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Assembled logo
Category Leaders

Workforce Management Platform

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Modern workforce management platform built for rapidly scaling support teams.

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Skillsoft logo

Cloud-based learning management and training software.

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Skillsoft is a cloud-based learning management software that provides businesses with scenario-based courses, videos, online books, and other resources to train employees.

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Zendesk WFM logo

Zendesk's Workforce management software.

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Zendesk's workforce management tool designed to help users better manage their contact center operations.

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Rippling logo
Category Leaders

#1 Global Workforce Management Platform | HR, IT, Finance

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One place to run your global workforce—from payroll and expenses to devices and apps.

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BambooHR logo

Everything works together in one platform.

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BambooHR brings all your employee, payroll, time, and benefit information together in one place, giving you the data accuracy, security, and coordination you need to sleep soundly.

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Remote logo

Remote: Empowering your Global HR Success

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Remote streamlines global HR, handling payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance. Our platform simplifies onboarding and payroll, saving HR leaders valuable time. From expansion to global hiring, Remote is your solution.

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Zoho Workerly logo

Temporary staffing software for agencies

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Zoho Workerly is a platform built for temporary staffing agencies to help streamline job scheduling processes. Recruiters can manage their client and temporary workers databases, schedule jobs based on client requirements, generate timesheets, and send out invoices from within one interface.

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Workstaff logo

Workstaff lets you put together your team at lightning speed

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Built for staffing agencies and general event services, Workstaff lets you book and manage your staff easily and efficiently. Send jobs offers to specific people or book staff directly depending on their availabilities.

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Resource Guru logo

Blissfully simple resource management for busy teams.

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The blissfully simple resource management tool that helps busy teams keep projects on track. See team availability and find the perfect person for every job. Schedule at speed and keep everyone aligned on upcoming work. Get insights on forecast vs actuals and utilization across projects and clients.

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Certemy Employee Compliance Management logo

Cloud-based Employee Compliance Management Software

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Certemy is a cloud-based employee management software for ensuring workforce compliance. Key features include tracking, verifying, and managing credentials using one solution that integrates with existing systems. This software serves employers, certification boards, and licensing boards.

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Bob logo

A modern HR platform for modern business

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Bob is a modern HR platform that powers productivity, engagement, and retention while helping HR remain agile in today's world of work. Customers see value from Bob when they are: mid-sized, multi-national, put people first, and need to tackle the complexities of global HR processes.

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StaffingNation logo

Cloud-based contingent workforce management software

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StaffingNation is a contingent workforce management software that helps human resources, legal and technology professionals manage processes for pre-employment screening, onboarding, job costing, and more. The platform allows businesses to onboard new workers by modifying pre-filled forms.

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Roosted logo


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Roosted uses AI to help schedule staff for event companies. In fact, we can make you up to 90% faster at scheduling & time-tracking. We focus on event companies, and we make the world's easiest software for staff scheduling.

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Dayforce HCM logo

The all-in-one HCM software to empower your workforce

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Dayforce is a single solution that combines payroll, HR, benefits, talent, workforce management, and analytics, providing organizations with real-time, data-driven insights. With Dayforce, organizations can unlock more quantifiable value and operate anywhere with confidence.

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Tugboat Software logo

Automated scheduling solution that integrates seamlessly

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Tugboat Software provides the best fully automated critical, shift-by-shift generation and management solutions for both workforce and vacation schedules.
Streamline employee request, job bidding and overtime with a fully automated system. Increase moral for management and hourly employees alike.

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Synchroteam logo

Field service management software. Live support. Free trial.

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Field service management (FSM) software for mobile workforce tracking. Features scheduling, dispatch, calendar, job management, invoicing and mapping. Live support and mobile application available.

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Ubeya logo

The complete temp workers management platform

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Ubeya is the only temp workforce management platform that seamlessly connects to your customers, suppliers and workers in one OS.
it's time to manage with ease.

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Formstack Suite logo

Workflow automation platform

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Formstack is a workflow automation tool that combines data collection, document generation, and eSignature to automate manual processes.

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AgencyHR logo

Time and attendance tracking software for insurance agencies

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AgencyHR is a cloud-based workforce management software, which helps insurance agencies manage time-off requests, monitor work hours, and onboard new hires. Features include notifications, overtime calculation, remote access, attendance tracking, and roster management.

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WhenToWork logo

Online employee scheduling with native mobile apps

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WhenToWork is an online employee scheduling solution with mobile apps for employees to check schedules, change preferences, request time off, & trade shifts

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Built logo

Cloud Based Solution for Time Off Tracking, Org Chart & More

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Cloud Based Time-Off Tracking and HR Management software featuring a dynamic Org Chart as well as Timesheets, Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

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Zoho Shifts logo

Cloud-based employee scheduling and time tracking solution.

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Zoho Shifts is an employee scheduling and time management software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to create employee-friendly schedules in minutes. Draft work schedules, track team hours, and message employees from any device.

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PayClock Online logo

Time Tracking for Employees

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PayClock Online is a cloud-based time clock solution that helps businesses manage workforce attendance from any location.

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Cegid Retail Store Excellence logo

Task management platform for retail operations

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Cegid Retail Store Excellence is the ultimate solution to streamline communication and elevate the efficiency of your store operations. With this intuitive retail operations app, you can revolutionize the way your associates stay informed and connected, ensuring everyone is always "in the know."

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Synerion logo
Category Leaders

Workforce management software

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Synerion is a workforce management solution offering time & attendance, scheduling, absence management, labor costing, mobile, biometrics, time-sheets & core HR

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Workforce Management

Punching a time card and submitting written requests for time off have become outdated processes. Workforce management software offers more efficient ways of working for both employees and managers.

