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Minsh overview

Minsh is a platform that generates white label apps for its customers. Each app includes 4 main customizable features: instant messaging, event calendar, member directory, and an additional page to incorporate a custom feature, for example sponsors, promotions, documents, FAQ, etc.

Minsh is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses wishing to improve the engagement and communication flow between their employees, partners and/or clients. The news feed keeps all users informed about the company’s latest activity.

For teams working in remote locations, constantly on the move, or who need to broadcast news fast, the custom messaging solution of Minsh makes sure recipients are notified within seconds when important announcements, questions, or issues are posted.

For companies working on qualitative market research, Minsh provides a mobile tool to communicate with their user groups by way of one-on-one and group messaging, task scheduling, and data export for further analysis.


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United States, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Minsh screenshot: The app's messaging system allows users to send messages to everyone, a group, or an individualMinsh screenshot: Users can post text, pictures, videos or documents, and can like or comment on any postMinsh screenshot: The event calendar displays events on a monthly basis. Each event has a detail page with geolocation, attendees, registration link, etc; users can RSVP, comment, and give a rating afterwardsMinsh screenshot: The member directory sorts users based on their geo-location. Each user has a personal profile page in which the name and type of fields can be customized by the app's admin  Minsh screenshot: An additonal page can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization: important documents, sponsors, promotions, or custom web application can be integrated

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Minsh pricing

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There are 3 pricing plans based on the level of customization and branding required:

* Standard plan - basic configuration, white label level 1: US$49/mo (billed annually) or US$59/mo (billed monthly)

* Premium plan - advanced configuration, white label level 2: US$159/mo (billed annually) or US$199/mo (billed monthly)

* Enterprise plan - advanced configuration, white label level 3: US$259/mo (billed annually) or US$319/mo (billed monthly)

All plans include: a free setup, a dedicated app with its custom name and icon published on the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple store (iOS), as well as a web version, push notifications, an unlimited number of groups and messages, and an almost unlimited number of users/downloads (max. 10,000).

Technical: every app in every plan gets its own dedicated database, data backups are done every 24 hours, access to the open REST API is provided upon request.

Minsh features

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Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (105 other apps)
Collaborative Workspace (150 other apps)
Customizable Branding (105 other apps)
Document Management (91 other apps)
Document Storage (135 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (123 other apps)
File Management (100 other apps)
Permission Management (139 other apps)
Projections (111 other apps)
SSL Security (110 other apps)

Additional information for Minsh

Key features of Minsh

  • Discussion Boards
  • One-on-one chat / messaging
  • users can be singled-out by mentioning their @username
  • Access to the app is under the admin's control
  • All user activity is logged in the app's database
  • Minsh has an accessible open REST API
  • Only authenticated authorized users can access the content
  • Database backups done every 24 hours
  • Users get push notifications whenever required
  • App can be configured to send event reminders by email
  • Users can be imported into the app in batch
  • Possible to email users in bulk from the app
  • In-app calendar allows to create and manage events
  • In-app calendar can be synced with a Google Calendar
  • In-app messaging system
  • In-app discussions can be exported by admin
  • In-app messaging system
  • Additional custom page can integrate client website
  • Additional custom page can be used to display classifieds
  • In-app chat and document sharing
  • Possible to comment on messages and events
  • All discussions are under the admin's control
  • Custom developments are possible
  • Profile and sign up fields can be customized
  • Profile and sign up fields can be customized
  • Data can be extracted
  • Possible to export data and import users in bulk
  • Database can be accessed through open API
  • Email alerts in case of private messages, mentions, events
  • Users can invite other users, event reminders can be sent
  • Email alerts in case of private messages, mentions, events
  • Groups and one-on-one messaging for employees to engage
  • Geo-localized directory of members
  • Weekly activity reports are emailed to the admins
  • In-app event calendar
  • In-app event calendar
  • In-app event calendar
  • Feedback requested from attendees after an event is over
  • Documents, videos and pictures can be shared
  • Geo-localized directory of members
  • Geo-localized directory of members
  • Geo-localized directory of members
  • App provides group chat functionality
  • App calendar can be synced with iCalendar
  • Possible to export data and import users in bulk
  • In-app customizable messaging system
  • Additional custom page can be used to display job offers
  • Additional custom page can be used to display knowledge base
  • In-app chat system
  • Searchable member directory
  • In-app chat system
  • push notifications
  • App provides group chat functionality
  • App available in EN, FR, SP, PT
  • In-app chat system available on the web
  • In-app messaging system
  • Discussions can be exported for further analysis
  • Additional custom page can be used to display FAQ
  • users can rate and comment on events
  • in-app push notifications
  • real-time chat functionality
  • Admin, group owner, user
  • messages and optionally emails can be scheduled
  • searchable member directory
  • Users need to provide username and password to get in
  • Facebook page, events, Twitter account, ...
  • Our apps are stand alone for each organization
  • Weekly app usage reports
  • In-app polls and event feedback collection
  • In-app calendar offers to create events for a specific team
  • Possible to develop custom integrations
  • Admin fully controls users and their access to the app
  • Bulk email
  • Group chat / messaging
  • Event calendar
  • Geo-localized searchable member directory
  • Customizable profile page
  • Customizable sign up form
  • Admin-controlled access and content
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Keep the access and information flow entirely under control with a personalized mobile app.
Streamline one-on-one and group communications with a dedicated instant messaging system.
Simplify event organization and follow-up with an integrated calendar system.
Boost networking and interactions thanks to the app's searchable member directory and customizable profile page.
Let the solution adapt to evolving requirements by fine-tuning all aspects of the app from icon and name to notifications and features at any time.
Freely import, export, and analyze the application data thanks to the web-based admin dashboard and weekly analytics reports.