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Technical screening software for testing programmer aptitude

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QuodeIt overview

QuodeIt is a cloud-based technical screening system that enables recruiters to assess the skills of particular candidates with an extensive library of tests and questions. Most specifically, the software is used to set tests for the evaluation of computer programmers and software developers instead of simply relying on resumes or the normal interview process. Employers can therefore make judgements on an applicant's practical ability to more effectively filter the process while also ensuring that talented technical people don't slip through the recruitment net.

With QuodeIt, candidates can be invited to participate in online tests that can either be generated from scratch or from pre-built examples. A question library boasts 1500+ open and multiple choice coding questions with new ones added weekly, spanning 8 popular languages across C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, Ruby, Python and PHP. Tests can be customized and branded, before being put to multiple candidates at once and shared via unique URLs to each individual participant. QuodeIt then has the ability to monitor user activity to prevent abnormal behaviors associated with cheating, before sending live performance ranking data back to assessment officers for analysis. With the benefit of pass/fail criteria, exportable reporting and successful candidate shortlisting, QuodeIt empowers employers to acquire only genuinely qualified talent.


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QuodeIt screenshot: The QuodeIt question library boasts over 1500 suggested coding questions, updated weekly, along with pre-built tests covering multiple programming languagesQuodeIt screenshot: The system is wholly customizable to enable logos and branding to be applied, plus customized instructional text accompanying each testQuodeIt screenshot: Live ranking provides instant updates on how candidates are performing with the data sharable to all via Excel exportQuodeIt screenshot: Candidates are warned over the detection of any abnormal activity, such as switching from their test window, minimizing or opening a new application for the purposes of cheatingQuodeIt screenshot: A number of pre-built tests cover a host of popular coding languages or fundamental programming skills for establishing aptitude

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Customizable Branding
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Additional information for QuodeIt

Key features of QuodeIt

  • Test authoring
  • Aptitude testing
  • Skill testing
  • Customizable tests
  • Online testing
  • Candidate comparison
  • Instant reporting options
  • Pass/fail criteria
  • API integration
  • Export ranking data to Excel
  • Live performance ranking
  • Analytical reporting
  • Random question generation
  • Abnormal activity warnings
  • Branded test windows
  • Capture candidate data
  • Question library
  • Pre-built tests
  • MCQ (multiple choice questions)
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QuodeIt has been created to specifically support the technical pre-employment testing of programmer candidates, applying to 11-500 person software companies operating globally.

Invite hopeful candidates to participate in online aptitude evaluations, using a collection of pre-built tests featuring an expanding library of coding-related questions across multiple industry-standard programming languages.

Customize tests completely or compose new ones from scratch, capturing specific candidate details and inviting multiple participants to take part at once thanks to unique sharable URLs.

Eliminate the possibility for candidate cheating with abnormal activity warnings when users try to switch windows, minimize or launch other applications, along with the blocking of keyboard shortcuts such as copy and paste etc.

Receive live ranking data as candidates are participating before leveraging a range of reporting options for filtering and analyzing tests results or exporting the ranking data to Excel for easy sharing.