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Aladtec overview

Aladtec is an employee scheduling and workforce management software for managing and modifying complex employee schedules. It can be used within various industries including EMS, fire/rescue, law enforcement, communications, healthcare, security and public administrations. Aladtec helps to manage employees with ever-changing schedules and multiple training levels.

Aladtec integrates seamlessly with a customizable member and form system, document storage, and various communication tools. Employees can view their schedules, sign up for open shifts, manage time off and trades, as well as submit forms. The solution is cloud-based, so all changes are made in real-time and readily available for viewing.

Aladtec employee scheduling allows employees to submit their availability so managers can effectively fill schedules based on that availability, as well as seniority and hours worked. The records management feature enables users to create forms and view the member database including track employee training, contact info, licenses and certifications, plus an unlimited number of custom fields. Using the media library, users can store documents, videos and pictures and set viewing permissions to different employee groups.

The web-based time clock tracks the minute when employees start and finish work, while the absence management feature tracks who is off and why. Managers cansend out email blasts to fill last minute openings, as well as send emails and text messages to individuals, specific groups, or all employees.

With Aladtec, users can configure nearly every aspect of the system as well as set access levels and restrictions for viewing private data with permissions to edit schedules and virtually all other editable administrative features.


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Aladtec screenshot: Aladtec users can create and fill schedules based on employee availability, seniority and hours workedCalculating Overtime with Work GroupsAladtec screenshot: Users can submit time off and leave notes to admins within the schedule editor in AladtecAladtec screenshot: Aladtec users can edit work groups and edit access levels for individual membersAladtec screenshot: With Aladtec, users can view detailed reports on each member including hours worked and locationAladtec screenshot: Using Aladtec's form builder, users can drap and drop sections to create custom reportsAladtec screenshot: Set up and configure work groups, restrict total number of work hours and shift trades with AladtecAladtec screenshot: In Aladtec's general settings, users can change basic preferences such as organization name, date/time formats and certification notice days

Aladtec reviews

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Andrew Coccaro

Best Management Tool Around.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-06
Review Source: GetApp

I have been using Aladtec for staff scheduling, and other workforce management tasks, for ten years. I’ve introduced it in every service where I’ve been a Director. I have used other systems but Aladtec is by far the best. This system stands out because it is great for both admin and field staff. Many systems are easy for the admin staff to run, because that’s who the provider is selling the software to, but the member users hate it because it is hard to use or not intuitive. Aladtec however, is easy to use and intuitive for all; it takes almost no hands-on training to get new users up and running. Aladtec and their team are some of the best that I have ever delt with in any industry. truly a company and product worth the time to check out. It has in every situation cut operation costs significantly. Pays for it self in no time whatsoever. I highly recommend these products to anyone who really wants to streamline their company and the day-to-day operations.Several reasons in no particular order. Customer support, Aladtec understands what each user needs individually and did not sell me a cut and paste/one size fits some kind of product. I have had some complicated truck and schedule rotations that were advanced and many other systems could not handle what I was needing. Since Aladtec built each system for me from the ground up it gave me everything I needed and nothing that I did not. Next was the ease of use for admin and staff. Aladtec is intuitive and takes little to no training for users to be up and running. The reporting section was next. I had to have detailed reports for many different items, and Aladtec gave me or made for me every report that I needed every time. They also have a forms section where I can make complicated forms very easy. I am not a computer programmer but with the form tool you would never know that. I have several check off sheets, employee evaluations,

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Crew schedule and management of personnel for shift work at Fire department

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-15
Review Source: Capterra

The mobile version of this website has had a huge boost in improvement since its first renditions. It is fairly easy to navigate each individual page and management personnel from the phone.

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Andrew Blackwood

A great employee management program with exceptional service

Reviewed 2016-09-08
Review Source: Software Advice

The only thing better than the user-friendly interface is the customer service. The few times I have called correct answers came quickly. The friendly staff has very little turnover and if they say they will call you back, they do. They are also always open to ideas for new features and work hard to constantly improve the product. Updates (always free) to the software are timely and do not interrupt any users or functionality.

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Web-Based scheduling makes it easy to check my schedule from anywhere.

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-11
Review Source: Capterra

We have recently switched over from a Pay-Per-Call to Part-Time Fire Department. We use Aladtec to sign up for and schedule or shifts and training. It's easy to sign up for a shift and to check upcoming shifts. I also love that the system sends me a text notification 24 hours before my next shift. That has saved my butt when I had signed up for an earlier shift than I intended to and had not noticed my mistake. When I received the reminder alert, I was able to solve the problem with admin.Web-based makes it easy to use from anywhere. I can log in on my phone, or at any computer, I am at either at the Fire Station or at home. The interface is fairly intuitive, nothing seems too complicated. Easy to sign up for shifts and initiate trade requests. Text alerts for upcoming shifts is very handy as well.

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Eric Strout

Thank You EMS Manager

Reviewed 2013-11-22
Review Source: Capterra

I wanted to say how impressed our department has been with using EMS Manager for our private ambulance service. The time it takes to create a daily schedule can be so time consuming-people wanting time off, not able to work, or knowing availability. Being a small agency allowing people the ability to request when they can work from a computer, phone etc.-makes it easier to write a schedule and maintain coverage. The other cool feature is the ability to take a few steps and mass text or mass email all member with a few clicks-making communication so easy!!

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Aladtec features

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Employee Management
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Additional information for Aladtec

Key features of Aladtec

  • Employee scheduling
  • Records management
  • Time and attendance
  • Absence management
  • Communication tools
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Manual scheduling
  • Rotational scheduling
  • Availability submission
  • Automatic/template Scheduling
  • Shift sign-up
  • Overtime scheduling & tracking
  • Alerts
  • Shift trades
  • Member database
  • Customization
  • Custom fields
  • Custom reports
  • Forms
  • Media library
  • Time & attendance
  • Time clock
  • Absence management
  • Email blasts
  • Messaging and discussions
  • Access levels
  • Permissions
  • Work groups
  • System settings
  • User settings
  • Filters
  • Schedules
  • Payroll integration
  • Import data
  • Export reports
  • Custom rotations
  • API
  • High flexibility
  • Communication tools
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Biometrics
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Managers using Aladtec can increase fairness and transparency and eliminate accusations of favoritism as well as reduce employee grievances and turnover.

Users can establish maximum work hour limits per day, week, month, etc. for each employee and receive alerts whenever someone is about to be scheduled into overtime.

With Aladtec, employees can submit their availability for upcoming schedules and designate time slots as preferred, available, or unavailable.

Managers can view time clock reports to monitor employee attendance anywhere in real-time while employees can clock-in via computer, smart phone, tablet or biometric fingerprint scanner.

Aladtec users can configure how and when employees trade shifts, whether approval is administered, and add limits to restrict trading between specific schedules, time frames and shift times.