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GoConqr overview

GoConqr is a social learning network that provides users and members with the tools for discovering, creating and sharing engaging learning content. The platform’s features and applications are designed to meet every type of members’ specific needs, whether they are a learner, educator, institution or company. The solution is designed to help keep users connected within a relevant network, and can be used for student engagement, onboarding, talent nurturing, personal development or executive knowledge share.

GoConqr works perfectly for companies who are looking to develop talent and grow their business. Organizations can improve staff communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing with the solution’s suite of digital tools. GoConqr offers a secure portal for sharing company information and business insights, along with a course builder for creating engaging content for staff on-boarding, induction and training. Users can track content and staff performance, as well as each individual user’s progress. Companies can provide staff with a collaborative community to share thoughts and communicate ideas with online discussions, voting and polls, as well as share images, audio, videos, and links.

GoConqr enables institutions to provide their students with access to a comprehensive library of user-created resources, on a wide variety of subjects. Users can simply type their keywords in the library’s search bar to find resources created by millions of users, including visually appealing content such as mind maps, flashcards, slides and quizzes. Users can join study groups for sharing advice and finding answers to enrich and support their studies. The course builder allows educators to create media-rich study materials that help display old information in dynamic new ways, as well as combine resources and schedule delivery for a fluid learning experience.


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English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
GoConqr screenshot: Get access to an extensive digital library and search for learning contentGoConqr Campus for CompaniesGoConqr screenshot: Users can create their own learning material using CoConqr's full suite of powerful toolsGoConqr screenshot: Track content and staff performance quickly and securelyGoConqr screenshot: Navigate through flashcards with knowledge trackingGoConqr screenshot: Users can test their learning on the go with quizzesGoConqr screenshot: Play and track mind maps GoConqr screenshot: Keep detailed notes with free-form templatesGoConqr screenshot: Choose from multiple question typesGoConqr screenshot: Users can discover new learning groups GoConqr screenshot: Create and access flashcards anytime, anywhereGoConqr screenshot: Track scores for motivation and goal trackingGoConqr screenshot: A personal activity feed for the latest updatesGo Further With GoConqr

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Oussama Magar

Goconqr, Changing the classroom, one student at a time.

Reviewed 2016-09-27
Review Source: Capterra

I began experimenting with Goconqr last year by making my own flashcards to give the students as I have an interactive whiteboard but the students do not have access to computers in the classroom with limited success as I would use it to summarise the topics and as revision for exams. However it is only this year that I have dramatic results. In most cases students are smarter than teachers in the use of technology but they don't use it for education and teachers are teaching the same way they were taught 30 years ago. Goconqr has been the great equaliser and has helped not only my top students but those students who are from mt lower ability classes I started the year by showing them the site, how to register and than how to create firstly minmaps, than flash cards followed by slideshares and quizzes. I constantly provide feedback to my students and here is where it gets really interesting. I started to streamline the process by getting students to do 20 questions with answers on each chapter, basically providing a summary of each chapter and I would review it.. Almost immediately the students marks started to improve but where the improvement was most dramatic was when I told the students that wherever possible they would have to include diagrams which really helped reinforce concept. I would then on a regular basis use students work as a summary to either begin or end each days lessons. I than found something quite strange starting to happen, students would make friends with each other and would form groups and would attempt each others flashcards, mindmaps and quizzes. The site started to take a mind of its own with myself acting as interloper. I on person stopped making any flashcards myself and just started directing the students with encouragement. Students would start to use printed versions of the flashcards to revise for exams on the way to school and started to use the same technique for their other subjects as well. The biggest improvement however cam from my lower ability classes who used the Goconqr site and the flashcards to help them use their time more wisely and their marks improved accordingly. Some suggestions could be a pause button on the mindmap, a voice over to be able to read the flashcards for the teacher and the ability to be able to import content from word or another website. Overall this is an amazing site which has enabled students to utilise their computer skills to make learning fun and has improved their marks greatly

