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IntelliEnterprise overview

What is IntelliEnterprise?

IntelliEnterprise is a 100+ features Intranet Software for managing documents and processes. Organisations can efficiently distribute relevant content, leverage integrated security, and customize applications and workflows for process automation. Extensive social features connects employees across departmental boundaries; and tied into an enterprise-wide search that makes finding the right information quicker than ever before. Custom designs, a responsive design and dozens of integrations make IntelliEnterprise the all-round talent to master diverse organizational needs, while being user-friendly and not requiring any coding.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 4 other markets, India, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and 4 other languages, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified)
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IntelliEnterprise user reviews

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Steve O.

Well-rounded product

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-10-24
Review Source: Capterra

Intelli Enterprise has been evaluated against many competitors but it ultimately offered the best mix of budget, functionality and versatility. It is easily one of the most feature rich products offering features for people, documents, storing/managing your data and workflows. You could use this as an enterprise social network, company portal and extranet all at once. We have a very special Active Directory setup that needed to have fields and groups remapped to other fields. Their support helped us do that by instructing what configurations we need to change. There are a quite many things you can configure and change which despite their manual can be confusing at times -- but at least it's completely code free out of the box which we couldn't say for any other vendor that offers this much flexibility. Bottom line: 4/5 stars

Features, features, features. They have so many and everything can be somehow customized or tweaked; if not in the UI than through their helpful tech support

The forum and IM function. Both these look and are very basic. They need to update those.

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IntelliEnterprise pricing

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Perpetual or rental licenses available. Optional support and update subscription, annually recurring, available. Contact Adenin for more information or to request a formal quote.

IntelliEnterprise features

Access Controls/Permissions
Collaboration Tools
Communication Management
Content Management
Document Management
Document Storage
File Sharing
Task Management
Version Control

Activity Dashboard (276 other apps)
Alerts/Notifications (390 other apps)
Commenting / Notes (266 other apps)
Customizable Branding (263 other apps)
Data Import/Export (262 other apps)
Drag & Drop (293 other apps)
Mobile Access (290 other apps)
Third Party Integrations (352 other apps)
Workflow Management (266 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

A one-stop-shop for Intranet software, IntelliEnterprise provides businesses with more than 100 features designed to improve the way organizations manage documents and processes. The web-based solution is ideal for companies with broad requirements, along with those that want security in knowing that their Intranets have enough features to scale.

When it comes time to distribute content, leverage integrated security, or customize applications and workflows for process automation, organizations of all sizes can rely on IntelliEnterprise. The solution is designed for businesses with 50 to 15,000 users. In addition to its extensive social features, which connect employees across departmental boundaries, IntelliEnterprise also has a top-level content management module that offers full text search for all Office documents, PDFs, and webpages. This same module automatically creates thumbnails of all shared files.

What is IntelliEnterprise?

IntelliEnterprise is reshaping the way digital workers interact with information. Its Now Workplace module is bringing new life to staid organizations, making it faster and easier to pinpoint the right information and quickly assemble Site Maps and sketch mock-ups.

The software is able to conquer diverse organizational needs, without giving up its straightforward and streamlined user interface, and without requiring any coding for the end user. An HTML editor creates rich, responsive content that’s made for a mobile Intranet.

Social Intranet features also help IntelliEnterprise stand apart from competing Intranet solutions. Social tools like Communities, Corporate YouTube, Corporate Twitter, Instant Messaging Rating and Commenting, and Profile Pages create a user experience that employees often find engaging and personal, making a company’s Intranet more than just a static Sharepoint.

Who is IntelliEnterprise For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Companies with 50 to 15,000 users
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: From $99 per user

Main Features

Content Management

IntelliEnterprise has a top-level content management module that offers full text search for all Office documents, PDFs and webpages and automatically creates thumbnails. Users can create their own metadata categories, which can be made optional or mandatory. This makes IntelliEnterprise’s document search feature even more precise.

