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Cloud collaboration, file storage and online backup system

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Livedrive offers unlimited storage space, simple one click backup, and the ability to access files from anywhere - computer web and mobile

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Your e-sign platform.

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MyDocSafe provides a secure cloud storage platform for individuals, teams and companies.

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Verizon Cloud


Cloud storage, backup and data protection platform

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Verizon Cloud is an integrated storage platform, which enables businesses to create backups and share files securely from different devices such as PCs or mobile phones. The multi-tenant platform allows users to encrypt files with passwords and protect them from viruses, system crash & data losses.

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Store All Your Files In The Cloud

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Backup your files safely on the internet easier than ever. Never again will you lose data from hard drive crashes, fire/theft or accidental deletion. Access your files on demand from any device, so forget about carrying around flash or USB drives

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Stellar Library


Secure Document Distribution

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Stellar Library works in a hybrid environment with all information stored on secure cloud whilst allowing access to documents through their app when offline.

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Cloud-based data storage and backup management software

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ADrive is a cloud-based software that helps team members collaborate on documents, transfer files, conduct data backups, and manage other administrative processes on a centralized platform. Administrators can set up SSL-based encryptions and configure permission rights to ensure data security.

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Brainloop DealRoom


Securely manage & collaborate on confidential documents

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Brainloop Secure Dataroom is a secure collaboration platform for managing confidential information and sharing files internally and externally

Read more about Brainloop DealRoom

Cloud-In-Touch For Business


Cloud-based telephony platform to chat & conference

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Cloud-In-Touch is a telephony platform, which enables enterprises to ensure private and secured communication during video conferencing, chatting, and document or application sharing.

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Communications and collaboration software for remote teams

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Flujo is a business communication and collaboration tool that helps remote workforce, non-profit organizations, early-stage startups, and entrepreneurs send messages and exchange files with co-workers. The platform provides an in-built calendar that lets businesses manage daily tasks and meetings.

Read more about FLUJO



Secure file transfer

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FTAPI SecuTransfer is client and server software that enables you to transfer and store data of any type and any size any where using end-to-end encryption. FTAPI provides you with the ideal perfect combination of maximum security and usability.

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File hosting service with AES 256 encryption

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Hornetdrive is a file hosting service with a focus on protection against data loss and unauthorized access. For security purposes, data is stored across several servers. All data is encrypted in accordance with AES 256 protocols prior to uploading.

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Tokenization, key and encryption management platform

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Our fraud-prevention partner analyzes customers' PANs, purchase histories, locations, IP addresses, and payment origins to ensure no fraud occurs. You maintain full access to – and control over – all of your data to keep your business running as smoothly and securely as possible.

Read more about TokenEx

Your Secure Cloud


German software for secure cloud storage & sharing of data

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Your Secure Cloud is the secure sync & share solution from germany with end-to-end encryption with options for white label and much more enterprise-features.

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cloudplan is a private cloud solution for companies

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cloudplan offers companies a data storage solution. Backups can take place in the cloud, in-house, or as part of a hybrid architecture option. Regardless of location, users can save their data. Functions also include document management.

Read more about cloudplan

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