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Magnolia logo

The fastest way to create world-class digital experiences.

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Web content management built for the complex needs of mid-market and large enterprises.

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Butter CMS logo

CMS to create launch and manage websites, blogs & web pages

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Butter helps businesses create, deploy, and manage marketing websites, blogs, and web pages for SaaS products, marketplaces, eCommerce, and more. Organizations can design personalized blogs with custom themes, logos, content, font, and colors and embed them into existing websites.

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Bloomreach logo

The World’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud

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Powerful content, customer engagement, and product discovery offerings to achieve true personalization and drive unparalleled business growth.

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Jahia logo

Digital experience and content management platform

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Jahia helps businesses manage website and application development projects by creating digital frameworks for delivering a personalized customer journey. The content management system lets users create, edit, review, and publish structured and unstructured content and manage web pages, SEO & more.

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dotCMS logo

Content management without limits.

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dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises who have sophisticated content and security requirements create, manage and deliver content anywhere.

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Storyblok logo

Headless CMS for Developers & Marketers

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Storyblok is a headless content management system with a visual editor. It provides developers with all the flexibility they need to build reliable and fast websites while giving content creators with no coding skills the ability to edit content independently of the developer.

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Evoq Content logo

Content management solution for small to large enterprises

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Evoq Content is a content management system which forms part of the Evoq suite of business applications from DotNetNuke (DNN)

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Contentstack logo

Cloud-based headless CMS software with CDN-enabled APIs

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Contentstack is a headless CMS software designed to help businesses deliver personalized content experiences to audiences via multiple channels including mobile or web devices, augmented or virtual reality platforms, and more using a JSON architecture and content delivery network (CDN)-backed APIs.

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Crafter CMS logo

Headless content management system for editors & developers

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Crafter CMS is a headless CMS, which helps businesses create, edit, manage, and publish content across various digital channels such as mobile kiosks, digital signage screens and more. Features include audit log version control, workflow management, multi-tenant, and role-based permissions.

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Enonic XP logo

Open source headless CMS platform built in Java

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Enonic XP is an open source platform built in Java, which is designed to help medium and large enterprises catering to logistics, public sector, consumer goods, and financial services. The headless CMS lets editors create and manage content based on individual requirements.

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Ametys logo

Java CMS for creating and managing websites

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Ametys is an open-source Java CMS platform designed to help businesses create, deploy and manage multiple websites to engage with audiences. Teams can use the WYSIWYG editor to customize content by adding buttons, images, headers, lists, columns, and paragraphs, among other elements.

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MyDigiFlat logo

Property management platform with a tenant portal

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MyDigiFlat is a digital portal that helps businesses digitalize customer relationships in social housing. The platform is available in web and/or app format, and offers content management system functionalities

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) logo

Superior Technology for Imaging and Digital Transformation

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At Vir Softech, we align our capabilities with enterprises' needs and goals. Our solutions are for small, medium, and large organizations that are constantly growing and innovating. We offer folder and document-level access, role-based access and authorization, content-type segregation, and more.

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