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Procurement Partners

Eliminate supply chain headaches with a simple P2P solution.


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Procurement Partners Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Procurement Partners FAQs

Q. Who are the typical users of Procurement Partners?

Procurement Partners has the following typical customers:
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does Procurement Partners support?

Procurement Partners supports the following languages:

Q. Does Procurement Partners offer an API?

No, Procurement Partners does not have an API available.

Q. What level of support does Procurement Partners offer?

Procurement Partners offers the following support options:
Email/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat

Procurement Partners product overview

What is Procurement Partners?

Discover Streamlined Procurement.

Key benefits of using Procurement Partners

Comprehensive Visibility for Strategic Insights
- Centralize your data and revolutionize your decision-making. Procurement Partners empowers you to track purchase orders, invoices, and metadata. Identify bottlenecks in approvals, optimize vendor relationships, and strategically time bill payments for maximum cash flow. Make data-driven choices for both on-contract and off-contract spending. Unleash the potential of advanced analytics to uncover hidden opportunities.

Unparalleled Control for Streamlined Processes
- Take charge of your procurement process with unmatched control. From order input to approval and payment, Procurement Partners ensures precision at every step. Decide who accesses information and what they see. Our digital e-procurement system empowers you to manage spending and authorization with finesse, promoting efficient operations and compliance.

Seamless Automation for Error-Free Transactions
- Bid farewell to human errors that plague traditional systems. Procurement Partners integrates powerful automation. Create electronic purchase orders, utilize templates, and embrace catalogs for flawless internal operations. Our cutting-edge solutions eliminate manual data entry, automating invoice matching and alerting you to discrepancies. Approvals become a breeze, even for remote team members, with automated routing and delegation.

Dynamic Budgeting for Financial Precision
- Navigate budgets with confidence using Procurement Partners. Traditional manual budgeting becomes a relic of the past. Our system notifies authorized users about available budgets and potential impacts of spending before transactions occur. Ensure compliance with budget limits through proactive alerts and adjustable approval workflows. Enjoy granular budgeting control at both GL Account and Project levels.

Simplified Vendor Management for Savings
- Unlock substantial savings through strategic vendor management. Procurement Partners consolidates vendor orders for impactful cost reduction. Leverage bulk discounts by combining similar orders. Transparently display your spending to vendors for negotiation advantages. Identify non-preferred vendors and optimize spending to enhance your bottom line.

Mitigated Rogue Spending for Better Compliance
- Procurement Partners curbs rogue spending, a challenge many businesses face. Our system provides an electronic audit trail, deterring unauthorized purchases and ensuring accountability. With a trackable history, you'll easily catch unauthorized spending and deter future incidents.

Robust Audit Trail for Unquestionable Transparency
- Transparent transactions are a cornerstone of modern procurement. Procurement Partners offers an unalterable audit trail, capturing every interaction from request to payment. Identify changes and prevent unauthorized alterations, facilitating effortless audits and saving valuable time.

Cost Savings and Risk Reduction Combined
- Experience substantial cost savings and risk reduction with Procurement Partners. Benefit from fraud prevention, early payment discounts, and optimized staffing. Our e-procurement solution empowers organizations to buy intelligently, streamline processes, and eliminate supply chain risks, regardless of size.

Unleash Productivity with Automation
- Liberate your team's potential by automating processes. Procurement Partners elevates productivity by automating procurement and business operations. Leverage automated invoice matching for swift transactions. Embrace the digital transformation of B2B transactions, thanks to our software's forward compatibility.

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

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Support options

Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
Phone Support

Training options

Live Online
In Person

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Jonathan F.

Hospital & Health Care, 1-10 employees

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Love it but want desktop back

Reviewed 9 months ago

Like desktop better


All vendors are in the same place. Knowing I'm getting the best price.


The desktop interface is a lot easier to use. If the web based didn't have multiple pages when placing an order it would help. Also I can't delete notes placed by another user on web but I can on desktop.

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