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LevelUp overview

What is LevelUp?

LevelUp is an application for capturing new customers and increasing their loyalty towards your brand by setting up rewarding campaigns.

The application allows your customers to pay with their mobile phone using a unique & generated QR code. Thanks to the information gathered by this technique, LevelUp shows you deep insights on your clients such as demographics, their payments, their birthday or if they are new clients.

In addition to its business analytics functionalities, LevelUp helps you find the right strategy to increase your customers' loyalty. Choose between many loyalty programs to satisfy your clients. Have more insights on the impact of your campaigns.


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Pricing options
Free trial
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25% fee on campaigns. Contact LevelUp for more information.

LevelUp features

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Key features of LevelUp

  • Transaction history board
  • Export CSV files
  • ROI measurement
  • Customer analytics
  • Business boards
  • Demographics insights on customers
  • One-touch mobile payments
  • CRM tools
  • Customizable campaigns
  • Campaign templates
  • 40+ POS integrations
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Thanks to LevelUp's mobile payment solutions, reduce the time you spend taking payments from your clients: the application handles mobile payments via a unique QR code to ease your transactions and secure your payments.

LevelUp helps you manage your business by giving you information on your business activity. On the dashboard, handle your transaction records & feel free to export them.

Enjoy full customer analytics: LevelUp gathers information regarding demography, habits & names so that you can understand your customers better.

Set up marketing campaigns to increase your customer loyalty. LevelUp has multiple marketing templates designed to fulfill many marketing needs. You can choose to make a campaign whenever you want & get ROI details.

Enjoy 40+ POS integrations & even integrate LevelUp's mobile payment solution to your own website.