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Capitalization table and equity management software

OptionTrax is an equity management software designed to help businesses manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and employee stock plans.

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Certent Equity Management


Equity Management & Reporting

Streamline equity management, tighten compliance, minimize risk, improve your productivity. It’s life beyond the spreadsheet.

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Equity management software

Utilized by thousands of businesses, Shareworks is a cloud-based equity plan management solution for startups, private and public companies to simplify equity administration, engage their employees, manage regulatory compliance and prepare for audits, with integrated 409A valuations and cap tables.

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Cloud-based investment management platform

Backstop Solutions is an investment management platform which offers solutions for consultants & advisors, institutions & pensions, hedge funds, private equity & venture capital, endowments, and more, through a suite of products including Backstop CRM, Portfolio, Research, Accounting, Portal & IR

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Equity management solution for public & private firms

Carta is an equity management solution that helps investors, public, & private firms manage cap tables, equity plans, investments, and valuations. The platform comes with features such as transfer agent services, portfolio insights, 409A valuations, safekeeping, & equity plan administration.

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Diligent Equity


Cloud-based equity management solution

EquityEffect is a cloud-based equity management solution for financial institutions, investors, law firms, and private businesses of all sizes. The platform enables users to monitor, manage, and structure shares with up-to-date and accurate cap tables, what-if analysis and digital documents.

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Global Shares


Stock compensation management for public & private companies

Global Shares is a cloud-based employee ownership platform, which assists public and private companies with managing stock compensation plans for employees. Key features include performance tracking, rewards management, goal setting, stock trading, and electronic messaging.

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Cloud-based portfolio monitoring & equity management tool

FolioSure is a cloud-based software that enables private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms to track, monitor, and analyze the performance of investment portfolios. It enables businesses to calculate net net total value to paid-in (TVPI) and internal rates of return (IRR).

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Cap tables made simple.

Pulley helps startups around the world manage their equity. One-day onboarding and world-class support provided.

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The Equity Management Platform for High-Growth Companies

learn more
Ledgy simplifies equity management for growing companies. Manage employee participation plans, shareholdings, prepare cap tables, and more on a unified and scalable platform. Invite investors into your dashboard. Automate document signing, shareholder agreements, convertible loans and more.

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Legal entity management and corporate housekeeping platform

learn more
Corporify is a leading European cloud-based solution for legal entity management and corporate housekeeping. The platform is a game-changer for legal teams at corporates, modern legal service providers and investment funds (PE/VC).

It covers the full end-to-end entity lifecycle, from tracking securities to automated document generation and meeting invites. Corporify also provides a very intuitive portal to share information with external stakeholders in read-only mode.

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A1 Tracker


Enterprise risk management software

learn more
A1 Tracker is a risk management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage & mitigate risks across contracts, migrations, insurance, assets & claims. A1 Tracker enables users to track, report & manage trends, reducing risks on claims for insurance premiums, product liabilities, & more.

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Private equity management

learn more
Capdesk is a private equity and employee share scheme management platform that helps private companies distribute ownership amongst employees. It can be used by early stage, growth, and crowdfunded businesses to help them manage employee share grants and streamline equity plans.

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Cloud-based private equity CRM solution for Salesforce

learn more
AIM is a cloud-based private equity CRM solution for Salesforce which helps firms of all sizes consolidate data into one central system to manage operations & workflow. The platform enables enterprises to streamline investments, portfolio, back-end systems, team collaboration, compliance, & more.

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Papaya Global


Payroll and human resource management solution for MNC's

learn more
Papaya is a cloud-based solution, which assists multinational businesses with managing global payroll, cross-border payments, and contractors. Key features include cost breakdown analysis, data security, benefits administration, and records management.

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Equity management for startups

learn more is an equity management solution for startups, which offers tools for creating, collaborating on, and sharing cap tables, convertible instrument and option calculators, and round and exit models. It helps startups plan and manage equity, build reports, and maintain accurate records.

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Cloud-based equity management software for shareholders

learn more
Eqvista is a cloud-based equity management software designed to help investors and shareholders manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and more. With an integrated share management platform, stakeholders can electronically issue and transfer existing shares to investors.

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Cloud-based software for managing equity funds

learn more
Fundrbird supports the automation of investor reports. The platform is tailored specially for private investment fund managers and private equity firms. The software is tailored to suit individual funds by adapting workflow rules.

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SaaS equity management software for startups

learn more
Gust is a SaaS equity management software designed to help businesses issue employee stock options (ESO), set up vesting schedules, and create equity incentive plan agreements. It allows organizations to divide equity among co-founders, establish bylaws, and appoint board members.

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SaaS order execution management system (OEMS) software

learn more
TradeSmart is a SaaS order execution management system (OEMS) that helps businesses handle asset class trading operations across multiple categories, including equities, derivatives, FX, and futures. Supervisors can track order quantities, total traded values and high performing brokers or traders.

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