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TeacherEase logo
Category Leaders

Easy & affordable student management software for SBL.

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TeacherEase is an easy web-based student management software designed for small to medium sized districts & schools. Run your school efficiently & affordably with limited IT resources. Save time & make information available to authorized staff.

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MIP Fund Accounting logo

Fund accounting for government organizations and nonprofits

learn more
MIP Fund Accounting is a comprehensive, configurable fund accounting solution. With its end-to-end suite of functionality and multi-segmented chart of accounts MIP is designed to meet and handle the complex financial management and fund accounting needs of nonprofit and government organizations.

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iplicit logo

Cloud-based accounting and financial management software

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iplicit is a cloud-based software designed for businesses of all sizes that helps streamline accounting processes, generate business reports, and analyze financial datasets on a unified platform. Key features include summary charts, multi-currency, and purchase orders.

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MySchoolAccounting logo

MySchoolAccounting is a school bookkeeper's best-kept secret

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MySchoolAccounting is a fast, flexible payment receipting and accounts payable management system with individualized student fee assessment by class schedule and grade-level fees and items for purchase. The program is designed with the needs of schools and school districts in mind.

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SchoolAdmin logo

Admissions and enrollment management for K-12 schools

learn more
SchoolAdmin is a cloud-based school administration solution, which assists independent and private K-12 schools with managing admissions, enrollment, and tuition. Key features include prospect management, event scheduling, custom forms, fund disbursement, reminders, and customizable reporting.

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PCR Educator logo

Integrated Web-Based School Information Management Solution

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Web-based school information management solution that helps schools manage admissions, content, billing, finance and more.

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Ellucian logo

Suite of operations tools for higher education

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Ellucian is a suite of operations tools for higher education institutions with modules for enterprise resource planning (ERP), student information systems (SIS), constituent relationship management, & analytics. It offers mobile apps, third party integrations & student self service.

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Rycor logo

School management and accounting platform

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Rycor provides an online portal for online payments and digital forms for parents, students, and teachers to submit information to schools electronically. Administrators can collect and manage critical data, including attendance, grades, and finance details.

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K-12 Online logo

School registration management software

learn more
K-12 Online is a school registration management software designed to help public, charter, and private schools manage accounting, customizable forms creation, ad-hoc reporting, and financial payment administration processes. It includes a webstore, which allows parents to purchase school items, contribute donations, pay tuition fees or other fines, and more.

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SchoolBanks.Com logo

Fee and Asset Management for K-12 schools.

learn more
SchoolBanks, Inc. provides K-12 software solution for managing the spectrum of daily bookkeeping and responsibilities.

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Blackbaud Tuition Management logo

Tuition and accounts receivables subsidiary ledger for K-12

learn more
Blackbaud Tuition Management is a comprehensive tuition and accounts receivables platform that allows K-12 private schools to streamline their tuition collection process and deliver an exceptional parent experience.

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Ellucian Banner logo

Cloud-based financial management tool for higher education.

learn more
Ellucian Banner Finance is a cloud-based financial management software designed to help accounting teams in higher education manage procurement, fixed assets, accounts receivables, general ledgers, and more from a unified platform. With the finance query module, staff members can utilize a visual dashboard to view spend analysis, and save or share specific queries, facilitating collaboration.

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MySchoolFees logo

Easier for parents, easier for schools. See for yourself.

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MySchoolFees lets parents pay online for lunch, required and optional fees, fundraisers, and afterschool care.

It also offers detailed receipt imports without additional data entry needed at the school.

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Fedena logo

Comprehensive College & School Management Software

learn more
Fedena is a cloud-based ERP software that allows institutes to manage e-learning & daily administrative tasks from a single platform. It offers 50+ features like admission management, examination, online fee collection, transportation management, and many others.

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Education ERP with Student Information System

learn more
Academia ERP software for schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes. It comes with 30+ modules that assist the academic and administrative staff in managing, monitoring, and administering all the operations in an institute. Includes - admissions, attendance, examination, MIS, etc.

Read more about ACADEMIA ERP / SIS

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ampEducator logo

Web-based student information system for higher education

learn more
ampEducator is a school information system which enables small to mid-sized universities and colleges to manage admissions, communications, accounting, and more

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Frontline Insights Platform logo

K-12 ERP Software

learn more
K-12 ERP software built for school management. Complete finance, payroll, and hr tasks online and achieve financial peace of mind.

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Adfinity logo

Accounting and financial management software

learn more
Adfinity is one of the most complete accounting software packages, offering a large variety of advanced financial management features. Adfinity brings added value in reporting, automation, digitalization of workflows and paperless working.

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MarkersPro logo

Single-database, modern & intuitive SIS for K-12 & higher

learn more
Comprehensive, flexible, secure & single-database MarkersPro SIS that scales for your district! MarkersPro is a cloud-based K-12 student information system software that was specifically created to help schools strike a perfect balance of features, cost, customization, and ease of use.

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W2 Mate logo

Electronic Filing Software

learn more
IRS form 1098-T printing and electronic filing software. Great for universities, colleges and tax professionals. Support for an unlimited number of 1098-T Filers and unlimited number of students, unlike other 1098 software applications.

W2 Mate is a powerful W2 / 1099 software that supports a number of tax forms other than 1098-T. This page is dedicated to 1098-T.

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Pappaya logo

ERP solution for schools

learn more
Pappaya is a campus management & enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for schools with accounting, attendance & timetable management, VR classrooms & more

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Veracross logo

Integrated, web-based school information system

learn more
Veracross is a modular, fully integrated, web-based school information management system designed to connect administrators, teachers, and students

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Sparkrock logo

Finance & Human Resources Software Suite.

learn more
Sparkrock 365 is a SaaS based enterprise level software that has proven Workforce Management and Finance modules that
streamline the operations for Not-for-profits, Health and Human Services, and K-12 & Educational Organizations.

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Banana Accounting logo

Accounting software.

learn more
Traditional columnar accounting in a modern form, similar to Excel. Professional, easy and fast. Based on double-entry bookkeeping, it is ideal for any small business, association, private person and for teaching bookkeeping.

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Learning and education management software for schools

learn more
EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training.

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