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StayNTouch Cloud PMS logo

StayNTouch Cloud PMS


Hospitality property management system

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75+ room cloud-based property management system. StayNTouch Rover PMS improves hotel operations at every touchpoint. A true modern & mobile all-in-one hotel PMS

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innRoad logo



Award-Winning All-In-One Hotel Management Solution

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innRoad is an award-winning cloud-based property management system that supports independent hotels with anywhere-access to reservation, booking, billing, revenue, and reporting tools. innRoad customers report a 20% increase in bookings and a 10% increase in room revenue from utilizing the software.

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Little Hotelier logo

Little Hotelier


Try free for 30 days. No Credit Card. Cancel anytime.

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Little Hotelier is the one property management system that makes it easy to manage your property, connect to channels, convert direct bookings, maintain your website, and process online payments. Our web-based platform and mobile app are easy to use, quick to set up, with 24/7 customer support.

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Cloudbeds logo



PMS, Booking & Channel Management for Independent Properties

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Cloudbeds is a cloud-based hospitality platform which enables property owners & managers to manage bookings, availability, rates, housekeeping, and more

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RoomKeyPMS logo



Local Experts, the Best Support

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Deliver better guest experiences, increase revenue, and reduce costs with one property management system that works, supported by a North American team of experts.

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RMS Cloud logo

RMS Cloud


Cloud-based hospitality property management software

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RMS is a trusted software solution that seamlessly manages front and back-of-house hotel operations. Within the system, you can improve staff productivity with the responsive housekeeping module as well as enhance guest experiences via the digital guest portal and marketing communication tools.

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WebRezPro logo



Cloud-based hospitality property management software

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Cloud-based Hotel PMS with integrated accounting, GDS connectivity and multiple system interfaces.

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Hotelogix logo



Hotel management software for small & medium businesses

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Hotelogix is a cloud based hotel management system that helps small and mid-sized hotels manage their operations and room inventory distribution seamlessly. The property management system includes Front Desk, Point of Sale, Housekeeping and Reporting modules.

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Clock PMS logo

Clock PMS


Cloud-based hotel property management

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Our robust, wide and complete cloud-native core functionality allows you to uncomplicate complex processes and reduce your tech stack. The autopilots will let you win back staff time, create better sales opportunities, engage with guests and upsell more.

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Smoobu logo



The All-in-One Software for Short-Term & Vacation Rentals

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Smoobu syncs all your booking portals, such as Airbnb,, VRBO,, Agoda etc, automatically. One subscription, all tools. Channel Manager, PMS, Website Builder, Booking Engine, Unified Inbox, Online Check-In, Dedicated Guest Guide etc. 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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Lodgify logo



Vacation Rental Software with a Website Builder

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Lodgify is the easiest way to build your own vacation rental website, accept online credit card payments and manage all your reservations from one place.

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HelloShift logo



Hotel Guest Messaging - Staff Collaboration - Housekeeping

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Powering Your Digital Hotel: Guest Messaging & WebChat - Staff Collaboration - Housekeeping Management. HelloShift connects hotel teams across buildings, floors, shifts and departments with notes, tasks, and checklists. And guests use their favorite messaging apps to connect with the Front Desk.

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Maestro PMS logo

Maestro PMS


cloud PMS & on-premise PMS, browser & windows hotel software

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Having kept clients productive and loyal for over 40 years, Maestro is known for it's Diamond Plus Service Pkg. Inclusive 24/7 North American based live call support + instant live chat so users can engage with a live agent from any Maestro screen, complete with screen sharing & on-demand training.

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Roomsy logo



Hospitality property management for hotels

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Roomsy is an all-in-one hospitality property management system and channel manager for hotels, hostels, apartments, RV parks, & other vacation rental businesses

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GuestSuites logo



Hotel management for independent properties & resorts

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GuestSuites is a management & reservation system for hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds and B&Bs with features for online bookings, OTA channel manager & POS

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Project Management Made Easy

visit website is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work.

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eZee Absolute logo

eZee Absolute


All-in-one online hotel management software

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eZee Absolute is an all-in-one hotel & property management system (PMS) platform for managing hotels effectively, even while on-the-go via mobile app

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Jonas Chorum logo

Jonas Chorum


Cloud property management system

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Jonas Chorum is a cloud-based suite of property management tools designed to help the hospitality sector streamline back & front-office processes. Built on Jonas ARC, an open integration platform, Jonas Chorum allows users to connect all in-house, as well as third-party systems on a unified platform

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BrightSide Rental Management logo

BrightSide Rental Management


Vacation Rental Management Software that's powerful and easy

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BrightSide Rental Management is a cloud-based platform for vacation rental agencies and acts as a central tool for managing your listings, reservations, owner statements, and property maintenance.

With over 15 years experience we integrate with the leading OTAs and property management tools.

