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  • LiveChat    22 reviews

    Beautiful Live Chat Software for Amazing Customer Service
    Customers love getting answers to their questions on the spot. LiveChat allows that and more, while it turns support teams into customer service rockstars.
  • Team on the Run    9 reviews

    Team mobile messaging
    Team on the Run allows message and file transfer that is as fast and easy as other popular messengers but offers business-worthy security and reliability on top
  • eXo Platform    33 reviews

    Open Source Enterprise Social Collaboration
    Improve team collaboration with face-to-face video calls and exchange information fast and conveniently through instant messaging.
  • Onstream Meetings  

    Meet Virtually Everywhere
    Onstream Meetings is accessible anytime and from anywhere via voice and/or web – with no scheduling required. This cloud-based service will allow you to enhance your interactions with customers, prospects and colleagues and to receive a considerable return on investment.
  • Zoho Connect  

    Enterprise private social network
    Connect in real-time to your colleagues with Zoho Connect's private messaging, one-to-one chat, and group chatrooms.
  • Zoho Meeting    1 review

    Web Conferencing
    Use Zoho Meeting's built-in instant messenger tool to send instant chat messages to meeting participants during web conferences.
  • Zoho Mail    2 reviews

    Use Zoho Mail's hosted email provider to not only send emails, but to communicate instantly via a built in live chat bar and group chat functionality.
  • Atlassian Confluence  

    Agile team collaboration software
    Use Atlassian Confluence to communicate with team members from one platform through inline commenting, file discussions, link sharing and Confluence Questions.
  • StrikeBase    9 reviews

    Work Better Together.
    StrikeBase is an Online work platform for collaboration and Project management in one central place with Tasks, Time-tracking, web and desktop Chat, File sharing, Notes and more.
  • Zyncro    9 reviews

    Zyncro is a secure, private and easy to activate Enterprise Social Network that doesn’t require any hardware or licenses as it is a cloud-hosted solution. A private workspace for any organization that enables employees to share information as microblogging messages or uploaded documents, and access a well-structured professional directory of contacts for the whole organization. What’s more, it can be integrated with other corporate systems. Zyncro uses web 2.0 tools to provide organizations with the capacity to: - optimize and reduce email usage - improve internal knowledge management and retention - encourage more efficient teamwork - motivate and engage employees in the business project - provide access to corporate information and documents
  • Wimi    9 reviews

    All-in-one solution for teamwork
    Your business needs a great, simple and efficient collaborative tool like Wimi. A real teamwork rocket tool! Wimi streamlines teamwork, allowing businesses to quickly and easily access shared documents, tasks and project calendars. Wimi keeps you up to date and in touch with other team members no matter your location or theirs.
  • Podio    21 reviews

    The flexible way to manage projects with clients
    Communicate, organize and get work done in one place with Podio. A tool that your team will love to use, that's entirely customizable to suit how you run projects most efficiently.
  • Redbooth    9 reviews

    Business collaboration and communication software
    Try Redbooth if you are looking to boost employee productivity by 40% and drive up workforce engagement. Redbooth is the best single place for shared tasks, discussions, file sharing, chat and HD video conference meetings. Intuitive, effective, secure and trusted by more than 750,000 users worldwide. Our featured customers include many from the Fortune 100 and major organizations such as Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Ebay, IBM, Dell, Novartis, and more. The software is free to try and only takes 1 minute to register on our website. Invite your co-workers and be up and running in minutes. With Redbooth's mobile apps (iOS and Android), you can access all of the tools you need to get your job done when on the move or working remotely.
  • MOOVIA    3 reviews

    Team Collaboration Network
    MOOVIA is a business solution that streamlines communication, employee engagement and productivity with team collaboration tools.
  • EasyGrouper    3 reviews

    Your Company Directory, Made Mobile
    EasyGrouper is a company directory that moves your business forward, with mobile messaging, employee profiles, information storage and more. Your employees are your most valuable resource and they carry smartphones with them wherever they go. Now, you can connect them and help them take advantage of the latest mobile technology. Provide them with a tool that can help them work smarter, more efficiently and with a lot less hassle. EasyGrouper can be accessed from any mobile device. Keep your valuable company contacts in a clean, separate and secure app, so you always have the info you need to reach your coworkers. Make a change once, see it everywhere else instantly. Onboard new employees easily. Integrates with Google Apps for Business!
  • Hall    3 reviews

    Bring your team together
    Chat, share files, create groups with people in or out of your company. Hall is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Web.
  • Communifire    3 reviews

    Enterprise Social Collaboration Software
    Communifire is an Enterprise Social Collaboration platform, a more effective alternative to email and traditional intranets and a great way to reduce time spent in meetings. Empower employees to share ideas and collaborate on content while still retaining control over who can do and see what. Bring partners and customers in and limit them to just what they need to see to work closely with you. Everything a group needs is in one place with updates on all your groups coming to you in one place.
  •    3 reviews

    Your ultimate online community. online community is the easiest and most flexible way to communicate with your customers, fans, employees, franchise owners, influencers, and partners. Use's blogging, forums, calendar, surveys, chat, member management, and advanced reporting to centralize your conversations in a space that you control.
  • dozeo    3 reviews

    Online meetings finally made awesome!
    Where creative people meet, collaborate and get things done. We have developed an innovative online meeting tool which allows users to set up instant, hassle free meetings.
  • Slack    2 reviews

    Team communication for the 21st century
    Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. Imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. That’s Slack. We’re on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Relax. Your team’s communication problems? We’ve got that.
  • Clinked    2 reviews

    Brandable Client and Team Workspace
    Clinked is a Cloud-based client portal and collaboration tool, enabling teams, project groups and business clients to all collaborate efficiently on documents and files within secure, easily accessible, brandable workspaces. Clinked will provide a way to measure if team members are on top of activity, progress, tasks and events. This means smoother project management, better client retention and a happier workforce, as well as increased productivity and a professional brand image to set you apart from your competitors. Primary Use cases are: Collaborative Client Portal, Extranet, Project Collaboration and Management, Enterprise Social Networking, Document Management and File Sharing
  • Unison    2 reviews

    A faster and more organized way to work with your team.
    Unison gives you "rooms": fast, secure spaces where a team can stay on the same page. Post updates, questions, files and more, then get feedback quickly. It let's dispersed teams stay in sync far better than they can with existing tools.
  • TeamWox    2 reviews

    Online groupware and collaboration software
    TeamWox is a web-based collaboration software with HRM, Task and Document Management, CRM, Service Desk and IP PBX suits in 30 languages. Using this groupware, it is possible to build up an effective teamwork and speed up management decision-making based on timely and reliable information. Moreover, the TeamWox system allows to increase the efficiency of the working team and its productivity, as well as reduce expenses of the entire business.
  • Oogwave    3 reviews

    Team Collaboration - Share and Work from Anywhere
    Collaborative working for businesses and teams within. Everything you need. Anywhere you need it. Powerful Apps for your files, project plans, discussion, notes, and communication available at one place, so you can do amazing things with your colleagues and partners.
  • Skype    2 reviews

    Calling, seeing, messaging and sharing with others – wherever they are.
    Skype enables its users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include: - instant messaging, - file transfer, - video conferencing and more.

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