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RiseSmart Express

Cloud-based career transition support platform

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RiseSmart Express overview

What is RiseSmart Express?

RiseSmart Express is a cloud-based career transition platform designed to help small and medium size businesses support laid-off employees with resume development, personal coaching, job search assistance tools, and more. With career coaches and customized job search resources, RiseSmart Express aims to help transitioning employees find and secure new job positions quickly. Offering a cloud-based solution, RiseSmart Express gives users the flexibility to access and manage their data anytime, anywhere, from any internet-enabled device.

Job search assistance and coaching tools help give employees the advice and motivation to discover new job positions in related as well as unrelated industries, if the employee decides on a career change or to join a flexible workforce. With professional branding tools such as an intelligent resume builder, custom-written cover letters, and consultation on LinkedIn and other social media profiles, RiseSmart Express helps employees create professional and effective resumes.

Personal job sourcers curate relevant, customized job leads, giving employees access to hidden jobs and job leads based on individual preferences and experience. RiseSmart Express also provides centralized access to a resource center complete with the research and information needed to help transitioning employees prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and more. SmartSession Workshops provide employees with training on career planning and development, personal branding, job search success, resiliency, and more.


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RiseSmart Express screenshot: RiseSmart Express identifies, vets and delivers relevant, customized job leadsRiseSmart Express screenshot: Users can view and save job opportunities, as well as check company information, ratings, key people and salary details

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Spark: $499 for 3 months per employee
Boost: $899 for 3 months per employee
Ignite: $1899 for 3 months per employee
Empower: $2499 for 6 months per employee

RiseSmart Express features

Customizable Branding

API (497 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (417 other apps)
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Applicant Tracking (303 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (375 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (293 other apps)
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Additional information for RiseSmart Express

Key features of RiseSmart Express

  • Labor projection
  • Recruiting management
  • Retirement plan management
  • COBRA administration
  • Deduction management
  • Claims management
  • Provider management
  • Compensation management
  • Training management
  • Onboarding
  • Career development planning
  • Contractor management
  • Variable workforce
  • On-demand job search assistant
  • Personal coaching
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Dedicated job search coach
  • Bi-weekly, live webinar series
  • In-app messaging with coach
  • Resume builder
  • Resume critique
  • Custom-written resume
  • Cover letter builder
  • Personal value proposition builder
  • Custom-written cover letter
  • LinkedIn & social media profile consultation
  • Professional branding
  • Job leads management
  • SmartMatch job search engine
  • Curated job leads
  • Direct link to recruiters
  • Contact Discovery engine
  • Personalized recruiter & networking contact list
  • Career planning resources
  • Video interview practice
  • Networking email & phone templates
  • Target company list
  • Salary research reports
  • Company research reports
  • 360° reference feedback
  • Job market data report
  • Email templates
  • 360-degree reference feedback
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Personal coaching and job search assistance tools help employees find new job positions in related as well as unrelated industries, for those employees looking for a career change.

RiseSmart Express helps employees build effective resumes with professional branding tools, including an intelligent resume builder, custom-written cover letters, and LinkedIn and social media consultation.

Personal job sourcers curate relevant and customized job leads, matching hand-picked job leads to specific employee goals and preferences.

Supports a centralized resource center, giving employees quick access to research and information needed for interview preparation, salary negotiations, and more.

Offers a range of SmartSession workshops designed to help transitioning employees with career planning and development, personal branding, and job searching best practices.