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One Click Politics

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One Click Politics overview

What is One Click Politics?

One Click Politics is an online advocacy and engagement solution which connects supporters directly with elected officials and decision makers through email, SMS, voice calls, social media channels, and more. The platform is designed for public affairs, government relations, advocacy, communications, and marketing professionals working in public affairs agencies, ballot initiatives, non-profits, corporations, and associations.

One Click Politics offers an email message rotator, which delivers emails directly to the inboxes of Legislative Correspondents. Multiple pre-recorded messages and subject lines are auto-randomized, providing a range of email combinations designed to help mails bypass inbox filtering systems. Social media tools enable posting of comments to targets’ Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, while phone solutions connect advocates to officials with one click, with options for custom voice greetings, call-prompting, phone scripts, and more. One Click Politics’ multi-action widget allows supporters to connect with elected officials through multiple communication channels simultaneously. Comments are posted to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of elected officials and emailed to them at the same time, and advocates are also able to place calls to officials through the same widget.

One Click Politics offers integrated email marketing for communicating with advocates, with Smartlink technology to auto-populate widgets for existing advocates. The drag-and-drop email builder allows users to create custom emails from scratch, and users can upload existing HTML templates or select templates from the range of built-in templates. Emails can also be tested and optimized in real-time with interactive analytics. Campaign analytics enable the tracking of advocate activity, engagement, web traffic, advocate scores, and more.


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One Click Politics screenshot: The email builder allows users to create custom marketing emailsOne Click Politics IntroductionOne Click Politics screenshot: Comments can be emailed to officials, and posted to Facebook and Twitter at the same timeOne Click Politics screenshot: Campaigns analysis can be filtered by state, level, committee, and dateOne Click Politics screenshot: Advocates' activity can be tracked and analyzedOne Click Politics screenshot: Calls can be placed to officials with a single clickOne Click Politics screenshot: Call scripts and prompts can be included to assist advocates

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David Hutt

Allowed us to connect our supporters with their elected officials quickly and easily.

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-23
Review Source: Capterra

Flexible targeting, easy to use, diverse communication tools, etc.

Definitely the flexible targeting options for Australia and United States. Also, the all-in-one widget. It allowed our advocates to send emails, phone calls, and social media posts to elected officials simultaneously with one click.

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One Click Politics features

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Key features of One Click Politics

  • Relationship cultivation
  • Political advocacy
  • Advocate management
  • Social engagement
  • Petition management
  • Message rotator
  • Auto-randomizing
  • Multiple subject lines & messages
  • Custom voice greetings
  • Call prompting
  • Phone scripts
  • Call duration analytics
  • Auto-rotation of targeted recipients
  • Multi-action form
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Email templates
  • HTML template upload
  • Email testing tools
  • Real-time analytics
  • Text messaging campaigns
  • Mobile keywords
  • Targeting database
  • Campaign analytics
  • Engagement tracking
  • Contact, demographic & policy surveys
  • Legislator contact reports
  • Advocate scoring
  • Location-based targeting
  • Advocate data mapping
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The message rotator includes 6 different email subject lines and 6 pre-defined advocacy messages, designed to reduce the likelihood of emails being marked as form emails by providing 36 auto-randomized message combinations.

SMS campaigns and mobile keywords allow advocates to receive surveys, action alerts, and fundraising appeals by sending specific keywords.

The multi-action tool enables simultaneous, instant submission of social posts, emails, and faxes to officials, with direct posting of messages to officials’ Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

Campaign activity analytics include advocate scores generated from multiple engagement metrics, web traffic monitoring, and advocate tracking.

One-click calling connects advocates to elected officials, with the ability to record custom greetings to provide advocates with instructions, and track calls by duration, advocate, and legislators contacted.