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WebRezPro logo
Category Leaders

Cloud-based hospitality property management software

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WebRezPro is an online reservation & booking and property management system for use in hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and campgrounds

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Mews logo

Cloud-based property management tool for hospitality firms.

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Mews is a cloud-based property management system that helps hospitality businesses automate daily operations such as online booking engines, front desk management, revenue monitoring, and more. The platform offers various features including an integrated payment gateway, guest journeys, business intelligence, open API, multi-property support, and point of sale (POS).

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Cloudbeds logo
Category Leaders

PMS, Booking & Channel Management for Independent Properties

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Cloudbeds is a cloud-based hospitality platform which enables property owners & managers to manage bookings, availability, rates, housekeeping, and more. For 10+ rooms only.

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Operto Teams logo

Vacation rental & housekeeping management

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Operto Teams is a vacation rental & housekeeping management software which supports drag-and-drop scheduling, employee dashboards, checklists, reports, and more

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Innkeeper's Advantage logo

Website, Online Reservations & Property Management in one.

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Innkeeper’s Advantage offers a complete software suite for independent lodging properties. Easily update images, content, rates and availability, packages, OTA calendars and more on the Website and booking engine with a single save. An express online booking process means more direct bookings.

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Guesty logo

Guesty, where every host thrives.

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Managing a hospitality business is complex. Guesty is your partner in making it easier. With an all-in-one platform, Guesty’s purpose-built technology optimizes and automates every aspect of your hospitality operations so you can save time, maximize revenue, and stay ahead of the curve.

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ThinkReservations logo

Cloud-based hospitality property & booking management system

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ThinkReservations is a cloud-based property management software designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry handle bookings, automatically adjust rates in real-time according to occupancy, and synchronize data with various online travel agencies and channels.

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Jonas Chorum logo

Cloud property management system

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Jonas Chorum is a cloud-based suite of property management tools designed to help the hospitality sector streamline back & front-office processes. Built on Jonas ARC, an open integration platform, Jonas Chorum allows users to connect all in-house, as well as third-party systems on a unified platform

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RoomKeyPMS logo
Category Leaders

Local Experts, the Best Support

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Deliver better guest experiences, increase revenue, and reduce costs with one property management system that works, supported by a North American team of experts.

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Maestro PMS logo

cloud PMS & on-premise PMS, browser & windows hotel software

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Maestro PMS offers hotels, resorts and multi-property groups 20+ integrated modules, on premise or cloud, mobile & touchless, backed by unparalleled support.

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Roomsy logo

Hospitality property management for hotels

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Roomsy is an all-in-one hospitality property management system and channel manager for hotels, hostels, apartments, RV parks, & other vacation rental businesses

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GuestSuites logo

Hotel management for independent properties & resorts

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GuestSuites is a management & reservation system for hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds and B&Bs with features for online bookings, OTA channel manager & POS

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Breezeway logo

Automate operations, drive quality, & elevate property care.

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Breezeway is the leading property operations and services platform for short-term rentals.

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CiiRUS logo

Streamline and grow your vacation rental business.

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CiiRUS streamlines vacation rental management with advanced reservation software, direct OTA integrations, built-in accounting, property care tools, advanced reporting, unified inbox with CRM, website, guest portal, and more! Discover the most complete toolkit for growing vacation rental managers!

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Clock PMS logo

Cloud-based hotel property management

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Clock PMS+ is a cloud-based hotel management platform with customer self-service, POS, booking and reservations, channel manager, event management, and more

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Users also considered logo

The automation tool helping hosts win back their time

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Hospitable gifts short-term rental hosts their valuable time back.

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Users also considered logo

Project Management Made Easy

learn more is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work.

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Hostaway logo

More bookings, less hassle | Vacation Rental Software

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Hostaway is the leading all-in-one vacation rental software for professional property managers who want to get more bookings with less hassle. We make it easy for you to get more out of your business while spending less time with tedious manual tasks.

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Lodgify logo

Lodgify is the #1 All-In-One Vacation Rental Software.

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Take advantage of our sale! Get up to 40% off Yearly Professional and Ultimate Plans including free onboarding

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ResNexus logo
Category Leaders

Easy-to-Use Property Management Software.

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See why ResNexus is a top-rated property management software!


ResNexus let's you optimize your property with an easy-to-use PMS, OTA channel manager, booking engine, guest portal, marketing tools, text messaging, & more!

