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iSALUS overview

iSALUS is an all-in-one electronic health records (EHR) and practice management solution with integrated medical billing and scheduling. iSALUS accommodates all medical specialties and offers personalized EHR configuration to meet every type of organization’s specific needs.

iSALUS’s EHR solution includes an electronic prescription writing system that enables physicians to process fill requests from a communications queue, review contraindication warnings, and create a medication favorites list. The system also enables physicians to review formularies, insurance coverage, and copay amounts for prescribing therapeutic alternatives whenever necessary. EHR also provides lab entry and order results management, dashboards for healthcare compliance requirements, and automated workflows.

The iSALUS billing and scheduling software enables physicians to submit e-claims, verify patient insurance eligibility, and automatically post ERA payments. Users can do a quick search for the next available appointment, and pull patient recall lists. Work queues help users assign claims to various employees based on specific criteria, and filter a variety of different requirements. The iSALUS claims validation system notifies physicians with pop-up reminders throughout the patient lifecycle in real-time, making sure claims are approved and practices get paid on time. Payer-specific fee schedules bill insurance companies according to a contract and automatically calculate fees and write-offs.

With the OfficeEMR Mobile iPhone app, physicians have the ability to practice anywhere with real-time access to patient medical records, write mobile e-prescriptions, view mobile imaging, and more.


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iSALUS screenshot: The patient timeline screen gives users a historical snapshot of all your patient interactions in one single convenient locationUnified EHR & Medical Billing SoftwareiSALUS screenshot: The iScheduler features pop-up alerts and color-coded appointment statusesiSALUS screenshot: Interactive dashboards for tracking overall financial performanceiSALUS screenshot: Customized documentation lets users take note of a patient's symptoms in the most efficient and accurate way possibleiSALUS screenshot: The EHS system includes lab entry and order results management iSALUS screenshot: Users can access patient charts from their iPhone, patient charts, and e-prescriptions iSALUS screenshot: The iPhone app offers dictation, mobile imaging and calendar viewiSALUS screenshot: Intuitively color-coded provider 'meaningful use' dashboards for ensuring compliance. iSALUS screenshot: View financials and tasks via OfficeEMR MobileiSALUS screenshot: OfficeEMR Mobile integrates directly with email services

iSALUS reviews

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Jennifer Howard

Superior by far

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-09
Review Source: Software Advice

The Isalus system allows nothing to be hidden. As a billing company we have used it for 15 years and it is our chosen platform and very comparative in cost. Most software ran requires massive amounts of reports to find problems. However in Isalus everything you need will return on one screen. Submitting claims in Isalus is quick and easy. As a billing company we run 3 different billing software for multiple different clients of differing specializes . Isalus is our chosen because submitting claims and posting payments takes mere minutes versus hours on the other two platforms and less app crashes. Clearinghouse reports are integrated which is a hugh time saver and does not allow rejected claims to fall thru the cracks. This system does not allow for deletion which at times is bothersome for example in deposit posting, but in the big scheme of things is very minuet, and actual is a plus from a business owners prospective, as it does not allow for things to be covered up or hidden, remember we are taking about a potential legal record and or HIPAA documentation. - you can always document the error in writing via a note or pop up in the system if it is deposit related, or demographic related change the name on the account to not make it inactive. As far as charge entry deletion for correction are available we typical chose not to do that and back out the charge with an adjustment and re enter as a new corrected record to document the event and preserve integrity of the record.

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Marti Priest

Joining the 21st Century

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-03
Review Source: Capterra

We are a small, single provider medical speech pathology practice. We knew that electronic medical records would benefit the business, but weren't sure which company to use since we were so small. We found Isalus, and we are so glad we did. We utilize the following parts of Isalus: electronic scheduling and reminders, electronic medical records and billing m.d. We transitioned our patient scheduling and electronic medical records into Isalus in late 2015. Because our records were mainly on paper, I did a substantial amount of data entry in order to get all our active patients loaded into Isalus. I found the data entry screens to be easy to navigate. The electronic scheduling system built into Isalus is great. We subscribe to the reminder service, and that has cut our no-shows and late cancels dramatically. It's simple to move and cancel patients and schedule recurring appointments (something essential to the type of practice we have). In September 2016, our old billing vendor announced they would close their company at the end of the year. We needed to get up and running quickly with a new electronic billing system, and it was nearly seamless to transition to Billing M.D. Our old system had been an antiquated DOS based data entry, with the claims submission, invoice printing and mailing done off site. Using Billing MD has streamlined our insurance claims processing, and we now print and mail our own invoices. It's been an outstanding change for us. Here's why: -I am in control of the billing from start to finish: our provider gives me the information for the superbills (he doesn't want to do them himself), and I enter them quickly at the end of the day. -I can submit claims immediately --- our old vendor only submitted claims once or twice a week. By having the control over claims submission, I have dramatically reduced the turnaround time to receive payment from insurance companies. -EOBs go straight into Billing MD, cutting down errors and dramatically reducing the time I used to spend accessing, printing, deciphering, entering and posting insurance payments. -Printing invoices is slick. All I had to do was find an envelope vendor! The best part of Billing MD is how much information I can access on an individual patient: patient demographic, insurance information, history of claims, detail of claims, payment, patient balance .... all basically from one screen. The support team has been TERRIFIC. Fully integrated, able to choose various parts of the product that we need, don't have to pay for what we don't need. High level of information available from one screen and pop-ups. Scheduling and Billing MD are superlative!

