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Pixie logo

Get your accounting practice running like clockwork.

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Pixie is a practice management software for accounting and bookkeeping firms that use it to centralise tasks, deadlines, documents and emails and automate workflows.

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Emburse Tallie logo

Mobile and online expense management for smaller businesses.

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The people at Tallie believe small businesses deserve expense report software that is ridiculously easy to use, takes limited time out of the workday to manage, eliminates accounting mistakes, and can be implemented rapidly.

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Crunch logo

You live life. We do the numbers.

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Crunch is a groundbreaking online accountancy firm for freelancers, contractors and small businesses. By combining accredited, award-winning in-house accountants with real-time cloud software.

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Pi. logo

Pi makes risk less risky.

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Pi is an ML-driven decision-making engine that dynamically personalizes and manages risk for individual users throughout their lifecycle so that businesses can shoulder the burden of risk more easily and proactively pursue their growth strategies.

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PBS Accounting logo

Ge more done with Passport Business Solutions

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Passport Business Solutions (PBS) Accounting software is designed for growing small to mid-sized US companies ranging from 6 to 100 million in annual sales. Fully integrated professional level accounting software that fits a wide range of businesses. On-premise.

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Open logo

Banking and financial operations management platform

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Open is a cloud-based software designed to help startups and small to midsize enterprises manage payments, virtual accounts, cash, invoices, taxes, expenses, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes payroll management functionality, which enables businesses to track employees’ attendance and leaves, create payslips, and analyze reports for reference.

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Receipt Stash logo

Real-time expense capture and processing software

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Receipt Stash is bookkeeping automation software which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and text recognition to process receipts in real time. Users can track and manage expenses through the platform with multiple document upload options. Automatic data extraction, custom CSV exports, and more.

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QuickBooks Online Accountant logo

Accounting Practice Management from Quickbooks

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QuickBooks Online Accountant is a complete accounting practice management solution that assists accounting firms with attracting new clients, tracking all clients and work, and access clients’ QuickBooks Online information.

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Pilot logo
Category Leaders

Bookkeeping software for startups and small businesses

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Pilot is a general ledger and enterprise accounting software designed to help startups and small businesses manage bookkeeping, taxes, and other financial processes. Administrators can file various income taxes including federal, state, and local & receive status updates regarding fillings in real

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LiveFlow logo

Bring Financial reports into Google Sheets.

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LiveFlow is a way to organize and update your reports - all without hours wasted on tedious manual work.

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Big E-Z Accounting for Google Sheets logo

Manage finances, stay organized & collaborate with your team

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The Big E-Z Accounting for Google Sheets Add-on offers expense tracking, invoicing, clear & concise reports, cash flow management & collaboration.

Big E-Z saves you time & money over other programs on the market.

Try it Free for 14 days! Free 3-day custom setup with purchase.

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Mesh Payments logo

Know everything. Optimize anything.

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Manage every payment across your company with insights, controls and automation to save hours of work and get the most out of your corporate spend. The cherry on top - Mesh is completely free.

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Mango Practice Management logo

Practice Management solution built for accountants

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Mango Practice is a cloud-based practice management solution designed to help CPs, accountants, and tax professionals manage their time and billing more effectively.

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Fatture in Cloud logo

Invoicing software

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The invoicing software that helps you manage your business. Fatture in Cloud includes e-invoicing, quotes, payments, reports on business performance, and more.

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Buku logo

Business runs on it !!

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BuKu is a super app that can take care of all your accounting and business management needs. It's an operating system for micro and small business's. BuKu is as much useful for new age gig workers, influencers as it is for retailers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers.

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Quipu logo

The invoicing and treasury software for freelancers and SMEs

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Quipu is the all-in-one solution that allows you to control invoicing, treasury, taxes and customers in a simple and intuitive way.

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LessAccounting logo

Accounting software for small businesses

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We designed the accounting app for small businesses and freelancers to save you pain and suffering. Our app provides a stress free way to keep your books in order.
We even offer bookkeeping services at very affordable rates. 30 day unlimited trial.

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Smartly logo

Cloud-based payroll software with a self-service portal

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Smartly is cloud-based payroll software that helps businesses pay employees on time in accordance with legislation. It includes a self-service portal that allows employees to access their payroll details, approvals, payslips, timesheets, and more.

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Plastiq logo

PCI-compliant payment processing platform

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Plastiq is a PCI-compliant payment processing platform that helps businesses in eCommerce, accounting, construction, education, manufacturing, logistics, and other sectors track, organize and manage finances and credit card payments.

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lexoffice logo

German-language bookkeeping tool for freelancers and SMBs

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lexoffice is a bookkeeping platform aimed at German freelancers and small business owners. Its modular pricing structure allows users to choose between Invoice & Finance, Accounting & Reports, or Accounting & Payroll, the latter being the most complete of the three pricing plans.

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PAN Hospitality Suite logo

Inventory control and channel management software

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PAN Hospitality Suite is a reservations management software that helps businesses manage properties, bookings, accounting, channels, stock control, and more. The platform allows managers to process transactions, manage inventory, and generate sales reports.

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Clay logo

Smart Financial Management

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Clay is a Fintech where we create technology to control your company's finances.
From the bank reconciliation, we add technology, design and automation to the financial construction process.

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Spenfi logo

Spend management and expense tracking

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Spenfi is a cloud-based spend management and expense tracking solution for teams. The platform, which works alongside smart payment cards, allows businesses to manage and track company budgets, employee purchases, invoices, subscriptions, and more from one place.

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Factomos logo

Factomos, la facturation en ligne fluide et connectée

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French Invoice SaaS

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Studio Plan logo

Billing, document management, and time tracking platform

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Studio Plan helps firms, accountants and labor consultants manage finances and projects including contacts, billing rates, timesheets, and invoices. Users can use the web-based tool to customize their website for each client.

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