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eZee Absolute logo

All-in-one online hotel management software

learn more
eZee Absolute is an all-in-one hotel & property management system (PMS) platform for managing hotels effectively, even while on-the-go via mobile app

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RMS Cloud logo
Category Leaders

Cloud-based outdoor hospitality property management software

learn more
RMS is a flexible and scalable cloud-based property management solution designed to help hospitality operators increase their operational efficiency and enhance guest experience. RMS helps property managers across the globe run their campgrounds, National Parks, RV parks, RV resorts, and marinas.

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Sirvoy logo
Category Leaders

Hotel reservation & property management system

learn more
Sirvoy Hospitality System is a hotel reservation & property management system for small & medium-sized hotels, B&Bs, hostels, motels, lodges, guest houses, and more

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iGMS logo

Vacation rental software for professional hosts & companies

learn more
iGMS is a professional all-in-one vacation rental software with direct integration to major platforms such as Airbnb/ iGMS offers automated guest communication and reviews, team management, advanced channel manager, financial reporting, payment processing, and lots more.

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Maintenance Connection logo

Multi-site, multi-industry CMMS/EAM software

learn more
Accruent's Maintenance Connection is a scalable, multi-site CMMS/EAM that helps businesses avoid asset failure and downtime. Our web-based solution offers comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and inventory management for businesses in a variety of industries.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Hotel Management

What is hotel management software?

Hotel management software streamlines the financial and organizational operations of hotels, motels, resorts, and other similar properties. The software assists hotel owners and managers with day-to-day tasks, such as managing reservations, scheduling housekeeping routines, processing bills at the time of check-outs, and maintaining guest relationships. It may also be referred to as hospitality management software or hotel property management system (Hotel PMS).

What is the best hotel management software?

To find the best software that hotels use, view our GetApp’s Category Leaders report for hotel management software that is based on verified user reviews. The list—which features top hotel management platforms—is based on ease of use, functionality, customer support, value for money, and likelihood to recommend. You can use this list to compare two or more online hotel management software solutions and find one for your business.

How does hotel management software work?

Hotel management systems offer a centralized system to manage the different functions of a hotel. Here are some of the major features of a hotel management system that are immensely useful for businesses in the hospitality industry.

  • Front desk management: Ensures smooth check-in and check-out processes. The tool enables hotel staff to manage front desk functions, which include guest registrations, room allocations, and guest communication management.

  • Housekeeping management: Helps hoteliers with the management of their housekeeping and maintenance tasks. The system enables hotel managers to schedule and assign cleaning chores, monitor room cleaning status, and maintain a record of cleaning supplies.

  • Reservations management: Assists hotel staff in the management of bookings and reservations, which include functions, such as accepting/canceling reservations, managing the availability of rooms, payment processing, and event management.

Why use hotel management software?

  • Centralizes hotel operations: Hotel software is designed to help accommodation businesses centralize their operations, including front desk, back office, security, and maintenance management functions. This makes it easier for hoteliers to manage various aspects of the business, cut down costs on different applications, and provide good customer service.

  • Prevents double bookings: An automated hotel management software solution prevents double bookings by tracking room availability in real time. The software integrates well with channel management systems to ensure that room availability is updated automatically across all channels connected to the system, minimizing the potential for double bookings. Several tools also offer features for managing group reservations that can help prevent overbooking in situations where a group is booking multiple rooms for a day.

  • Increases occupancy rates: Hospitality management software typically integrates with online booking engines that help property managers advertise their rooms to potential guests and capture bookings on their websites. Some hotel software solutions also offer revenue management as a feature to help hoteliers optimize their pricing based on demand which can further help increase occupancy rates. 

How hotel management software helps SMBs?

  • Offers revenue management: Hotel property management software offers a range of tools that allow hotel staff to manage bookings, room rates, availability, promotions, and discounts on the basis of demand and other factors. Additionally, the tools can help with up-selling and cross-selling services and amenities to maximize revenue generation.

  • Lowers operational costs: Hotel management software streamlines various tasks and processes for property businesses, thereby reducing the efforts required by the staff and the associated labor costs. It also provides various reports—such as reservation, housekeeping, occupancy analysis, trial balance, daily revenue, and night audit reports—to help hotel owners track spending, negotiate better with suppliers, and reduce costs wherever possible.

  • Improves guest experience: Guest satisfaction is especially important for businesses starting fresh in the hospitality industry. Hotel property management software makes it easier for guests to book rooms at a hotel and access its amenities. It also helps property managers to manage hotel operations, which includes managing guest information and tracking reservations. All these ensure seamless arrivals and departures, which in turn, enhances the overall guest experience.