporting tools from the DriveCam Online portal.