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Kanbanchi for G Suite

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Kanbanchi for G Suite overview

Kanbanchi for G Suite is the only online project management / task management / collaboration software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart and Time Tracker. Project boards with lists and cards visualise a workflow of all your tasks and activities. Collaborate with your team in real time and manage your projects visually!

Kanbanchi is the only app of its kind built specifically for G Suite – you sign up with Google account, manipulate your project boards as files in Google Drive, give flexible access permissions, push dates to Google Calendar, etc. Intuitive, simple familiar interface and no learning curve can get people engaged easily – just deploy Kanbanchi to all users of your organisation from G Suite Admin Console.

Core functionality:

– Create unlimited number of dashboards and cards
– Share with an unlimited number of collaborators
– Get email and in-app notifications about dashboard updates
– Push start/due dates to Google Calendar
– Attach files from Google Drive
– Leave comments for your colleagues
– Organize cards with text tags and colour tags
– Sort and filter cards as needed
– Manipulate dashboards as files in Google Drive
– Import Your Trello Boards

Advanced functionality helps you and your team rock your projects even more:

— Gantt Chart
Convert your Kanbanchi Dashboard to a Gantt Chart in one click. See how all your cards relate in time and visually plan project schedules with your team.

— Time Tracker
Track your time right in Kanbanchi — choose a card, start the timer, and stop it when you’re done. Monitor your team’s progress with the card in Timing tab, where time data for all users is recorded.

— Company's logo
Customize Kanbanchi’s look and feel by adding your company’s logo.

— Export to Google Sheets
Swiftly export to Google Spreadsheets all your dashboard data: people assigned, dates, checklists, comments and more.

— Card from email
Create new cards by sending an email to a unique email address of your dashboard.

— Sorting cards by priority
Simplify your working process - sort cards by priority automatically.

— Dashboard Backups
For those who want to be on the safe side — back up your most important Kanbanchi dashboards for easy recovery.

— List View
See all your cards in a scrollable list, quickly look through them from top to bottom and filter the ones you need.

— Subcards
Organise tasks that have multiple steps or have to be divided up among multiple people – break cards into a number smaller subcards that can be assigned and tracked separately.

— Team Drive Integration
Google Team Drives have become an indispensable shared space where teams store information. With Team Drive integration you can attach files from Team Drives to cards in Kanbanchi.


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Kanbanchi for G Suite reviews

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Evan Kaufman

A refreshing project and task management tool

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-20
Review Source: Capterra

I had noticed my productivity dropping as more projects and tasks seemed to pile up. I have tried multiple task and project management platforms but always found myself looking at an exhaustive list of tasks that left me anxious and without a good plan of attack for the work ahead. I sort of had an idea of how I would like my work to be organized but didn't find anything that could accommodate until I found Kanbanchi. It allowed me the freedom to device a system that works for me, which I think is the most important since everyone works in different ways. Similar to Trello, but a lot more professional, in my opinion, Kanbanchi is a KanBan style framework with a lot of great tools in an uncluttered format which has greatly increased my productivity. Each week, my email inbox is 0 because it all gets forwarded to my Kanbanchi system. Emails end up in my Kanbanchi inbox where I can categorize, set estimated amounts of time for each task (based on my customized filters), set priority levels, and group with other tasks within a project. I can then drag the task to a specific day of the week when I will want to work on it, setting up each day based on the estimated time tasks will take (knowing I like to work on more complicated longer tasks in the morning, and quick, easier tasks in the afternoon). When I now look at my workload, I just focus on each day's tasks and don't have to think about the rest knowing I will get to it when that day comes up. The customer service has been great and I take pride in knowing that they are a smaller company that can easily adapt and change the software based on my recommendations in a timely manner. I did free trials of at least 8 different software tools before deciding Kanbanchi was the right one for me. I run a small non-profit community development organization and Kanbanchi has given me peace of mind knowing that my work is organized and prioritized efficiently and effectively. Extremely flexible allowing you to create a system specifically designed to meet your own neurosis and OCD.

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Chris Mahon

Best Project Management Tools on the web!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-12
Review Source: Capterra

I use Kanbanchi for just about everything from organizing my work projects to keeping track of my Christmas list! Very easy to use!Ease of use and the adaptability for keeping things organized

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André Cyr

Great, functional app to connect students in project-based learning.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-11-14
Review Source: Capterra

- Greater transparency in our group-based and project-based activities for student leadership programs. - More engaged team members, having always up-to-date information concerning project progress- Easy to connect to student Google Apps for Education accounts, which don't always allow easy access to other apps like Trello or Slack - Very functional and easy to use, all features are well integrated and the app seems very resilient - Great support, quick responses to email tickets and impressive turn around time for feature request implementation

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Barry Frank

Turned me into a hero

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

Kanbanchi changed my life. That is a bold statement to make about an app, but I honestly believe Kanbanchi increased my quality of life. Since using Kanbanchi, I have been more productive. The intuitive user interface makes using the application a joy; I don't have to fight with clunky or awkward buttons or navigations. Also, since the app seamlessly integrates with my G Suite for education account I can use Kanbanchi with my students and coworkers. I now look like a hero.Intuitive user interface and pleasant user experience, G Suite for work integration, simplicity, basic version offers ample feature (and I still paid for a pro account)

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Soledad Moris

Kanbanchi, The best app to project management

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

I have a fulltime job, freelance projects and self-improvement projects, like learning new things, etc. With Kanbanchi I can organise my time, prioritise my tasks between this worlds and see the entire progress of my projects.Is without doubts the best project management app. An amazing interface, with a lot of features without the need of insert plugins and, exists perfectly in GDrive environment. Kanbanchi is a must have to organise any kind of projects from small and solo to big projects with large teams.

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Kanbanchi for G Suite features


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Additional information for Kanbanchi for G Suite

Key features of Kanbanchi for G Suite

  • kanban board
  • cards
  • task management
  • work with multiple cards
  • issue tracking
  • attachments
  • search & filter
  • activity stream
  • Gantt chart
  • Time Tracker
  • Export
  • Subcards
  • Dependencies
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Kanban board with seamless Google Drive integration and intuitive interface helps teams focus on what matters most – their tasks.

Visually plan project schedules on Gantt Chart. Monitor progress easily as team’s activity on kanban board is instantly reflected on Gantt Chart.

Track time right within Kanbanchi. Monitor your team’s progress in Timing tab, where time data for all users is recorded.