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NCheck Bio Attendance logo

The accurate and efficient solution to time & attendance

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The NCheck Bio Attendance system uses biometric identification of face, fingerprint and iris scanning to efficiently monitor, manage and register attendance.

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Tilt logo

Leave Management Simplified.

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The leave management software from Tilt lets HR professionals create the greatest leave experience for their employees while saving time, staying compliant, and saving money. In addition, Tilt is the only leave management platform that combines all of your leave data into a one, integrated solution.

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Smartly logo

Cloud-based payroll software with a self-service portal

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Smartly is cloud-based payroll software that helps businesses pay employees on time in accordance with legislation. It includes a self-service portal that allows employees to access their payroll details, approvals, payslips, timesheets, and more.

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OfficeTimer logo

Project and task management software

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OfficeTimer is timesheet software used by 100s of companies worldwide to effectively manage and streamline their Office activities like timesheet, employee time-offs, employee payroll, project management, project expense tracking, expense reimbursement and client billing.

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Journyx logo

Simple time tracking for complex businesses.

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Journyx provides powerful time tracking solutions for organizations that need to easily and accurately track employee time for projects, billing, and payroll. We also offer state-of-the-art physical time clocks, web-based time clocks, resource allocation tools, and scheduling software.

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Lucca logo

HR management solution for automating internal processes

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Lucca is a cloud-based suite of tools designed to help businesses of all sizes automate processes for employee leave & absence tracking, interview campaigns, and payslip distribution. Managers can monitor timesheets, track employee work hours, & estimate margin & turnover on billable projects.

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a3innuva | Nomina logo

Software for payroll and Human Resources management in Spain

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a3innuva | Nómina is a modular management platform for companies in Spain needing to manage payroll, and HR operations. The application is in the cloud and accessible from any device. Modules can be integrated to suit the needs of each company.

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Akrivia HCM logo

Enterprise SaaS cloud-based human capital management system

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Akrivia HCM is an integrated HRMS SaaS platform that packs in everything you need for
managing your entire employee lifecycle with its 20+ modules and 100+ features.

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WhosOff logo

The Online Staff leave planner

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Online staff leave planner since 2007
Streamline leave management, no more holiday forms
Vacation, holiday, absence, meetings can be tracked in WhosOff.
Add upto 30 different vacation/leave types to suit your business.
Manage Staff leave in Days/Hours.
Tag users for easy grouping and reporting

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Profiler Cloud logo

Human resource management software

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Profiler Cloud is a human resource software that is designed to help small to medium businesses manage employees and keep track of their performance. With the digital communications feature, supervisors can send out messages to employees and create as well as share surveys or polls the entire team.

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Cronforce logo

Time Tracking, TimeOffs & Project Costing

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Cronforce is a could-based business productivity analyzer capable of time tracking, vacation scheduling, budget controlling and workforce planning.

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PeopleCloud logo

Manage everything in the cloud and within the same platform

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People Cloud is a human resource software that helps enterprises centralize engagement, evaluation, retention, and development of employees.

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Workday Payroll and Workforce Management logo

Payroll and Workforce Management Solution

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Workday Payroll delivers all the functionality needed to manage payroll and staffing through a single platform. It’s comprehensive, covering finance, HR, planning, analytics — everything a business needs to manage its finances, payroll and workforce.

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TimeKeeper logo

Time and attendance software for small businesses

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Simplify your time and attendance processes with TimeKeeper, and eliminate paper timesheets forever. Facial recognition, GPS geofencing and intuitive reporting to save you time and money.

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Sage People logo

Enabling HR to build a high-performing global workforce.

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Sage People empowers HR to build a high-performing, global workforce that can handle future changes and stay ahead of the competition. Align talent with business strategy & deliver great workforce experiences that support a diverse culture through enterprise-grade, highly configurable HR technology.

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WoCo logo

People & Payroll

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WoCo is a new-age HRTech software that automates mundane HR processes for SMEs and enables businesses to focus on employee engagement & performance improvement. WoCo simplifies Core HR, Time & Attendance, Dynamic Shifts, ESS, Compliances, Payroll & productivity.

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Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA logo

Employee time tracking, live time sheets, and leave requests

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Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA is a cloud based employee time tracking, leave management, and live time sheet platform with payroll, accounting, and human resources (HR) integration. Users can track, monitor, and store employee working hours, leave requests, vacation days, sick pay, and more.

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Workzoom logo

All-in-one people management software

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Workzoom is the all-in-one HR, Talent, Workforce, and Payroll solution that helps you consolidate and automate your people management.

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Human resources software

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HRWORKS specializes in offering solutions for employee time attendance, payroll, onboarding, and recruiting. HR WORKS provides compliance with GCC labor laws and tax regulations, it is designed for multi-lingual inputs.

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rexx systems logo

Recruiting, HR, and talent management solution

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rexx systems is an integrated HR solution designed to help businesses manage processes related to human resources including recruiting, talent management & more. Users can create approval steps, staffing requests, appointments, and job advertisements as well as publish vacancies across job sites.

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Talana logo

Human technology for people

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We accompany you to achieve your goals with Talana, the Human Resources software in Chile for the management of your employees, saving time and costs and achieving greater satisfaction among your team.

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BizRun HR logo

Human resource management for businesses

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BizRun is a cloud-based human resources (HR) solution for small to medium sized businesses which offers tools for managing leave and time off, payroll, time tracking, compensation, documents, and more. It allows businesses to keep a complete directory of employees for easy management.

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TimeTrack logo

Time Tracking and Automatic Scheduling for Companies

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TimeTrack is a legally compliant time tracking software for companies of all sizes. Next to innovative solutions for time management, automatic timesheet creation and project controlling, the software provides easy shift planning according to availability, skills and work areas of employees.

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Ciphr logo

Integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment solutions.

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Integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment solutions that amplify the voice and value of your talent.

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Plain logo

Software for shift planning and time control

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Plain is software that manages tasks related to time management, from planning schedules to the registration of working hours and absenteeism control. It facilitates the task of balancing staff shifts, including vacation planning, overtime, sick leave, and leaves.

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