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Axon Trucking Software logo

Axon Trucking Software


Web-based trucking software for SMBs

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Generate more cash, increase staff productivity and save valuable time with Axon Software’s powerful real-time trucking software that fully integrates your dispatch, fleet management, billing, driver pay & IFTA fuel tax seamlessly together with one single entry that cuts your workload in half.

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Samsara logo



All-in-one fleet operations management platform

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Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more

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Fullbay logo



Cloud-based auto and truck repair shop management software

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Fullbay is a web-based repair shop management solution for heavy duty truck shops, providing invoicing, parts billing and mechanic efficiency reporting features

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Motive logo



The modern fleet management & GPS tracking platform.

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The Motive fleet management solution helps fleets of all types track vehicles with real-time GPS, automate operations, simplify compliance, and protect their business with dashcams—all in one place.

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drayOS logo



Transportation management system with customer communication

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Drayos is an intuitive transportation management system for drayage carriers that comes with a customer support team to manage additional needs. The software's customizable dashboard gives users a clear view into their business and lets them communicate directly with your customers as well as manage documents like PODs electronically. The system comes with advanced reporting features as well as dispatch management, customer profiles, contrainer tracking, billing management, and more.

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Rose Rocket logo

Rose Rocket


Make every part of the freight process more efficient.

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Rose Rocket is a leading TMS provider designed to help trucking companies and brokerages work more efficiently from quote to cash within their organization and freight network.

Features: Customer & Partner portals, Driver App, Carrier Directory, Real-Time Reporting & IFTA & Driver Settlement.

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Truckbase logo



Transportation dispatch and trucking software

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Truckbase is a cloud-based transportation dispatch software designed to help small trucking companies manage dispatch scheduling, rate calculation, and invoicing. Key features include online trip sheets, weekly trip schedules, load importing, mileage calculation, invoicing, and document storage.

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LoadOps logo



Trucking and fleet management software

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LoadOps is a fleet management software that helps businesses streamline truckload carrier operations by providing load management, dispatching, and automation capabilities.

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Users also considered logo


Gain independence from ‘one size fits all’ mapping solutions

visit website is a unified geospatial platform built for enterprises. Overcome location challenges & manage location data with AI-driven, use-case-specific custom solutions.

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BeyondTrucks logo



Eliminate $9,700 per driver per year in hidden costs.

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BeyondTrucks helps fleets eliminate $9,700 hidden costs with smart automations.

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eTrucks logo



Fleet management and fuel tracking for trucking firms

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eTrucks IFTA is a cloud-based fleet management solution which assists motor carrier & trucking firms with fuel management and mileage tracking. Its key features include cost management, GPS tracking, vehicle management, invoicing, jurisdictional records management, customizable reporting, and more.

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RTA logo



Fleet management solution for SMBs and enterprises

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RTA enables fleet managers to track on-field vehicles, plan optimized delivery routes, schedule vehicle maintenance, manage work orders & more

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Atlassys TMS logo

Atlassys TMS


Cloud-based Trucking Management System

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Atlassys TMS is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any device, on any browser. It was built by trucking industry experts and offers an intuitive interface for both drivers and dispatchers. Users can manage operations from one dashboard with a simple implementation process, designed to fit any company's needs. Atlassys TMS is a transportation management system specifically developed for small to medium-sized fleets that need an easy way to track their operations.

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TruckingOffice logo



Web-based trucking management software

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TruckingOffice is a web-based trucking management solution that helps businesses in the transportation industry manage deliveries, record expenses, & file IFTA

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Tailwind TMS logo

Tailwind TMS


Web-based trucking & freight broker software for SMBs

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No set-up fees. No contracts. Web-based. Free trial, then $99-$199/mth. Manage all dispatches, ops, equipment, accounting & admin. Free mobile ePOD driver app.

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Envase logo



Digitize Your Drayage

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A transportation management platform built for today’s Intermodal Drayage company. Envase trucking solutions have helped streamline and automate thousands of transportation businesses for over 40 years.

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Descartes Aljex logo

Descartes Aljex


ransportation management system for 3PLs & freight brokers

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Descartes Aljex is a cloud-based transportation management software designed to help businesses across retail, manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, and various other industries handle invoicing, vehicle tracking and supply chain management operations. It enables employees to create and edit customer profiles, view historical and scheduled payments, and automatically prepare quotes for clients.

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DAT One logo



Right load. Right time. Anywhere.

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Carriers, brokers, and shippers can all find valuable insights, boost revenue, and grow their business on the DAT Load Board.

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Alvys logo



Carrier Operating System

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A TMS designed for carriers by carriers. Streamlines all daily workflows and integrates with favorite tools for a web based experience on one platform.

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PCS TMS logo



Transportation Management Platform for Mid-large Fleets

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PCS provides all-in-one cloud-based trucking management software to help mid-large fleets manage assets, costs, dispatch, accounting, safety, compliance and more. The platform's built-in fuel management system tracks fuel revenue, optimizes consumption, and reduces carbon footprint. 

