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A single place for team communication and workflows

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Slack is a single workspace that connects users with the people and tools they work with everyday, no matter where they are or what they do

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3CX communications system. Web & mobile apps (Android, iOS)

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With 3CX’s integrated live chat feature your website and Facebook page visitors are able to start a chat or call in real-time. Your agents can answer them immediately from their 3CX web client or app. If chat is not enough, they can switch to a call or video in a single click.

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The work management platform for teams.

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Asana is a chat and collaboration tool where you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and gantt charts, organize work your way. Join millions of teams across 190 countries who use Asana to get more done.

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Pumble logo



Communication and collaboration management application

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Pumble helps businesses in healthcare, software development, financial services, and other industries chat with members across departments and multiple locations. Users can create public or private channels with custom names and descriptions to collaborate on projects and exchange information.

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Enhance employee management with the only all-in-one app

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Connecteam is the collaboration, engagement and communication app that moves work forward and keeps your team connected in the tap of a button.

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Project Management Made Easy

visit website is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work.

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Range logo



Range facilitates teamwork that works from anywhere.

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Build successful teams with Range. Stay in sync, focus on what matters, and get more done no matter where everyone is working from.

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Noodle logo



All-In-One, Team Communication Platform

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Noodle’s built-in Instant Messenger application allows employees to chat with each other.

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Staffbase logo



Mobile-first employee communication for large organizations

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Staffbase internal communications platform solves your internal comms challenges and help build a best-in-class experience for your large, disconnected and distributed workforce.

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GoTo Meeting


Online meeting software with HD video conferencing

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GoToMeeting is an IM & chat tool that allows users to host an online meeting with high-definition video conferencing from their Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device, with up to 250 participants. Users can meet, screen share and chat via internet browser, mobile or desktop application.

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Jostle logo



Helping employees succeed. Anytime, anywhere, with ease.

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New kind of employee intranet that drives engagement & workplace culture. Achieves social participation in work relevant way. Participation rates are over 85%.

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Wrike logo



Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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Turn discussions into results with instant messaging and chat features in Wrike's work management. Collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders, share tasks and the latest files, and keep decisions clear and on-the-record.

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Workvivo logo



Employee experience platform to engage and connect everyone

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Workvivo is an employee communication platform designed to bring distributed teams together.

It's a social network, intranet, and employee app solution all merged into one familiar digital experience that employees love.

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Brosix logo



Secure instant messenger for teams and businesses

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Secure instant messaging software for business communication providing a private team network with many control features.

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GreenOrbit logo



The All in One Digital Workplace, Intranet & Portal

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GreenOrbit is an all in one digital workplace, intranet & portal. It features an Enterprise Social Network, Document Management, Forms, CMS & much more.

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Bitrix24 logo



100% free CRM, collaboration and communication tool suite

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Find your colleagues quickly in address book. See if they are available, busy or absent with the help of online indicator. Use group chat. View chat history.

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Omnidek logo



Cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution

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Omnidek is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) software designed to help organizations of all sizes create corporate forms, intranet portals, and workflows on a unified platform.

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Avaza logo



All-in-one, client-focused project management for teams.

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Avaza is a business management solution which includes features for project management, resource scheduling, online timesheets, expense management, online invoicing, recurring invoicing, quotes and invoices, and more. Avaza also integrates with third party platforms to streamline workflows.

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WikiPro logo



Customer communication platform for small business owners

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WikiPro is a customer communication platform designed to help small businesses in the legal, finance, accounting, and marketing sectors engage with clients by requesting reviews, electronic signatures, payments, and more. Administrators can create tasks and assign them to team members.

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OneBar logo



AI-enabled knowledge base builder for Slack teams

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OneBar is an AI-enabled knowledge base tool, which integrates with Slack and lets IT helpdesk, HR departments, or legal professionals build FAQs or support content using conversations to resolve internal team issues.

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MangoApps logo



Bring your frontline and office teams together

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MangoApps is a unified employee experience platform that serves as a bridge between your desk and deskless workers. We combine intranet, communication, collaboration, and training into a single user-friendly workspace.

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MyHub logo



Cloud Based Intranet Solution

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Create group or private discussions, as well as unique channels based on topic e.g. #Marketing. Ensure all who need to know are kept informed and their input captured in real-time.

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Homebase logo



Free employee scheduling, time tracking, and more.

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Homebase is an employee scheduling, time tracking, hiring, and communications tool for businesses and their employees within the retail and hospitality industries

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Wavity logo



Frictionless business on a budget

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Wavity enables organizations to build easy-to-use digital workflows quickly and cost effectively.

We offer solutions to support many digital workflows - IT, Sales and Marketing, HR, Work and Project Management and other workflows that are unique to your organization and your teams.

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ClickUp logo



Project management, task tracking, & professional goal tools

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ClickUp is a fundamentally new way to work - bringing separate apps like tasks, docs, spreadsheets, goal tracking, resources, and even an inbox, together in one place. It's the convergence of the best productivity and collaboration apps. Finally, there's one app to replace them all.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Instant messaging chat

When it comes to collaborating on business-related tasks or projects, efficient communication is a necessity. Instant messaging & chat software connects coworkers in real time and prevents miscommunications by allowing them to share ideas, send progress updates, and discuss details conveniently.  

We created this buyers guide to help you select the instant messaging (IM) & chat software that’s right for your business. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is instant messaging & chat software?

IM & chat software allows two or more people to communicate in real time over the internet. Along with text chat, several applications also support file sharing, voice calls, video chat, and screen sharing. 

While stand-alone IM & chat applications do exist, they are also often a part of team communication systems. 

What are the deployment options for instant messaging & chat software?

There are two deployment options for IM & chat software. We’ve listed the characteristics of each option below:

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based software (also known as SaaS) is hosted by the vendor on their own or third-party servers; you access the system from a web browser or mobile app. This kind of deployment is usually charged on monthly or annual subscriptions. Some vendors also factor in the number of monthly users when calculating the subscription fee.

On-premise deployment: In this deployment model, you host the software on your own servers and network. This model is often more expensive upfront due to a one-time licensing fee and the cost of the necessary hardware. You’ll also have to pay for maintenance, upgrades, support, and data storage. 

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy:

  • Do you offer support for on-premise deployments?

  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) including one-time expenses such as setup fees and data migration?

  • Is your system multi-lingual?

What are some common features of instant messaging & chat software?

After understanding the deployment options available to you, start building your shortlist based on the features you need most. Common features of IM & chat software include:

Chat: Communicate with one or more users simultaneously via a chat server. 


Chatting with Flock

Mobile integration: Receive messages and alerts on your smartphone via native mobile apps. 


Communicating with coworkers via the Zoho Cliq mobile app

Third-party integrations: Connect the tool with other systems to facilitate data exchange.


Alerts and previews of information from third-party applications in Slack 

Video chat: Connect with coworkers face-to-face from anywhere via the internet. 


Coworkers connect with video chat using GoToMeeting

File sharing: Allow users to share files among themselves through the application.


A catalog of shared files in Microsoft Teams

Notifications: Allow users to control how and when they’re alerted of new messages, cutting down on miscommunications and distractions. 


Managing notifications in Beekeeper

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: IM & chat software features are not limited to the ones listed above. Ask vendors about additional functionalities that would benefit your business:

  • Can your system integrate with third-party applications?

  • How many users does your system support?

  • What data security measures do you have in place?

  • Does your system offer collaboration features like screen sharing or calendar management?

  • Can your system support multiple languages?

  • Does your system allow for the setup of an internal help desk?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.