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Execu/Suite logo



Cloud-based hotel property management system

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Execu/Suite is an integrated property management suite targeted at hotels, B&Bs, spas and resorts and can either be installed on premises or hosted in the cloud

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ALICE logo



Hotel management platform for the hospitality industry

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ALICE is a hotel management platform developed for all types of hotels, from boutiques and independent properties to large chains. It offers integration with existing technology investments, enabling hotels can automate workflows, increase margins by reducing expenses, and improve guest satisfaction.

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RDPWin logo



Property management software for hotels & resorts

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RDPWin is a property management software for hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, private residence clubs, corporate housing, and other property types, which enables the management of reservations, GDS channels, guest information, email marketing, housekeeping, work orders, night audits, and more

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GraceSoft Easy InnKeeping logo

GraceSoft Easy InnKeeping


Property management solution for the independent hotel

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Easy InnKeeping is an hotel management solution with room charts for the front desk, payment integration, POS, and housekeeping. Completely mobile friendly.

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ResNexus logo



Reservation and property management solution

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ResNexus is a property management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to room booking, email marketing & guest management. Agents can utilize an in-built calendar to track reservations based on multiple criteria such as guest names, check in or check outs dates & more.

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Uplisting logo



Short-term rental software to help you scale

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Uplisting is a reliable short-term rental property management software which supports property, channel & guest management with automated messages, smart rates, and more. Never worry about double-bookings ever again.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Hotel Management

As a hotel manager, ensuring that rooms are not double-booked, that housekeeping is done on time, and that all payments are processed smoothly are a few of your everyday chores. There are also booking requests from online travel agency (OTA) platforms and guests arriving at the front desk that you can’t ignore. Further, you might want to start expanding your offerings to include a concierge or spa service to provide guests with a luxury experience. 

But, if you’re trying to manually juggle all these tasks, it’s going to get overwhelming. On the other hand, you could implement a hotel management software solution to handle a lot of these recurring administrative tasks. Dedicated software can streamline your workflow and help you carve out time to focus on the things that really need your personal attention. 

This buyers guide covers the important things to know and aspects to consider when evaluating hotel management solutions available on the market.  

 Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is hotel management software?

Hotel management software comprises digital tools that hotel owners and managers can use to manage the operational and financial functions of their hotels. It helps them streamline everyday tasks such as reserving rooms, scheduling housekeeping routines, and processing check-ins and check-outs. Hotel management software is also used by motels, resorts, bed-and-breakfasts, and other forms of lodging with quick turnover. 

The key capabilities of hotel management software include:

  • Managing reservations from multiple sources and ensuring you maintain enough time between bookings. 

  • Tracking rooms that need cleaning, scheduling room-prep before guest arrival, and staying on top of tasks assigned to housekeeping staff. 

  • Processing bills and other financial transactions via multiple sources.

  • Maintaining guest relationships and interaction histories, such as email communication.

What are the deployment options for hotel management software?

Vendors for hotel management software typically offer the following two types of deployment options:

Cloud-based deployment: In this option, the vendor takes the responsibility for hosting and maintaining the solution, and you access it via a browser or mobile and/or desktop app. Such a solution is priced either on a per room per month or per user per month basis. 

On-premise deployment: In this option, you purchase licenses from the vendor and host the software on your own servers; maintenance and updates are your responsibility. While this option doesn’t require recurring costs, the vendor may charge for support services.

For small and midsize hotels, GetApp recommends cloud-based software. It’s a ready-to-use package with a shorter implementation period, when compared to on-premise software. It also requires a lower upfront investment and is typically easier to scale (add rooms/users) to match the evolving requirements of your business. 

What are some common features of hotel management software?

With all the solutions on the market offering varying features, choosing a hotel management solution can be a confusing process. To help you out, we’ve listed the most common features below:

Reservation management: Allow guests to make reservations for one or more rooms and guests. Import booking from multiple sources and maintain a central calendar.

Example of a reservation dashboard

Reservations dashboard in OpenHotel

Front desk management: Check guests in and out, issue key cards, and manage requests related to room and reservation changes. You can also capture information such as time for wake-up calls or do-not-disturb requests.

Example of a guest calendar

Guest calendar in CloudBeds (Source)

Housekeeping management: Track the cleaning status of each room, schedule housekeeping and maintenance requests, and delegate tasks to housekeeping staff.

Example of a housekeeping center

Housekeeping center in SkyTouch Hotel OS

Point-of-sale: Create and process invoices, taxes, and any additional charges. Use multiple payment modes (such as cash, cards, and online transfer) and multiple currencies.

Example of Invoicing

Invoicing in Sirvoy Booking System

Communication management: Send booking details to guests via email and/or SMS. Track email and phone interactions with guests, take notes, and organize and store them.

Example of unified inbox

Unified inbox in Uplisting 

Reporting: Generate reports regarding bookings, housekeeping, financials, and guest communication. Customize reports according to your requirements.

Example of a dashboard with reporting

Dashboard with reporting in RMS Hotel

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.