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Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention

Customer journey hijacking prevention

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Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention overview

Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention is a cloud-based solution for detecting and blocking unauthorized promotional content within customer web sessions, in order to avoid disrupting the user journey with competitor diversions. Namogoo eliminates unauthorized ads and distractions with the aim of increasing conversions and providing an uninterrupted customer experience.

With the Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention system, businesses within industries such as eCommerce, travel, insurance, and more can protect their website against unauthorized ads and promotional pop-ups. The AI-based tool detects product and promotional advertisements within visitor sessions and blocks them, with the aim of preventing customers from diverting to competitor pages or terminating their journey. The Namogoo platform aims to help businesses increase their online conversions by minimizing the amount of disruption within customer sessions.

The analytics dashboard within Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention provides real-time visibility into the number of website sessions, the number of infected sessions, the number of bot activity, types of infections, and more. Businesses can view these metrics for pre-defined time periods, and deep dive into specific dates and times. Integration with existing analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Tableau allows businesses to gain full insight into their hijacked sessions, and create custom reports for decision-making.


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Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention screenshot: Audiences can also be analyzed to gain insight into user devices and audience trendsNamogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention screenshot: The dashboard provides insight into metrics such as rate of infection, number of infected sessions, injections by type, and moreNamogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention screenshot: Injections are automatically analyzed to discover top types of injection and top retailers within injections

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Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention features

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Key features of Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention

  • AI / machine earning
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Spam blocker
  • Web threat management
  • Anti spam
  • Customer experience management
  • Website management
  • Website security
  • Visitor tracking
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Summary reports
  • Real time analytics
  • Visual analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Risk analytics
  • Third party integration
  • Business intelligence
  • Behavior tracking
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Detect and block unauthorized ads and product and promotional pop-ups automatically in order to prevent distractions and customer diversions.

Deliver the customer experience as it was designed, without any unauthorized intrusions or distractions for customers.

Gain insight into hijacked sessions with analytics displaying the number of active sessions, the number of hijacked sessions, the number of bot hijacks, and the type of infections.

Integrate with existing third party analytics tools including Google Analytics and Tableau in order to allow transparent reporting, and other applications such as Adobe, Splunk, New Relic, and more.