Within the Content Management Module you’ll find a built-in HTML5 video stream player that comes with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor, as well as with a responsive-design NoMoBoCo HTML Editor. This editor provides Wikis, Blogs, Knowledge Base, and Ideation tools for your team. It has integrated approval workflows, and it has One-Click Editing for all Office documents and web pages.

Built-In Applications & Workflows

IntelliEnterprise comes with built-in Applications for Helpdesk, CRM, Asset Tracking, Recruitment Requisitions, and Meeting Room Reservations, along with many other applications. These applications can be customized quickly and easily, with no coding necessary.

To customize your applications, you can use IntelliEnterprise’s No-code App Designer. You’ll be able to add different field types, define views, and select workflows. You can also use the graphical Workflow Designer to model complex workflows by dragging-and-dropping decision and action notes into place.

Intranet Modeler

IntelliEnterprise’s web-based solution includes a revolutionary Intranet Modeler. The Intranet Modeler is a prototyping tool that enables organizations to quickly assemble Site Maps from IntelliEnterprise’s four best-practice templates for Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Network, Social Intranet and Sales Portal.

Begin using the Intranet Modeler by creating a sketch mock-up. Your sketch mock-up can be fully clickable, and it can be shared with colleagues through the online system. Once the architecture has been found, this Model can then be implemented inside IntelliEnterprise. This Intranet Modeler feature simplifies the implementation process and reduces the time it takes organizations to go live.


Any Oracle, SQL or ODBC-driven database can be integrated with IntelliEnterprise’s Dashboards, Search, and Applications. Search can also integrate with Windows File Shares and any OpenSearch-compatible data source. Its Content Management module is compatible with WebDAV. Users can publish content over a Weblog API.

External applications can be integrated over IFrames or RSS Feeds. IntelliEnterprise comes with a Now Workplace-Add-on that can display news from any data source inside a proactive Cards UI, as well.


Pricing for IntelliEnterprise starts at $99 per user. Organizations can choose between purchasing a one-time license or paying a monthly subscription. A free trial is available, with no credit card required.

Bottom Line

  • Fully customizable Intranet Suite with 100+ features
  • Ideal for companies that want flexibility and configurability
  • Built-in Application facilitate business productivity
  • Prototypes can be installed as real Intranets with a single click
  • Social tools drive employee engagement

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Key features of IntelliEnterprise

  • Submit ideas and vote them up or down.
  • Re-use existing user information, LDAP, Single-Sign On
  • Let users collaborate in Communities with Blogs, Wikis, ...
  • Graphical workflow designer to easily design processes
  • Office documents, PDFs, webpages, images, videos, etc.
  • Configure your own forms with a Wizard interface, no coding.
  • Gauges, Bar charts, Funnels, Pie charts, all HTML5
  • Databases, Fileshares, WebDAV, RSS, IFrame, SQL, Exchange
  • Lifecycle management that automatically flags up old content
  • For Office documents, PDFs and webpages + automatic abstract
  • Application that assigns IDs and tracks them.
  • Recruiting requisition manager + Job tracker application
  • One-click Direct Edit function to edit documents on Desktop
  • Responsively re-arranges layouts for smaller screens.
  • Automatic Org Chart based on Report-To data from AD.
  • Weblog API, OpenSearch API, Federated Search
  • HTML5 Editor + Responsive Design Editor
  • Search for metadata with Search Discovery
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• Enterprise-strength knowledge repository: With the powerful Document Management system customers can store their data and create a strong nomenclature for their content that makes finding it easier. Content contribution is easy with One-Click editing, built-in review and approval workflows and support for many file types, from Office Documents, PDFs, web pages, images, videos to Wikis, Blogs, Knowledge Bases, etc.

• Facilitate business productivity: With the built-in Applications the Intranet will become the center of your operations. With best-practice templates, a No-Code App Designer, Workflows and our No-Code Web forms there is virtually no use case that cannot be handled by Applications.

• Drive employee engagement: Social tools like Communities, Corporate YouTube and Twitter, Instant Messaging, Rating and Commenting and Profile Pages create an experience that employees across departments find engaging and personal. Thus the Intranet is not just a faceless static Sharepoint, but an active space employees like to contribute information to.