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Cloud-based hotel property management system

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Execu/Suite overview

Execu/Suite is a cloud-based integrated property management suite targeted at hotels, luxury inns, bed & breakfast chains and resorts of all sizes. The software offers capabilities such as online booking, reservation management, point-of-sale, email communications and marketing.

Execu/Suite helps to create guest profiles, track check-in and check-outs, select rooms automatically based on usage, and print guest folios on demand. The suite helps hotels to communicate with past guests via emails to confirm new reservations, send promotional materials and elaborate on new offers and features. The tool stores a history of guest profiles and related details as well as maintains notes and other data such as guest preferences. Customers can also block room types or room numbers and make payments using credit cards. Execu/Suite supports accounting management features such as accounts payable & receivables management, customizable statement printing, financial reporting and direct billing from the front desk. The software integrates with other offerings from Execu/Tech Systems such as Execu/Gift for gift card management & tracking and Execu/Touch for an integrated POS management system. The tool is PCI compliant and uses Shift4 TrueTokenzation technology to secure transactions. Users also receive status & summary reports that give data on occupancy and room type ADR, sources of business, market segments as well as the forecast for the next week.

Execu/Suite can either be installed on premises or be hosted in the cloud. The software can be used by small and large players in the hospitality industry and is built using Microfocus Extend and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net.


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Execu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite provides a visual interfacePerforming Software UpdateExecu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite helps to manage events and catering servicesExecu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite helps in reservation managementExecu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite lets users book rooms based on usageExecu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite provides calendar support to schedule and manage eventsExecu/Suite screenshot: Execu/Suite creates and stores guest profiles

Execu/Suite reviews


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Chip Allen

Long-time Execu/Suite user

Reviewed 2013-08-28
Review Source: Capterra

We have used the ExecuTech products for a couple of decades. Best on the market for the money. From the beginning one of the most appealing facets has been than a new desk clerk can be working actively with minimal training (an hour), and pick up more advanced operations as needed. We used the system mainly with economy-level properties, but also at full-service hotels. It has served our needs well.

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Tim Presley

Execu/Suite PMS

Reviewed 2013-08-28
Review Source: Capterra

Execu/Suite PMS provides us with the ability to provide our guests with five star service that they have come to expect.

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Leah Bishop

Harborside & Charlesmark

Reviewed 2013-08-29
Review Source: Capterra

Very good software and customer service.

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Execu/Suite pricing

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Execu/Suite Express - $895 per user (one-time)
Execu/Suite Premium - $1495 per user (one-time)

Contact Execu/Tech Systems, Inc. for detailed pricing plans of the cloud version of the product

Execu/Suite features

Billing & Invoicing
Credit Card Processing
Customizable Templates
Electronic Payments
Reservations Management
Room Booking
Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (31 other apps)
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Availability Management (32 other apps)
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Website Integration (25 other apps)

Additional information for Execu/Suite

Key features of Execu/Suite

  • Back office accounting
  • Export reports
  • Encrypted databases
  • Track guest history check-in
  • Gift card and gift certificate management
  • Appointment booking system
  • Room reservation
  • POS integration
  • Customizable forms
  • Daily reports
  • Secure payment processing
  • Activity logs
  • Billing
  • Email communication
  • Financial reporting
  • Credit card processing
  • Integrated guest profile
  • Demand forecasting
  • Third party integration
  • Integrates with QuickBooks
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● Execu/Suite is an online property management system targeted at the hospitality industry and offers features such as reservation management, online booking, POS services and communication tools.

● The software helps to create guest profiles, save guest details and preferences, track check-in and check-outs, communicate with guests via email and customize settings.

● The tool provides reporting features and audit trails as well as allows reports to be exported to text or PDF formats.

● The product provides accounting management services including financial reporting, direct billing, and customizable statements as well as supports billing and electronic payment options.

● Execu/Suite integrates with other applications from Execu/Tech, Inc. and can offer features such as gift card management, email marketing campaign management, and time & attendance support.