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Customisable online employee performance reviews

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PerformanceHub overview

PerformanceHub online performance reviews covers the full performance appraisal lifecycle and has a suite of features that can be customised to support your performance and talent management process. HR can configure PerformanceHub to run performance appraisal cycles at any frequency, most popular being annually, bi-annually, or even quarterly. More than that, with the 1-to-1s feature, you can even adopt industry best practice of continuous performance development.

Appraisal forms can be customised with different sections such as training or qualification data, leadership values, career aspirations, performance against organisational values, and more. If you have a competency framework, competency-based can be supported. 180 and 360 degree feedback can be provided, personal development plans created and used to track employee targets, interim reviews carried out between full performance reviews, one-to-one meetings can be tracked and recorded. Probation reviews are also supported for new starters if required. Of course, all this data would be no good without a powerful reporting system to help you make sense of it all. We have you covered there too.

PerformanceHub has a number of unique features to help with employee engagement with the performance management process. Senior management can publish the organisation's mission/vision statement, alongside organisational goals and objectives, giving all employees visibility into what the organisation wants to achieve in both the short and long term. Objectives are linked in a cascade to visualise how each employee’s personal objectives contribute to organisational objectives. Employee SMART objectives each have their own performance reviews, due dates, and relative weights, and individual objectives can also be linked to employee bonuses, with automatic calculation of bonus payments based on performance.


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PerformanceHub reviews


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Heather Moore

Easy to implement, easy to use!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-20
Review Source: Capterra

In a word Awesome! PerformanceHub works really well and managers/ employees have commented on how easy it is to use. The support from Rob has been amazing during implementation, launch and employee training and this has continued now we are fully operational with the system. PerformanceHub is simple in its concept and intuitive to use, which means employees find it easier to record their performance information. Full tutorials are available within the system and are indexed so you can jump to the information you require easily. The reporting is well thought through, providing managers with both visual and numerical data with which they can manage their teams progress. From a HR perspective PerformanceHub was easier to set up and to launch into the business than previous performance management systems I have used and customer service and ongoing support is excellent.

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Customisable online employee performance reviews

Kerry Wood

PerformanceHub is a great system !!!

Reviewed 2015-11-17
Review Source: Capterra

This is not my first time round the merry go round with a Performance Management System it is in fact the 3rd time I have worked on implementing and developing a performance management system so hopefully that will give you some context and comfort when you read my review. It honestly has been the best experience of a development and implementation project I could have hoped for. As I often say to people when I am talking about PerformanceHub the beauty and genius of it is in it simplicity. It is agile, user friendly and best of all does exactly what you hope it will do in regards giving our people a platform to get in the driving seat of their career while helping us to become better aligned and therefore more effective as a Company. The 1st and 2nd development phases were hugely important for use to get it right and Rob and his wonderful team were there every step of the way to ensure we had the best delivery possible. They provided us with training material, user guides and came onsite to train our managers and PerformanceHub on site trainer to ensure a success launch. They continue to innovate month by month with new improvements happening all the time. we love the starburst charts and the reporting where we can have full sight of our people and where they are at. The Monday morning Dashboard email is great for keeping our people at the fore thought of our business rather than the usual once a year let dusting off an excel spreadsheet. There are many more wonderful things I could say about PerformanceHub and the team but "proof is in the pudding"......... I highly recommend to try it for yourself you won't be disappointed. We look forward to the new developments Rob and his team have in the pipeline and plan to use this system for many years to come. Thank you from Delaware North

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Customisable online employee performance reviews

Michelle Ashfield

Well thought out product

Reviewed 2014-08-21
Review Source: Capterra

We would just like to pass on our thanks, as a team, for revolutionizing how we look at and manage performance management. For the first time, our whole team, Headteacher to Site Maintenance Officer and Administration staff, can see how their targets are adding value to the schools strategic development objectives. Gone are the days of lost and out dated copies of performance agreements, which had gathered dust on shelves from one review to the next. Colleagues are now benefitting from being able to access and amend, live and relevant performance management data on the performance hub site, quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that nothing with be lost and that the site is secure. The lay out of Performance Hub means that as Head Teacher I can easily track all staff progress at the touch of a button teachers, as matrix managers, feel in control of the professional development of their teaching assistants, whilst the Head of Enhanced Provision remains able to track and add additional objectives, where necessary, as their Line Manager. When we first considered purchasing PerformanceHub the thought of moving away from our tried and trusted paper method, which I can't believe we ever thought was effective, was very daunting. However, your excellent customer service and attention to detail has made implementing PerformanceHub a pleasure. Not something you get to say about many computer-based programs! Thank you for the amount of time you have dedicated to our countless questions. No query is ever too small for you to act upon. As an organisation we would not hesitate to recommend PerformanceHub or Cogendo.

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Customisable online employee performance reviews

Mark Doughty

This is the Ronseal of all HR products - its does exactly what it says on the tin!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-04-11
Review Source: Capterra

PerformanceHub and the Cogendo team are outstanding. From an idea to launch in 3 months to a global audience in 78 countries, truly amazing. By far the best and intuitive Performance Management solution I have ever used and seen - I have seen many! Really impressive setup with a real customer focus. I am lost for words on how good Coegndo are. Naturally, we had the odd niggle along the way but that was more to do with our IT platform. The product is simple logical and has some great features for driving management accountability so that performance management then is based around the quality of the conversation rather than blaming the system and tool. I can't speak highly enough of the product and Cogendo team. Don't hesitate to work with them!Simple, intuitive, does exactly what it says it will do

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Customisable online employee performance reviews

Sophie McDonald

Great 'one stop' performance management system

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-16
Review Source: Capterra

- One stop performance management, everything you need in one place, configured to suit your organisational needs - Access to reporting - easy to monitor use and engagement - Second line support is second to none - responsive and helpful providers - Continual developments and updates to functionality

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Customisable online employee performance reviews

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For businesses: £3.60 per employee, per month or £36 per employee, per year (paid in advance).

For nonprofits: £2.40 per employee, per month or £24 per employee per year (paid in advance).

Prices reduce for larger organisations. Our pricing calculator is here:

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      Key features of PerformanceHub

      • Company mission statement
      • Company goals & objectives
      • Employee objectives
      • Objective weights
      • Development objectives
      • Objectives cascade
      • Performance reviews
      • Customizable appraisal cycle frequencies
      • Custom appraisal forms
      • Form templates
      • Competency-based reviews
      • Third party signoff
      • Organization chart
      • Reporting & KPIs
      • One-to-one meeting tracking
      • Development plans
      • 180 & 360 degree feedback
      • Matrix management
      • Interim reviews
      • Performance levelling & balancing
      • User-defined rating schemes
      • Customizable branding
      • Continuous development
      • Transparency controls
      • Probation reviews
      • Appraisal Tagging
      • Talent Management
      • Single Sign-on support
      • Commenting
      • Employee Management


      Employees can see exactly how they are contributing using PerformanceHub's interactive objective cascade feature, increasing employee engagement.

      Communicate your organisations Vision and Mission statement, Goals and Objectives to all employees.

      Employees can take control over their own personal development, and track progress with PerformanceHub's Personal Development Plans.

      180 and 360 degree feedback can be provided through feedback or questionnaires.

      Configure all aspects of PerformanceHub to meet your needs.

      See a wealth of reporting in real time.

      Turn on Probation Reviews to help with your on-boarding process.