If your business has shift workers, such as call centers and service businesses, a workforce management tool is essential. The software allocates resources by automating tasks such as employee scheduling and time tracking. It also helps reduce paperwork and streamline processes to ensure minimal chance for human error.

This guide will help you select the right workforce management tool for your business. Here is what we’ll cover:

What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software automates employee scheduling, employee attendance, and labor resource needs. This helps organizations optimize scheduling, reduce labor costs, and follow labor laws.

Go to our future of work resource page for an overview of workplace trends and what they mean for managing staff.

What are the benefits of workforce management software?

A workforce management solution cuts expenses by optimizing employee schedules and management processes. It also helps to minimize non-compliance risks:

  • Streamlined operations: Workforce management solutions provide a single and centralized platform. It tracks operational data and automates manual processes, reducing time spent inputting data. This helps you streamline employee scheduling, optimize employee productivity, and analyze the business.

  • Scheduling automation: By deploying workforce management solutions, you can automate workforce scheduling. This reduces the risk of under or over-staffing, which impacts productivity and labor costs. It also offers compliance tracking features that identify issues such as unnecessary overtime.

  • Improved time tracking: Workforce management tools offer time and attendance features. This helps to track and monitor the working hours and real-time location of each employee. It also can send alerts for work items that need their immediate attention. This also helps you provide accurate salary information to payroll.

Key questions to ask your workforce management vendor before you buy:

  • How is this workforce management tool going to benefit my business?

  • How will your workforce management tool add value to my human resources (HR) processes? Do you offer integration capabilities?

What are the typical features of workforce management software?

Before you choose workforce management software, you should understand which features are right for your business needs.

Here’s a list of some common features offered by workforce management software vendors:

  • Employee database: Store employee contact information, salary details, hire date, and job status in a database. This keeps your company records organized in a consistent way.

  • Employee scheduling: Assign employees based on predicted workload and resources needed to complete tasks. The software creates schedules based on business needs, required skills, and employee availability.

  • Labor forecasting: Predict future labor needs based on past and present data, trends, and organization goals.

  • Time and attendance management: Track and manage employee work hours. This improves payroll accuracy and identifies circumstances that lead to understaffing or overstaffing.

  • Absence and leave management: Allow employees to submit leave and absence requests for managers to approve or deny.

  • Succession management: Identify high-performing employees with the potential for promotion.

  • Reporting/analytics: Create and share insights and data visualizations. This helps identify potential improvements, such as cost-saving and workforce management practices.

  • Compliance tracking: Ensure compliance with employment laws and industry regulations.  This includes tracking training provisions, union agreements, necessary certifications, and absence requirements.

Key question to ask your workforce management platform before you buy:

  • What features do you offer with your workforce management platform?

  • Are there any special or extra features that you offer in your workforce management software?

What are the different types of workforce management software?

Workforce management includes several HR functions. For example, time and attendance tracking, labor scheduling, compliance monitoring, leave management, and task management.

Let’s dive into the types of workforce management software:

  • Integrated workforce management solutions: These aim to streamline most workforce management processes. They include a suite of solutions to help businesses manage a range of tasks, including integrated work scheduling, payroll applications, and absence tracking. Businesses using this type of workforce management solution tend to have a large number of employees. Integrated HR suites help bigger workforces to work with multiple HR applications in a single solution.

  • Best-of-breed workforce management tools: This type of solution is specifically for managing timekeeping. It's for large workforces and is easy to integrate with pre-existing HR management (HRMS) and payroll software. These are helpful for organizations that have an HR system, but need more efficient ways to track and manage employees’ schedules.

Key question to ask your workforce management tool vendor before you buy:

  • Do you offer a workforce management software suite that offers multiple components? Or a best-of-breed solution specialized for timekeeping?

  • How does your workforce management software price change if I opt for a full suite instead of just a timekeeping module?

What are the potential issues with workforce management software?

  • Integration issues should not be overlooked: One of the biggest pitfalls is thinking it's a solution to all workforce management problems. Some buyers think the system they choose will automate every aspect of workforce management, but that’s not always the case. Workforce management solutions aren't always an all-inclusive platform. It's important to identify specific product capabilities that will solve your business problems.

  • Overlapping functionality of similar solutions will leave you confused: Workforce management solutions are often confused with similar solutions such as time tracking software or time clock software. Although they seem to be closely related due to their functionality, they are not the same. Workforce management is more focused on scheduling, whereas time tracking software and time clock software are more for monitoring.

  • Multi-platform support: Modern practices and policies, such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mean employees are using their personal laptops or smartphones to access centralized systems. If you're planning to allow this, you need to make sure the software offers multi-platform support. This means that no matter the hardware, employees have access.

Key questions to ask your workforce management vendor before you buy:

  • Does your workforce management tool integrate well with my existing HR tools?

  • Does your workforce management software offer all workforce management functionalities? Or is it a specialized tool?

  • Does your workforce management software support multiple platforms such as iOS and Android devices?

How do small and midsize businesses use workforce management software?

Workforce management systems are generally for organizations that employ high numbers of workers. However, the software is ideal for any business looking to streamline their management’s workload and provide more transparency to employees.

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often only consist of a handful of full-time employees. But when it comes to call centers, retail chains, and hospitality, even small and midsize businesses need to optimize their productivity.

Let’s look at an example of how SMBs are using workforce management solutions:

Contact centers can use call center workforce management software to optimize the productivity of their agents. They can achieve this by forecasting the volume of calls, messages, or emails transactions. They can then schedule the right number of contact center agents at the right time to handle the expected workload.

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