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ALIS overview

What is ALIS?

ALIS, is a cloud-based software designed for managing the daily tasks related to operating an assisted living facility. The system provides integrated solutions and modules that benefit the entire spectrum of assisted living organizations including owners and corporate offices, administrators, executive directors, nurses, case managers, caregivers and support staff.

ALIS enables facilities to streamline operations, creating more time for resident care. The solution provides users with a strategic view of the community to help ensure it's running smoothly and its residents stay healthy and happy. Assisted living facilities can also become fully compliant with state and federal regulations using ALIS.

The solution’s primary features include medications management, billing and financials, clinical care and service planning, reporting and analytics, and staff management. ALIS also provides integrated solutions for marketing and lead tracking, incident reporting, risk management, and calendars for activities and staff work scheduling.

The software provides a user-friendly interface that is customizable for any operation or location. ALIS is completely cloud-based, so all data is securely stored in one single repository which is easily accessible via any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.


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ALIS screenshot: The dashboard is the central access point for all staff's daily tasks and activitiesALIS screenshot: The resident profile displays information about each resident in the facilityALIS screenshot: Users can create care levels and plans directly from customizable resident assessment using the resident evaluation toolALIS screenshot: Keep track of the care given to each resident with the care tracking featureALIS screenshot: Users can monitor individual, facility, and company paperwork in a single location and always stay up-to-dateALIS screenshot: Manage a resident's medications and MARs in real-timeALIS screenshot: Pass medications through an intuitive interface that provides all necessary informationALIS screenshot: Using the observation center, users can monitor what's happening at the facility and record notes and observationsALIS screenshot: The alerts center enables users to know the key events happening at the facilityALIS screenshot: With the billing feature, users can generate automated, itemized invoices directly from a resident's care planALIS screenshot: Manage and track all marketing activity through the ALIS prospects featureALIS screenshot: Users can drill-down into specific areas for more detail by using ALIS's pre-configured reports

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A monthly recurring charge and a one-time setup fee per community. No hidden costs. Contact Medtelligent for a price quote.

ALIS features

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Calendar Management
Compliance Management
Customizable Reporting
Document Storage
HIPAA Compliance

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Additional information for ALIS

Key features of ALIS

  • Medications management
  • Integrated interfaces for passing and management
  • Vitals tracking and monitoring
  • Real-time automated eMAR
  • Pharmacy integration
  • Resident accounts billing and financials
  • Invoice generation with logo
  • Recurring charge management with care planning
  • Payment, credit and discount management
  • Accounts Receivable reporting
  • Clinical care and service planning
  • Resident profile management
  • Integrated resident evaluation tool
  • Document and compliance management
  • Care planning and tracking
  • Resident contact management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Census reporting
  • Care tracking and service reports
  • Medication and vitals
  • Prospect analytics
  • Custom analytics and reporting available
  • Staff management
  • Training and certification tracking
  • Document management
  • Work schedule management
  • Marketing and lead tracking
  • Prospect pre-admissions data
  • Referral source management
  • Task tracking and reminders
  • Easy on-boarding workflow
  • Incident reporting and risk management
  • Full incident workflow
  • Complete incident reports online
  • Activities calendar and scheduling
  • Wellness program tracking
  • Facility and company calendar tracking
  • Staff work scheduling
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ALIS gives owners and corporate offices a strategic view of important events at communities, the ability to track and identify areas for improvement, and ensure occupancy and billing are managed properly.

ALIS helps administrators and executive directors keep staff accountable for daily actions, guarantee that paperwork is compliant with regulations, and securely store updated resident files.

Nurses and case managers using ALIS can help ensure residents are healthy and happy through customized evaluations, service plans and care plans, as well as streamlining daily tasks.

Caregivers and support staff can benefit from ALIS by tracking their work, easily accessing materials relevant to each resident, and reducing time-consuming paperwork so they can focus on their daily tasks.

ALIS is HIPAA compliant and offers high data center security with daily backups and encrypted databases.