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Accounts payable automation for large & complex corporations

Nvoicepay is a payables automation solution that streamlines all payments into a single digital process, across multiple locations, bank accounts, payment methods, and approval hierarchies. We manage payment data for all your vendors and proactively reach out to resolve unprocessed payments.

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Emburse Chrome River INVOICE


Accounts payable solution for accounting firms

Chrome River INVOICE is an accounts payable software that helps businesses in education, healthcare, legal, banking, and other sectors capture and manage invoices. It enables managers to store, approve, and track the status of various invoices in real time on a unified dashboard.

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Global Payables Automation

Tipalti provides one solution to automate the entire global payables operation, from supplier onboarding to tax, invoicing, global payments, and reconciliation.

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Liberate Your AP

AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market companies. Founded in the year 2000, AvidXchange processed 9.5 million payments last year across its network of more than 500,000 suppliers, transforming the way customers pay their bills.

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Emburse Certify AP


Control cash flow with purchasing & invoice automation

Automate the accounts payable processes and deliver visibility into all of your spending in one place while giving finance teams the power to increase control, and reduce costs.

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AI-Powered Accounts Payable Automation

Beanworks provides accounts payable automation that is simple and delightful.

Read more about BeanworksAP

SoftCo AP Automation


AP Automation in the Cloud. LIVE in hours NO upfront costs.

SoftCo AP Automation automates vendor invoice processing including capture, registration, coding, approval, query, reporting, and ERP payment. Processing is 100% touchless supporting remote working, on-the-go email approval, and an easy-to-use Vendor Portal.

Read more about SoftCo AP Automation



Get more from your organization's spending.

Don't just approve invoices to be paid, move beyond reactive processes. Procurify will can give your organization a proactive spend culture. Complete the three way match by comparing an item's invoice to its corresponding purchase order and packing slip.

Read more about Procurify

DocStar ECM


Document Management and AP Automation for Midsize Orgs.

Designed for midsize organizations of 100-1,000+ employees, DocStar ECM AP Automation captures invoice data, integrates with ERP/accounting software, and automatically routes for approvals. Reduce procure-to-pay processing time. Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid late penalties.

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The World’s Leading, Most Deployed Cloud ERP Solution

Improve your liquidity, mitigate funding gaps, realize higher profits, and ensure compliance by leveraging NetSuite's Accounts Payable functionality that automates the processing and payment of invoices from our single ERP platform.

Read more about NetSuite



Procurement solution for managing purchases

Proactis is an integrated spend management solution that allows businesses to monitor the expenditure of sourcing projects and streamline procurement processes. With the administrative dashboard, professionals can get an overview of ongoing tasks and generate analytical reports.

Read more about PROACTIS



Accounts Payable automation

Yooz is a cloud-based AP (accounts payable) automation solution designed to help enterprises streamline their financial workflow with artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning technologies, plus ERP integration, document management, P2P (purchase-to-pay) workflow approval, & more

Read more about Yooz



Accounts payable automation for midsize and large businesses

Accounts Payable Automation

Read more about transcendAP



Robotic Process Automation for Accounting Professionals

Centreviews Payables Solution allows for faster, more efficient processing of your accounts payable processes, instantly increasing your productivity.

Read more about Centreviews

OnPay Solutions


Cloud-based accounts payable invoice and payment automation.

Our accounts payable platform guarantees immediate ROI. From invoice through payment, our solution is designed with your unique needs in mind. Discover how quick and easy it is to free your AP department from the constraints of outdated paper-based processes, all while generating revenue on AP spend

Read more about OnPay Solutions

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise


Enterprise accounting, FSM and inventory management solution

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an accounting software for small businesses which provides users with real-time access to customer, employee, and vendor information. The software includes tools for managing inventory, shipping, sales orders, pricing, tasks, invoicing, reporting, and more.

Read more about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise



Cloud-based accounting solution for businesses of all sizes

ZarMoney is a cloud-based accounting solution designed to assist businesses of all sizes with the management of inventory and finances. Key features include team collaboration, quote generation, invoicing, transaction tracking, remote access, and approval workflows.

Read more about ZarMoney

(355) makes business payments simple, fast, and secure's efficient Accounts Payable software & automation helps save 50% of your time on business payment management with standardized, automated workflow.

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Electronic invoicing



AP automation software for small to midsize businesses

QBILLY is an accounts payable (AP) automation software designed to help small to midsize businesses, accounting firms, and non-profit organizations manage various administrative operations including invoice approvals, payment processing, and more on a centralized platform integrated with QuickBooks.

Read more about QBILLY



Your Mission Control for AP & AR

Simplify and expedite accounts payable processes with Plooto's approval workflows and secure electronic payments, improving the way vendors are paid and saving you countless hours on AP and AR work.

Read more about Plooto



Software for smarter expense management & invoice processing

Webexpenses provides simple, intuitive cloud-based software for smarter expense management and invoice processing.

Read more about webexpenses



AP Automation

Zahara is a cloud-based accounts payables automation system which controls the process from purchase requisition to invoice matching integrating with Sage, Xero & QuickBooks. Zahara is a great fit for multi-location organisations or project leads businesses like construction.