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Patrick Brennan

A Very Good Resource For Students and Teachers

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-23
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using GoConqr with my 6th year computer class as I always try to show LC students some good ways of studying and revising using online resources as well as Office software. My class this year are very positive about the site, particularly as it offers a lot of free content. I would have a quite mixed economic profile in the group and some may move up to the paid version but many will be very happy with the basic+. The basic is limited enough in terms of the 3 subjects but they have plenty of friends to email for the basic+ upgrade. As a teachers we are always reluctant to set up a group with our pupils but they are well used to social media and some study groups have been started among themselves. I find creating the resources intuitive and easy to pick up. Like all revision aides it is up to the person themselves to review their quiz, mindmaps or flash cards. You can only lead the horse to the water, and I feel your water is very good! My main suggestion is a way for teachers to share resources with pupils via a link that could be shared via our network folder (On a Word doc say) without us needing to have student's personal emails. (Our kids don't have school mail addresses as yet). Good luck with your product for the future! Free version has a lot in it. Study calendar links to subjects.

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Natalie Levi

Thankful to have!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-22
Review Source: Capterra

We searched several Mind-mapping softwares...and this one is great. We do have a few features we wish were available: 1). Ability to label a picture 2). Create an independent node 3). Resize final image for printing 4). Ability to move nodes/images to the foreground or background when layering.Ease of use. The output design and how the nodes work.

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Paul Moore

Easy to use and comprehensive to drive content development and delivery

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-06
Review Source: Capterra

Amazing product, with a host of features and functionality, tools to develop content and platform to deliver a social learning experience for all our staffIt's free, great tool, great integration and great product

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More than a quiz software

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-01-17
Review Source: Capterra

My students really liked it and created a great gamification environment among them. So many options and customization. Really like to see other teachers work and being able to share mine with them. Love it to create interactive lessons and gave it to students to create quizzes and tools for studying.

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Basic: Free. Create 3 subjects and a total of 20 resources.

Basic+: Free. Create unlimited subjects and unlimited public resources by referring 3 friends.

Premium: €19.95 per year. Create private resources and go ad-free.

Academic campus and Corporate campus plans are available.

Pay monthly or a reduced annual rate.

GoConqr features

Activity Dashboard
Calendar Management
Course Authoring
Course Catalog
Customizable Branding
Data Import/Export
Reporting & Statistics

API (73 other apps)
Activity Tracking (48 other apps)
Assessment Management (72 other apps)
Attendance Management (67 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (66 other apps)
Communication Management (57 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (49 other apps)
Learning Management (86 other apps)
Progress Tracking (55 other apps)
Records Management (60 other apps)
Registration Management (57 other apps)
Time & Attendance Tracking (59 other apps)
eLearning Management (46 other apps)

Additional information for GoConqr

Key features of GoConqr

  • Content import / export
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Self-paced courses
  • Storyboarding
  • Test / quiz creation
  • Course publishing
  • Branded campus portal
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Private campus groups
  • Community announcements
  • Course authoring tools
  • Private links for external shares
  • Complete user management
  • Multi-license disc
  • Mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, notes, slides
  • Course builder
  • Study planner
  • Virtual library
  • Filtered views
  • Goal tracking
  • Flexible, free-form template
  • Performance overviews
  • Rate, pin and share learning resources
  • Feedback, advice and support from other learners
  • Discussions, comments, polls
  • Social media integration
  • Personal activity feed
  • Sign in via email, Facebook or Google+
  • Data sync
  • Calendar
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GoConqr offers a unique blend of learning applications and social learning features that promote a self-directed and active learning style.

Institutions can maximize their student’s learning potential by offering a more versatile learning environment and media-rich study materials.

GoConqr helps companies promote a culture of learning within organizations and empowers talent to communicate and share knowledge.

GoConqr digital library provides users with millions of resources and study materials including links, images, video and audio files.

GoConqr allows organizations to promote company-wide, not top down learning via the platform's collaboration tools.