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Give staff a digital workplace to call home

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Give staff a workplace to call home. Access every app, share information, and collaborate in one central intranet.

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Intranet software and collaboration solutions.

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Axero is the easy-to-use intranet software that boosts productivity, unifies your people, and helps your company thrive. Increase productivity. Unite employees. Improve culture.

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The People Engagement® platform.

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Workplaces should be extraordinary. So we're doing something about it. Our People Engagement platform is a complete, intuitive intranet.

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The Essential Platform for Frontline Workers

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Connect your entire workforce through a simple mobile intranet.

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Mobile-first employee communication for large organizations

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➤ Staffbase is the leading mobile-first employee communication and front door intranet platform. No matter where your people work—front line, non-desk, office—it's the hub for employee communication, key resources and services, and comes with ready to go integrations for SharePoint and Office 365.

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The modern employee intranet

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Simpplr is today’s modern employee intranet. Our software helps companies engage their workforce by streamlining internal communication and forging employee connections.

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Social, collaborative intranet software for organizations

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ThoughtFarmer intranet software is designed to centralize collective intelligence, improve internal communication, promote collaboration, and more. The software includes tools for managing communication, content, assets, documents, recognition, and collaboration.

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An exclusive G Suite integrated Intranet & social platform

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Happeo is a modern intranet software focused on improving internal communications. It integrates exclusively with G Suite and provides users with a content management system, employee engagement analytics, permission management brand customization and the rest of the Google’s collaboration tools.

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Employee experience platform to engage and connect everyone

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Workvivo replaces the outdated, clunky, and poorly used intranets of old with a vibrant, familiar social experience that empowers teams to share and consume information for unparalleled levels of adoption, engagement, and alignment.

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All-In-One, Team Communication Platform

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Single sign-on team collaboration software with document, data, and content management available as Cloud or On Premise product.

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Bonzai Intranet


Intranet platform for SharePoint & Office 365

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Bonzai is a complete, ready-to-run intranet for SharePoint and Office 365. Designed to engage and empower you workforce, it features best-in-class search, intuitive navigation, document management, collaboration and targeted internal communications, and personalization capabilities.

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Enterprise intranet platform for SharePoint

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IntranetPro from Codesigned is an enterprise intranet solution for SharePoint which is designed to empower users to manage intranet content, engage employees, and measure user adoption. The system offers personalized content feeds, hubs for different content types, and detailed engagement analytics.

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Intranet Software & Digital Workplace Solutions

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Choose from our portfolio of digital workplace solutions designed to get you quickly on the path to solving your business challenges. Pre-built and easy to configure, Igloo solutions combine features and integrations to address real pain points — for employees, teams, and the entire organization.

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Intranet & communications platform for digital workplaces

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The Hub is an intelligent intranet solution & secure client portal for teams, offices, and multi-site organizations to collaborate, communicate & share information

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Interactive intranet and collaboration hub for business.

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Jive's Interactive Intranet unites your people, information and content in a single hub for getting work done. It's a secure out-of-the-box solution for company communications, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, with an engaging user experience that drives adoption and productivity.

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The All in One Digital Workplace, Intranet & Portal

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GreenOrbit is an easy to use, customizable intranet solution used by over 1.2 million users worldwide.

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Intranet & collaboration platform

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Twine is a cloud-based intranet & collaboration platform which offers forums, polls & surveys, news & blogs, instant messaging, calendars, file manager, & more

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Cloud Based Intranet Solution

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Introduce smarter ways for staff to create, share and engage with MyHub intranet. Access a range of exciting tools such as live chat, forums, newsfeed, alerts, project spaces, quizzes and much more.

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Intranet software suite

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The most complete Intranet Suite for managing and distributing relevant content, connecting users across departments & offering an integrated enterprise search.

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IC Source


Intranet software and internal communications expertise

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Source allows users to share documents, files, updates, events, company news, conversations and team collaboration, all from one central location

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All-in-one community management and engagement platform

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Strengthen employee engagement and facilitate collaboration with Hivebrite’s all-in-one community management platform.

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Real-Time Team Collaboration & Project Management Software

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Award-winning all-in-one intranet tool. Group chat via text & video, real-time document editing, file sharing, & tasks. Integrates with 1000+ apps.

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An Intranet That Activates Your Culture

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OnSemble intranet software gives you the ability to activate your culture by enabling you to regularly communicate with all employees, keep employees connected and engaged, align employees with company objectives, and give employees the tools to share documents and collaborate.

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Intranet software for large dispersed organizations.

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Interact is intranet software that helps organizations with distributed employees connect and communicate.

Integrations include Office 365, Concur, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google Workplace, Workday and Box.

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Employee benefits, wellness and engagement platform

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Our modular, customizable platform highlights and features tools based on each employee's specific situation eliminating clutter, increasing utilization, and providing a better experience. Combining comms tools (scrolling news feeds/text/push/email) with scheduling, eLearning, challenges and more.

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Buyers Guide


For speedy and efficient collaboration, an organization can’t rely solely on intercoms and emails as that would mean longer turnaround time, overflow of unorganized information, and ignored or missed critical updates. And if the team is geographically dispersed, it can be even tougher to communicate using these channels.

Intranet software facilitates smooth communication and collaboration between employees. It also makes them more productive as all the relevant information—such as business updates, employee performance news, and employee benefits—is available at their fingertips.

To help you make an informed purchase decision, we have compiled the following information:

What is intranet software?

Intranet software is a solution that helps businesses build private and secure portals for internal communication and collaboration. 

Typically, employees can access the intranet portal from their authorized devices only. The software offers features to support information management, digital assets management, communication, social networking, and more.

What are the deployment options for intranet software?

Explore the following deployment options when thinking of intranet software:

On-premise deployment: In case of on-premise intranet, you purchase the software and bear the costs of hardware, installation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. This is usually preferred when organizations want to implement additional security and compliance checks. They can modify the software as per their needs.

Cloud-based intranet: Cloud-based intranet software is hosted and maintained by the vendor. Users can configure and directly launch the software from a web-based portal. Users get the advantages of security and innovation without additional costs.

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: Which deployment method would you recommend for the nature of my business? 

What are some common features of intranet software?

Understand the common features of intranet software before you make the buying decision:

Document management: Allow users to create, edit, move, delete, and store documents on a centralized platform. Access to these documents can be controlled for authorized use (downloading, commenting, reviewing, sharing, etc.)

Document management in Intranet Connections

Document management in Intranet Connections (Source)

Dynamic forms: Create customizable forms to capture and edit data for supporting actions such as allowing employees to submit expense claims and leave requests or check health benefits.

Dynamic forms in Interact

Dynamic forms in Interact (Source)

Communication management: Allow employees to communicate with peers, individuals and groups, through chats or moderated discussion forums. Employees can also access business news, blogs, video content, etc.

Live chat in Intranet Connections

Live chat in Intranet Connections (Source)

Employee directory: Create and maintain personnel profiles that employees can search to get information such as peer name, designation, and contact details. Employees can also view organizational charts that depict an individual’s placement within the business. 

Employee directory in Intranet Connections

Employee directory in Intranet Connections (Source)

Homepage: Offer users a personalized space with links to relevant information such as business news, performance highlights, events, and holidays.

Homepage in Noodle

Homepage in Noodle (Source)

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: Are there any other features that could be helpful for my business?

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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