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Lyndi French

iSalus for Private Practice Psychologist

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-04-10
Review Source: Software Advice

We started using iSalus after trying two other online EMR and billing programs. We're were trying to go "cheap" and the first one we used was a total disaster (like, something from the early 80's), and the second one we tried was not bad, but we came up against barriers several times that they didn't think were very important (thus refused to fix), and their customer service was horrific. WELL, then we tried iSALUS - and WOW, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! The program is very professional (definitely "21st century/current technology" driven), way more than we expected. It is easy to use and easy to learn - so the transition was very smooth. I love the scheduler, and of course everything else interconnects, so my records, billing, history, etc. is right there at my fingertips. I personally don't deal much with the billing end, but the person that works for me has picked it up pretty quick. Our psychologist (who is definitely NOT tech savvy) has found doing his progress notes, treatment plans, etc. on iSalus's EMR a breeze! iSalus has set up the customer service in a unique way as well - so in the beginning, you have your own personal customer advocate to help you through the transition process, and a specific number of hours are dedicated to tailoring your iSalus experience specific to your practice needs. Awesome! Once the transition is complete, you move to a regular customer service department that seems to be very knowledgeable and very responsive. Now, the MOST EXCITING part (for me) is that I can now use the program on my Mac! Very important, as I don't like carrying around 2 computers when I work at home or on the road. Conclusion - Great program, fair price (way less than one that I looked at that was comparable), wonderful customer service, and a company dedicated to being the best. Love it!Ease of use, professional/technologically up-to-date, GREAT customer service, fair price for what you get (It's really does way more than we imagined!), it is now Mac-friendly (!).

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Melanie Wrench

Review of Isalus EHR

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-03
Review Source: Software Advice

This software is advertised as being free. As expected, that claim is to good to be true. The program is free, however the training is not. They have created a bunch of training videos that will explain all the features of the software, however unless you are paying the fees you have no access to the videos. The software seems like it works well and has all the features that a clinician/clinic would need including easy scheduling and billing. I think the charting portion is more complicated and less intuitive than it should be. The customer service department is really nice and helpful, but it is not possible to make use of the free platform and becomes cost prohibitive for a small physical therapy practice. Easy scheduling. Nice customer service.

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Jay Hobbs

Not good for the Small practice wanting Instant accounting

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-05-01
Review Source: Software Advice

@ $/month / per doctor, nothing beats its functionality. Powerful structure - can expand easily Modifiable - For a fee (some incl. in initial purchase), iSALUS can make the Notes section meet you personal needs so taking thorough notes does not interfere with pt care/attention.

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iSALUS pricing

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Standard Package: $149/provider/per month

Premium Package: $299/provider/per month

Platinum Package: Contact iSALUS for customized pricing

iSALUS features

Activity Dashboard
Appointment Management
Automatic Reminders
Claims Management
Client Portal
Customizable Reporting
Document Storage
Workflow Management

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Billing & Invoicing (91 other apps)
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Additional information for iSALUS

Key features of iSALUS

  • Patient timeline
  • Vitals analysis
  • Revenue safety net
  • Chart notes
  • Integrated
  • E-prescribing
  • Orders & labs
  • Workflows
  • Allergies
  • Claims submission
  • Secure email
  • Fee schedules
  • Patient portal
  • Medical coding lists
  • Med reconciliation
  • Direct email
  • Authorizations
  • iScheduler
  • Dashboards
  • System reporting
  • Custom reporting
  • eClaims
  • Accounts receivable
  • ERA's
  • Eligibility
  • eDocument
  • Daily schedule
  • E/m coding engine
  • eDocuments
  • Faxing
  • Health exchanges
  • Immunizations
  • Custom fields
  • Reminders
  • Registration & appointments
  • Communication
  • Medications
  • Data validation
  • Work queues and flow sheets
  • Chart sharing
  • Demographics
  • Communications
  • Decision support
  • Superbills and letters
  • Claim submission
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Users can build rules-based workflows to be able to focus more on patient care and less on administration tasks.

With iSALUS' interactive dashboards, users can track overall financial performance and compare month-to-month data.

Physicians can create customized paper 'superbills' that can be batch printed or filled out during a patient's exam for automatic submission to the billing department.

With the iSALUS' iPhone app, physicians can eliminate lost charge tickets by creating new encounters at the time of service.

iSALUS provides physicians with various electronic lab connections including partners like Quest and LabCorp.