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Estimator360 - formerly Bid4Build - is Cloud-Based Construction Estimating & Management Software for Builders.

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Patent-Pending Estimating Technology
Experience the most advanced Estimating Software for Builders. With Estimator360's patent-pending Instant Assemblies, Intelligent Ratios, and Build Options, creating projects and estimates is fast and easy. Your Success is Our Priority.


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Estimator360 screenshot: Estimator360 Project Dashboard. The product dashboard screen provides an overview of you project, budget, calendar and crew.How do I manage my construction crew’s time?Estimator360 screenshot: Estimator360 Project Templates. Templates are included with Estimator360 for most common building and remodeling projects. Custom templates can be added.Estimator360 screenshot: Estimator360 Assembly Wizard. The assembly wizard is the fastest way to get started with your estimates by providing standard measurements and materials as a starting point.Estimator360 screenshot: Estimator360 Crew Time Logging. Your crew can log and manage their time, and assign to projects with location data.Estimator360 screenshot: Estimator360 Purchase Orders. Purchase orders are created automatically based on approved bids and managed through your project dashboard screen.

Estimator360 reviews


Very good

Value for money
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Darryl Tripp

Most Powerful Bidding Software

Reviewed 2014-09-16
Review Source: Software Advice

I have owned B4B for years, only to be challenged by the initial learning curve, which caused me to shelve it a few times. But once committed, I have found this product and support to meet all of our demands within the company. The costbooks provided cover every nature of construction from remodeling to heavy commercial construction. We have become quite advanced and have created several costbooks tailored exactly to the multi-state locations that we cover. We are able to produce highly detailed takeoffs that amend the blueprints and act as an instruction manual for our superintendents to efficiently produce the product. The vendor has always promptly responded to our emails and requests, even following up with us before clarifying our own work as we veered off task. The tutorials provide exact explanation to all operations within the software and become quite intuitive. Dedicate the time to learn the software and you will be grateful.

The software requires time before it becomes intuitive, but I believe it is partly due to our method of estimating and the customization required to fit our needs. It is not dummy-proof and requires attention to detail. I have no problems with the vendor, and they have always been responsive and accommodating.

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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George K

Bid4Build The Right Choice

Reviewed 2009-07-06
Review Source: Capterra

If you are looking for a quick, reliable estimating tool that will connect with Quickbooks, plus handle your scheduling and subcontractor bids at the best price, don't hesitate. Bid4Build has handled everything I wanted and their training and support has always been outstanding. No wonder that they have been around for 25 years and earn such high ratings on several sites. You'll be glad you did!

As a small GC I was overwhelmed with the software choices for estimating ranging from $50-$10,000. Luckily Bid4Build was at the top of many lists and was actually on the lower end at $295. They provided a great video of the product and hands-on demo so I could actually try it without having to sit through an hour+ sales presentation. After a 1 hour overview that they included with the purchase, extensive help tools and phenominal support, I still struggled getting started. Fortunately they also offer a 1 on 1 training using an actual estimate of mine. Those 2 hours for only $99 where the best part of any software purchase I have ever made. Using an actual project, they guided me through the best methods to build my estimate and provide the jump start that I needed. It was so helpful that I did 2 more over the next few months as I got the estimating down and wanted to learn how I could streamline my process and other tools available like scheduling and writing contracts.

None, they keep improving it all the time and added a new Takeoff product at the end of last year.

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Lucky Caswell

I highly recommend Bid4build

Reviewed 2009-10-01
Review Source: Capterra

Get the program , effective, efficient, and it gets better all the time as I become more familiar with the program.. There is always a oh moment when I discover more. It is a complete project management tool from inception, to production and closure... Data based, and you can upload your logo so printing invoices, pricing or estimates are personnalized. I am going on way to much but if you want to do it right this is the program. Thank you!!!

I have to say, I started a construction consulting company after being in the industry for 17 years and making everyone else money. I bought Bid4 Build to help clients with their bids and run numbers for them. Its a little intense at first but in a few short days of playing around I got it. Plus support like other reviews is SUPER. I had personal calls from Bid 4 Build, they set up training time and even when I get to a point where I may have a question like I did today, I email them and within the hour got a response. Great company. I just started my own construction company and even during this recession Bid4Build is helping me support my family and friends that I employ. I love it. Thank everyone at Bid4Build. plus I got the takeoff live add on and this thing with plan integration is boy I can't tell you how easy it is for me to oneshop stop my bids and get them out. as well there contract, scheduling, exporting ...ITs got it all Bye

Not ONE!!!!!

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Denny Yoder

High-end Remodeler & Custom Home Builder

Reviewed 2014-09-16
Review Source: Capterra

Last year, we did just under $10 mil in sales, with jobs as small as $10k and as large as over $2 million. This software met our needs in all aspects. Initially, it took a little while to understand the relational functionality of the various parts. In terms of customer support, I have had a response in less than 24 hours anytime I have wanted to contact Bid4Build. The Bid4Build team has been great to work with. I paid for several hours of support initially and was extremely pleased with the instruction and knowledge of the support person. Now that we have used it for several years, I really appreciate the ease with which you can develop and modify your own cost book information. When I was evaluating different estimating software, my biggest concern was how inexpensive it was. I thought that because other systems were more costly, they must have been better; that is not the case with Bid4Build. I also like the fact that we own it outright and do not have monthly or annual costs. The price is undervalued for what you get. Compared to other estimating systems, Bid4Build could charge twice as much and still be a good value.

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Alexandra Rivera

Overall Good product

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-30
Review Source: Software Advice

Very useful and overall very good program for estimating big or small jobs. Being a cloud-based estimating software you can access it wherever you are.

I have found that it doesn't have much options to choose from which makes it why I didn't give them the 5 stars but overall, very happy with it's service to us.

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Likelihood to recommend: 8/10

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Estimator360 provides patent-pending Instant Assemblies, Intelligent Ratios, and Build Options. Invite your Suppliers and Trade Partners to bid on your estimates with real-time material and services/ subcontracting costs. Create, present and award custom Proposals, Contracts, Change Orders. Your estimate automatically builds your schedule, and Estimator360 manages your Crew, Suppliers, an

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Additional information for Estimator360

Key features of Estimator360

  • Construction estimating
  • Contract writing
  • Cost book analysis
  • Create invoices
  • Custom reports
  • Design build estimater
  • Design floor plan tool
  • Digital takeoff
  • Formula assemblies
  • Home improvement
  • Integrations
  • Job tracking
  • Manage orders
  • Online Demo available
  • Online support
  • QuickBooks compatible
  • Repair & remodeling
  • Report scheduling
  • Training programs
  • Video tutorials
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Assemblies Included
Proposals / Contracts / Change Orders
Dashboards Supplier & Subcontractor Interaction
Client Interaction
Estimate Powered Scheduling
Time Tracking & Analytics
Assembly Tracking & Intelligent Ratios
Crew Interaction
Third Party Integrations (e.g. QuickBooks)
Free live demo
3 free training sessions
Unlimited in program chat assistance