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Cloud-based subscription service with automated billing

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BillingPlatform overview

BillingPlatform is a cloud-based subscription service that automates billing processes in order to make complex billing more simple. The monetization and billing solution gives organizations the power to support the entire financial ecosystem from product concept to invoice, adapting to every unique business model and pricing structure. BillingPlatform provides an agile and comprehensive solution with comprehensive features for billing, revenue recognition, reporting, and more.

BillingPlatform’s enterprise billing system enables users to design dynamic product offerings, monetize their end-to-end process, integrate with critical applications, streamline communications, gain valuable business intelligence, design a model and business logic that supports the organization’s needs. Users can automate high volume usage, rating, and mediation to fully capitalize on metered offerings, as well as leverage customer centric invoicing, payment, and dunning configuration to speed the flow of revenue. BillingPlatform’s highly configurable subscription management tools support a wide variety of pre and postpaid subscription cycles with several behaviors such as proration, early termination, and activation invoice.

The business intelligence module enables users to create custom dashboards and reports for critical information on-demand. Users can design a product catalog for products and services with a comprehensive set of rating components and controls, in addition to a large set of options in product and rating configurations. Products and services can be further extended by creating rules and relationships to help automate sales and renewals, as well as through custom business rules. BillingPlatform’s open integration framework allows the organization’s critical applications to work seamlessly with each other in a unified ecosystem.


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BillingPlatform screenshot: Pricing strategies can be highly complex with variables including market conditions, competitive actions, customer segments and industry-specific aspectsThe Power of Platform ArchitectureBillingPlatform screenshot: Configure BillingPlatform for volume discounts or pricing concessions based on tiers, thresholds and groupings you defineBillingPlatform screenshot: Give customers the convenience of online bill payment or payments via credit card or ACH that are immediately reflected on their account balanceBillingPlatform screenshot: BillingPlatform is built to handle real-time charging, payment and credit adjustments routed automatically to customer balances and GL accounts

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BillingPlatform features

Accounting Management
Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Billing & Invoicing
Compliance Management
Customizable Reporting
Financial Analysis
Invoice Management
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

Accounting Integration (132 other apps)
Data Import/Export (112 other apps)
Electronic Payments (120 other apps)
Expense Tracking (127 other apps)
Invoice Processing (108 other apps)
Receiving (96 other apps)

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Key features of BillingPlatform

  • Account Receivables & Finance
  • Active Integration
  • Advanced Invoicing & Rating
  • Advanced Pricing Capabilities
  • Billing Portal
  • Business Intelligence
  • Contingency Billing
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Dunning Management
  • Hourly Billing
  • Invoice History
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-level Account Hierarchies
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Project Billing
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing
  • Subscription Management
  • Tax Calculator
  • Unlimited Platform Extensions
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• BillingPlatform's monetization and billing solution supports your entire financial ecosystem from product concept to invoice, and has the ability to adapt to every unique business model and pricing structure.

• Comprehensive subscription management features enable users to better control multi-dimensional and varying, automated subscription processing with configurable rules for upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and early termination.

• Integrate with a variety of merchant providers to give customers the convenience of online bill paying or automated credit card and ACH processing.

• BillingPlatform enables businesses to process invoices differently for every unique customer and set a unique cycle and close day. Ensure that customers stay informed of their outstanding balances by applying custom dunning flows for each customer.

• Structure your product catalog to reflect strategic sales and marketing initiatives within minutes using product and package configuration tools that make even the most complex offering easy to develop, deploy and manage across the organization.