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What is viaPeople?

To fully understand the capabilities of your company, you must first know the capabilities of the people within it. And to do that, you’ll need to turn those “once-a-year” performance evaluations into an ongoing business practice in which everyone participates.

Our methodology and technology work together to automate the entire process-from simplified implementation to clear, easy-to-understand evaluation and goal-setting procedures. Creating a step-by-step approach that everyone can follow.

This combination delivers online performance management that works with your pace, your forms, and your goals. Giving your organization the strategic information it needs to stay competitive. All without making users feel overwhelmed or overburdened by the process.


Open dialogue is the cornerstone of virtually everything we do today. That’s why 360-degree feedback is so important, generating unbiased and candid performance data to help identify the paths to success for your employees and company alike.

Our 360 Feedback product can be implemented in groups ranging from the single digits to many thousands, and combines quick deployment with the ability to create individual feedback reports in a few days or as little as 1 week from the close of the cycle.

What’s more, our proprietary reporting engine enables us to slice the data we gather any way you want. The result: individual and aggregate reports that you can use to identify strengths and development needs by employee, level, department or the entire company.


The goal of any organization is to succeed-not only now, but in the future as well. That means having talented employees at every level of your company, and a solid plan in place to help them develop and move ahead in their careers.

This is a difficult task, to be sure. And one that’s made even more so by today’s changing demographics and shifts in workforce supply and demand. But Succession Planning can simplify things.

Our Succession Planning software helps you identify and track key employees within your organization. This provides a talent database to help you meet current needs within your company, as well as a resource to ensure a steady “pipeline” of leaders into the future.


Those organizations that proactively manage their talent will succeed in weathering the conditions of a challenging and demanding marketplace. This requires the ability to dynamically view, model, and analyze critical talent information to make sound people decisions.

Our Organizational Charting software helps you to view how your talent pool looks today as well as create a visual model of what it can look like tomorrow. Anticipating changes in key positions, restructuring teams, or uncovering talent gaps – all in real time – will allow you to stay ahead of the curve.


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frank richards


Reviewed 2012-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

We've run 4 annual cycles and one special cycle on viaPeople. It's worked very well, both the technology and the viaPeople team we work with. Expect to make more use of it going forward for our performance program.

Good up front planning. Very good to work with in designing the review process itself that would be carried on the technology platform. System has been quite reliable. Good features for administering the program online. Have been able to add functions over time, such as Additional Reviewers besides the employee and supervisor; have added staff in international offices. Account rep is very knowledgeable; conducts staff training and very good at problem solving or addressing issues; responsive and service oriented. Some very useful pre-programmed reports for status updates, making changes, and analytics. Tech support is efficient and responsive. Good at researching issues and service oriented. Good flexibility in moving through the phases of the review cycle and adjusting timelines. We can grow the review program itself on their technology, given its features and functionalities.

A report writer feature might be useful.

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Brian Voigt


Reviewed 2012-08-13
Review Source: Capterra

The viaPeople system has served our internal requirements well for many years.

Meets needs of our performance management process. The program is easliy accessible and users find the tool simple to use. Customer support is responsive to client needs and total satisfaction. I was not involved in the implementaion of the system.

Somwhat dated in the user experience; other systems may have deeper analytical features. No integration with our HRIS. The system is pricey.

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viaPeople features

Performance Management

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Additional information for viaPeople

Key features of viaPeople

  • Goal setting, tracking and alignment
  • Accuracy enchancers for more accurate feedback
  • Focus areas to target feedback
  • Side-by-side ratings comparisons
  • Integrated data and documents
  • View critical performance and talent information
  • Automatic email notifications
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Simple, Easy and Fast
You participate in a few set-up and planning sessions, we take it from there.

Flexible Implementation Process
Our technology accommodates multiple instruments, scales and a variety of different workflows.

Real-Time Monitoring/Decision-Making
Easily monitor every step of the performance evaluation process for each department of your organization.

Powerful Reporting
Individual, aggregate, and comparative reports provide insight into the capabilities of your organization, and can be linked to financial and operating metrics.

Fully Integrated
Our software products can interface with your HRIS, enabling large amounts of data to be collected in one central database for multi-faceted reporting and records updating.