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Verint Workforce Management logo

The Customer Engagement Company

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Verint® Workforce Management™ helps organizations to optimize resources across all engagement channels with AI-powered forecasting and scheduling solutions. Optimal resource plans schedule for both humans and bots maximizing efficiency across the enterprise.

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Geobadge logo

a software to speed up, simplify and automate HR management

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Geobadge is a software that offers a complete solution to data collection for payroll, billing and human resources management.
speed up your HR routine and find time to devote to activities for growing your business.

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tugesto logo

Web-based workforce and payroll management solution

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Centralize leave management and validate them with a single click. Accept or reject notifications instantly. That easy!

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Ciphr logo

Integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment solutions.

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Ciphr is a specialist UK provider of online HR, payroll, recruitment and learning solutions

Ciphr's software, and our expertise, help busy HR teams to streamline their processes, secure employees’ sensitive personal data, and spend more time working strategically.

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factoHR logo

factoHR-Modern HCM Software for Hybrid Workforce

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factoHR is the market leader in workforce management solutions serving more than 3500+ customers globally and 2.6 million employees. factoHR team believes in providing the best support to the clients as factoHR strongly believes that long-term client connections are the right way to enhance the B2B

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MyTimeTracker logo

Cloud-based time tracking tool

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MyTimeTracker is a cloud-based time tracking tool for small and medium-sized companies and organizations. Unlike many other tools MyTimeTracker focuses on mobile applications, especially its app.

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absentify logo

Absence management tool in Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams

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absentify is a leave management system designed to help businesses streamline time off processes through integration with Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook solutions. It automates and streamlines the entire absence planning process, enabling organizations of all sizes to add multiple users, access single sign-in via Microsoft, customize work schedules, and configure absence rules and policies based on organizational requirements from within a unified platform.

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AttendLab logo

Attendance tracking tool for increasing staff productivity

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AttendLab is a cloud-based attendance tracking solution designed to help businesses manage employee data and track worker attendance across multiple locations. It lets users collect crucial employee information, including photos for face recognition, within a unified database for reference.

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eSchedule logo

Employee scheduling & absence management software

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eSchedule's FREE Absence Management module is easy-to-use, yet powerful enough to customize time-off types, send automated notifications & view reports.

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WorkForce Suite logo

A Modern Workforce Management solution for large enterprises

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WorkForce Suite is a mobile first, cloud-based modern workforce management solution with integrated employee communications and collaboration capabilities, which is designed for large enterprises with complex labor and compliance requirements.

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Acumen logo

Easy and powerful employee time & attendance solution.

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Acumen is a time clock solution that enables companies to track and manage employees' time & attendance, vacation days, overtime pay, and sick leave. Time clocks support use of ID badges, PIN entry, biometric fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and GPS-based rules.

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Pocket FaME logo

Face Recognition based Attendance Management System

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Integrate your leave policies & give ease to your employees to apply & check their leaves on the mobile app - Pocket FaME.

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actiPLANS logo

All-in-one work scheduling software

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actiPLANS is a flexible work scheduling software with some excellent leave management features, insightful reports and built-in automation. actiPLANS data allow managers to plan resources and make a realistic work plan.

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AMGtime logo

Employee time clock and attendance tracking with biometrics

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AMGtime is an employee time clock and attendance tracking solution for businesses. It offers a suite of features scalable to any industry and business of any size including large, complex corporations. AMGtime offers geofencing and biometric hardware with face, palm, and fingerprint recognition.

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AXLR8 Staffing logo

Staffing agency software

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AXLR8 Staffing is a cloud-based field staffing system designed to streamline and optimize staffing processes. With AXLR8's software suite, users can manage their workforce and enhance communication.

AXLR8 Staffing offers intuitive checkpoint and GPS-based attendance systems, ensuring that the staff is where they need to be. Users can easily monitor their activities and track their performance.

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Infor Workforce Management logo

Workforce Management

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Workforce Management is a powerful solution for managing all aspects of your workforce, from scheduling and timekeeping to end-to-end HR administration. Workforce Management provides a single source for you to run all HR processes, manage talent acquisition and development, automate payroll processing and provide high-level analysis tools all via a user-friendly web interface.

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Woffu logo

Time management platform for HR.

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Time Management solution making life at work easier and more productive.

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OnePoint HCM logo

All-in-one HCM

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OnePoint is an all-in-one HCM platform that can consolidate disparate HR information in one single platform. OnePoint HCM is designed to streamline common HR tasks, ensure accurate tracking of employee attendance, simplify benefits administration, and automate complex payroll tasks.

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Software for the management of a company's human resources.

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SONARH is software designed for the management of the company's human resources. It helps to establish an organization chart, plans the work of different teams, organizes job offers, and evaluates candidates. It controls staff attendance, calculates and issues payrolls.

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BiznusSoft HR logo

Cloud-based, user-friendly, PEO-ready.

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Setup flexible evaluation plans that support your organization's goals while simultaneously reducing the time required to administer leave plans.

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flair logo

Complete HRMS with customization and reporting power

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flair is a holistic cloud-based HRMS build on Salesforce and designed to help companies automate and manage processes related to recruiting, payroll, employee documents storage, and engagement.

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CrewTraka logo

Digital power tools for construction businesses

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CrewTraka offers simple app-driven tools that streamline day-to-day processes including market-leading scheduling. Crew can log GPS-enabled timesheets, complete safety docs, daily expenses, and job dockets, and even apply for leave.

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evohrp logo

evohrp: innovation in human resource management

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evohrp is a cloud-based HR management software that helps businesses manage employee profiles, generate reports, access performance metrics, and more from a unified platform.

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Adaptive Pay logo

Payroll solution for SMBs

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Adaptive Payroll is a complete payroll solution for SMBs featuring time & attendance tracking, reporting & analytics & an Human Resource information system

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Altamira Leave Management logo

Cloud-based employee leave & absence management software

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Altamira Leave Management is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses streamline employee leave application processes such as requesting and uploading required documents and absence approvals by managers. Administrators can store employees' details in a centralized database.

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