Read more about Zahara



Automated invoice processing & payment software

SutiAP is a cloud-based accounts payable (AP) software that aims to automate & streamline invoice capture, matching, approval & payment processes

Read more about SutiAP



Accounts payable for small businesses

Accounts Payable,
Accounts Receivable,
Business Payments,
Debit Payments,
Credit Card Payments,
Check Payments

Read more about Melio

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Buyers Guide

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable (AP) are payments that you owe to your suppliers and other creditors. Once you purchase goods and services from your vendors or suppliers, you are issued an invoice, which acts as a line of credit that can be paid at a later date.

Since AP comprises payments owed to third parties, it is entered as a credit transaction in your general accounting ledger to keep an “account” of payments owed.

Managing huge volumes of paper-based invoices from vendors and suppliers is a key challenge for small business finance managers, as it can often result in errors due to manual data entry. Shifting to using AP software can help you digitize your financial practice and remove these key challenges.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll define accounts payable software and its core features, highlight some trends surrounding it, and answer some relevant questions that you should ask potential vendors before purchasing an AP tool.

Jump to the following sections for a quick look:

What is accounts payable software?

Accounts payable (AP) software is technology that helps your business track payments you owe to suppliers and vendors so you don’t default on any payments and/or pay extra penalties or interest due to late payments.

AP software is at the core of financial management of your small business, as it helps to automate financial transactions related to billing, invoicing, and expense management.

Types of accounts payable software

Over the past two decades, the types of AP tools available have diversified into an array of spreadsheet applications and cloud-based ERP AP tools. Here are the types of accounts payable tools that are most often used by small business finance managers:

  • Traditional AP tools. This type of AP software is typically offered as one capability within a more traditional accounting application that is based on older spreadsheet tools that required manual data entry. Advancements in storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROMs allow traditional accounting tools to be installed as stand-alone software on desktop computers that are authorized through the purchase of a license.

  • SaaS AP tools. Advancements in cloud computing and high-speed internet connectivity have led to the emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms for all types of business services, including cloud-based AP tools.

  • ERP AP tools. Technological improvements in back-office operations have led to the development of enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. ERP tools integrate the core functions of a business, such as HR, finance, operations, etc. to create a centralized business focus.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: Based on my requirements, should I opt for a complete ERP suite for managing accounts payable or a cloud-based accounting tool that also specializes in invoice management and billing?

Deployment options for accounts payable software

The types of accounts payable software mentioned above are deployed through various mediums to improve user accessibility on multiple devices such as desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

  • On-premise: Installed locally on a computer within the business facility. These types of AP tools have single user license agreements that can only be used from the computer on which the application is installed. Accounts payable information is stored on the hard drive of the computer or server located on an organization’s premises.

  • Cloud-based: AP tools can be downloaded to a computer from the vendor's website with a single license agreement that allows multiple users to access the application. Cloud-based AP tools are based on the SaaS model of software technologies which enables them to be accessed across devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.

  • Web- or browser-based: AP tools are also deployed on browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., so that users don’t have to install an application on their hard drives, but can still access them through a browser-based interface. All web-based applications are based on the cloud model, with the accounts payable data stored on the vendor's server. The only difference from cloud-based AP tools is that the interface is accessed through a browser rather than a native app.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What are the pricing plans for your AP tools for each deployment option offered?

Common features of accounts payable software

While considering accounts payable tools, make sure that the features offered match your specific business requirements. Here are some common AP software features that you should consider while finalizing your AP software purchase.

Invoice management

Provides a detailed listing of each invoice due to your suppliers and vendors, with due date and the current balance in your bank account available to make the payments.

Example of expense management

Screenshot of invoice management feature with invoice details, including the date, supplier, due date, cost center, and more (Source)

Expense management

Helps to keep a tab on bills and payments incurred in the day-to-day running of your business. Expenses can range from travel, utilities, and food, as well as any other expenses that come up throughout daily operations.

Expenses differ from invoices as they are not payments due to your supplier and vendors; rather, they are bills and payments spent on your own business.

Example of expense management

Detailed expenses view, which shows the payee and amount, as well as the ability to itemize each expense (Source)

Purchase order processing

Helps track detailed purchase information, including the vendor, the number of items purchased, delivery details, supplier requirements for payment, order history, etc.

This feature also helps you to create digital purchase orders that can be directly emailed to your suppliers and vendors.

Example of purchase order dashboard

Screenshot of purchase order purchasing with a detailed overview of purchase order number, supplier, and the total amount (Source)

Cash flow management

This feature helps your business avoid bankruptcy by providing a regular update of payments that you’ve made to and received from customers, suppliers, and vendors against the total amount of money you have in your bank account

Cash flow management helps you forecast your monetary requirements based on your current expenditures and savings.

Example of cash flow management

Detailed screenshot of cash flow management tab that highlights the volume of cash in your accounts payable based on the month and date (Source)


Provides a detailed summary of all your accounts payable related finances from invoice management to balance sheet details to get an accurate picture of your AP in real time.

Example of reports dashboard

Detailed screenshot of a reports tab that provides detailed reporting parameters related to reporting accounts payable information (Source)

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: What are the core and optional accounts payable features offered in my price range?

*Note: The applications selected are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations.

Important accounts payable software integrations

Accounts payable is an integral part of any type of business. This means that you may need to integrate your AP tools with other tools related to your CRM and sales processes with. Here are three important AP integrations:

  • Sales and CRM tools to track bills and payments that can be processed further in an AP tool.

  • Billing tools to calculate payment owed and income and integrate with an AP database.

  • Digital payment wallets such as PayPal to make an online payment to vendors and suppliers.

Key question to ask your vendor before you buy: How many integration options does your AP tool offer?

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