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Fleet Manager Professional logo

Fleet Manager Professional


Vehicle fleet management software for logistics companies

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Fleet Manager Professional is an on-premises, Windows-based transportation dispatch application with business hours support. It offers live online and in-person training, a self-help knowledge base, billing and invoicing, fuel management, routing, scheduling, vehicle tracking, and mileage tracking.

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FreightPOP logo



One-Click Logistics - Easy TMS software for shippers.

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Get the best shipping rates across all modes. Cloud-based TMS software for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, brokers & 3PLs for outbound and inbound shipments. Connect to 300+ carriers, ERP, WMS, & CRM. Shop, Ship Track & Save on LTL/FTL, Parcel, Air & Ocean- all in one place, with one login.

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Dossier Fleet Maintenance logo

Dossier Fleet Maintenance


Fleet management software for transportation industry

visit website software helps surface transportation managers to control and manage vehicle fleets and other assets

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Trimble TMS logo

Trimble TMS


Transportation management software for freight forwarders

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Trimble TMS is a transportation management software designed to help businesses handle billing, shipment planning, and fleet scheduling, among other processes on a centralized platform. Supervisors can receive alerts about potential issues impacting routes, delivery, and freight workflows

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Fleetsoft logo



Fleet management system with GPS tracking for all vehicles

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Fleetsoft is equipped to handle all aspects of managing a fleet from GPS tracking to maintenance repairs. This software provides the tools to streamline multiple workflow processes onto one platform.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Trucking Software

What is trucking software?

Trucking software, also known as trucking management software, is a type of transport management software that helps trucking companies manage their entire logistics and streamline trucking operations, including dispatch, routing, and fleet management.

The software allows trucking companies to track the operational efficiency of delivery vehicles, schedule staff shifts, plan routes for deliveries, and check the fleet status through GPS tracking. It also records and manages accounting transactions and helps generate reports on fuel usage and truck mileage.

Why use trucking software?

Here are some of the key benefits of using trucking software for your business:

  • Tracks fleet location and ensures driver safety: Trucking software helps track your trucking fleet's exact location through GPS functionality. It also tracks statistics such as average vehicle mileage, overspeeding instances, harsh braking, and fuel usage to help monitor drivers’ on-road behavior and ensure they always follow safety rules.

  • Optimizes routes to save time and fuel: Trucking software solutions have built-in GPS that provides on-road drivers the shortest route to the final delivery location. Such optimized routes help save the time and overall fuel consumed by your fleets.

  • Makes shipping and delivery more transparent: Trucking software tools help improve shipping transparency by providing real-time updates on your fleet’s movement along with estimates on the shipping time. You can share this information with your customers to keep them informed of the status of their deliveries.

  • Helps with billing and invoicing: Most trucking software solutions offer the invoice management feature to help track customer and vendor payments. Your trucking company can use the software to create invoices, send them to customers, and record received payments. Some solutions also offer automated invoice reminders for pending payments.

What software do trucking companies need?

Considering the wide variety of software tools available on the market, it can be challenging to identify the right trucking software for your business. To choose the right tool, check out GetApp's Category Leaders report for trucking software. This report highlights top-ranking tools in the trucking software category based on verified user ratings for ease of use, functionality, value for money, likelihood of recommendation, and customer support.

What are the main features of trucking software?

The key features of a trucking dispatch software solution include:

  • Dispatch management: Helps organize, manage, distribute, and monitor deliveries. Fleet managers can use dispatch management to account for each load and delivery, schedule shipments for truckers, and assign deliveries to individual drivers.

  • Vehicle management: Assists in managing freight vehicles and tracking their operational efficiency. Vehicle management helps fleet managers and drivers maintain truck quality and ensure there are no faults with the engine and other parts of a delivery truck.

  • Billing and invoicing: Helps generate customer invoices, track outgoing bills, and receive payments. Billing and invoicing allows users to manage financial transactions and send documents such as bills and invoices to customers via email.

  • Driver management: Facilitates the scheduling of shifts for fleet drivers and tracking of their overall workload. Driver management helps fleet managers monitor truck driver performance by generating reports on the number of jobs completed, efficiency levels, etc.

  • Route planning: Enables freight managers to generate the best routes for their fleets and keep track of parameters such as road, weather, and traffic conditions.

How does trucking software help SMBs?

As a small trucking business, you can use trucking dispatch software for the following purposes:

  • Centralize vehicle and driver information: Trucking software offers a dashboard that centralizes all vehicle and driver information, allowing your small business to manage its fleets from one place. This feature can greatly increase efficiency for small teams managing multiple fleets.

  • Simplify vehicle management: Manually checking for fleet maintenance requirements can be a time-consuming process. However, with a trucking solution, you can set up routine checkups for your trucking fleet and get notified when your vehicles are due for maintenance or repairs.

  • Create accurate invoices on time: A major advantage of trucking management software is the ability to automate invoice creation for your customers and send them on a timely basis. The software can also help your trucking company set up payment reminders for customers.