Instant Messaging & Chat Software

Best Comparison List of Vendor Applications & Tools
  • Team on the Run    11

    All-in-one mobile business communication and work tool
    Team on the Run allows message and file transfer that is as fast and easy as other popular messengers but offers business-worthy ...
  • Slack    408

    Team communication for the 21st century
    Slack is an easy to use messaging app for teams. All your communications in one place and it integrates with everything. More ...
  • Onstream Meetings  

    Meet Virtually Everywhere
    Onstream Meetings is accessible anytime and from anywhere via voice and/or web – with no scheduling required. This cloud-based ...
  • Zoho Connect    2

    Enterprise private social network
    Connect in real-time to your colleagues with Zoho Connect's private messaging, one-to-one chat, and group chatrooms.
  • Google Apps for Work    452

    Collaboration apps for teams
    Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) offers a number of tools to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, ...
  • Atlassian Confluence    21

    Agile team collaboration software
    Use Atlassian Confluence to communicate with team members from one platform through inline commenting, file discussions, link ...
  • Zoho Meeting    1

    Web Conferencing
    Use Zoho Meeting's built-in instant messenger tool to send instant chat messages to meeting participants during web conferences.
  • HiMama    1

    Child care app for documentation and parent engagement
    Two-way communication between Educators and parents to build relationships while Directors maintain visibility through messaging ...
  • Zoho Mail    5

    Email hosting & mailbox management for business users
    Use Zoho Mail's hosted email provider to not only send emails, but to communicate instantly via a built in live chat bar and group ...
  • Noodle  

    Social intranet software platform
    Noodle’s built-in Instant Messenger application allows employees to chat with each other.
  • eXo Platform    62

    Open Source Enterprise Social Collaboration
    Improve team collaboration with face-to-face video calls and exchange information fast and conveniently through instant messaging.
  • Bitrix24    34

    Your company united!
    Find your colleagues quickly in address book. See if they are available, busy or absent with the help of online indicator. Use group ...
  • Skype    26

    Telecommunication, email, conferencing & instant messaging
    Skype is a multi-channel communications software that provides video chat, voice calls, instant messaging & more to business of all ...
  • Podio    33

    The flexible way to manage projects with clients
    Communicate, organize and get work done in one place with Podio. A tool that your team will love to use, that's entirely ...
  • StrikeBase    9

    Work Better Together.
    StrikeBase is an Online work platform for collaboration and Project management in one central place with Tasks, Time-tracking, web ...
  • Zyncro    9

    Zyncro is a secure, private and easy to activate Enterprise Social Network that doesn’t require any hardware or licenses as it is a ...
  • Redbooth    11

    Business collaboration and communication software
    Optimize team collaboration with business chat
  • HipChat    16

    Team communication built for business.
    Use HipChat's private group chat, video chat, and instant messaging features to connect team members & clients in any location, at ...
  • MOOVIA    3

    Team Collaboration Network
    MOOVIA is a business solution that streamlines communication, employee engagement and productivity with team collaboration tools.
  • Hall    3

    Bring your team together
    Chat, share files, create groups with people in or out of your company. Hall is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, ...
  • EasyGrouper    3

    Your Company Directory, Made Mobile
    EasyGrouper is a company directory that moves your business forward, with mobile messaging, employee profiles, information storage ...
  • IBM Connections    3

    Enterprise knowledge sharing platform
    IBM Connections is an internal communications and enterprise social networking application enabling users instant engagement with ...
  • Communifire    3

    Enterprise Social Collaboration Software
    Communifire is an Enterprise Social Collaboration platform, a more effective alternative to email and traditional intranets and a ...
  • dozeo    3

    Online meetings finally made awesome!
    Where creative people meet, collaborate and get things done. We have developed an innovative online meeting tool which allows users ...
  •    3

    Your ultimate online community. online community is the easiest and most flexible way to communicate with your customers, fans, employees, franchise owners, ...

GetApp lists the best Instant Messaging & Chat software vendor reviews. Including examples of their program solutions, company comparisons, and other types of application options.

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What is Instant Messaging & Chat Software?

Instant messaging and chat applications offer two or more people the ability to communicate in real-time over the internet. Instant messaging (IM) software generally implies text-based communication and differentiates from email in that it is instantaneous and provides a real-time, continuous stream of messages, rather than back and forth messaging. Along with text chat, many popular IM apps also offer voice, video chat, and even screen sharing.

In addition to standalone instant messaging and chat applications there are also many project collaboration and enterprise social networking applications that include instant messaging and chat as a main feature. These often include group chat rooms for specific teams and projects, as well as 1-to-1 private instant messaging. There are also many VoIP (voice over IP), video conferencing and online meetings apps that include the ability to send instant text messages.

Common features of instant messaging apps include the ability to see which users are online and available for chat. They will also include noise alerts when someone initiates a conversation as well as notifications of attempted chat conversations for offline users. You should also be able to record and archive chat conversations and search your conversation history for keywords. Instant messaging for businesses will often include the ability to share files and other content, as well as to give guest access to clients, vendors, and other third-parties.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Real-time text chat streams
  • 1-to-1/ multiple chat participants
  • List of online/ available users
  • Chat notifications & alerts
  • Multiple, dedicated chat rooms
  • File & content sharing
  • Conversation archiving & searching
  • Video, voice chat, & screen sharing
  • Invite guests to conversations
  • Chat over mobile, tablet & desktop