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LiveHire logo

Recruiting software for HR leaders and managers

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LiveHire is a talent management software designed to help hiring managers connect and engage with job seekers and existing employees. Administrators can utilize AI-based tools to find, classify, and organize the applications of candidates based on different criteria.

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HireBee logo

AI powered HR solution for global hiring,

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HireBee provides a technological solution granting enterprise-level capabilities to small and medium businesses at an affordable price.

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LinkedIn Talent Hub logo

Comprehensive ATS that combines LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs

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LinkedIn Talent Hub is a comprehensive ATS that combines LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs in one platform. It is designed to help teams eliminate the need for multiple hiring tools when working through recruiting workflows. Teams can access real-time data and insights to guide hiring strategies, track ROI, and improve recruiting processes.

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Webrecruit ATS logo

Deliver better results, faster with the best ATS software.

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Webrecruit ATS, Webrecruit's cloud-based Applicant Tracking System, allows you to manage your entire recruitment process, from job requisition and advertising, right through to onboarding. Webrecruit ATS is proven to make hiring easier and quicker, while providing a great candidate experience.

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Viterbit logo

Talent management platform for HR professionals

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Viterbit is a Spanish-language talent management platform with which you can centralize, automate and optimize recruitment and selection processes.

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Entire OnHire logo

All-In-One Software for Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

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Entire OnHire empowers staffing businesses by streamlining all staffing processes, from initial recruitment to final invoicing. Fill more shifts and empower your workforce with our easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for agencies and temporary staff.

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JobScore logo

Simplify, Optimize & Improve your Hiring

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JobScore helps organizations with 20 to 2,000 employees attract candidates, recruit efficiently and make great hiring decisions. JobScore helps you look fabulous, work the way you want, and optimize recruiting for velocity & scale. We've proudly been eliminating recruiting busywork since 2014.

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Softy logo

Recruitment management and pre-employment testing tool

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Softy is a recruitment software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage career websites, job applications, candidates, video interviews, and more on a centralized platform. Hiring teams can create offers and distribute, advertise, and publish them across multiple websites or job boards.

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a3innuva | Nomina logo

Software for payroll and Human Resources management in Spain

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a3innuva | Nómina is a modular management platform for companies in Spain needing to manage payroll, and HR operations. The application is in the cloud and accessible from any device. Modules can be integrated to suit the needs of each company.

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MenaHR Curio logo

Bringing HR to the front.

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HR Suite of Choice of Organizations in the MENA Region.

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Workwolf logo

Unleash The Power Of Truth

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Workwolf® is your ultimate hiring partner, dedicated to helping you build high-performing teams that drive profits. Workwolf's innovative platform assesses the traits of your top employees, identifies the best candidates from the start, and verifies resume claims with the click of a button.

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Talentum logo

Cloud-based HR software to acquire and manage workforce.

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Cloud-based HR software to manage recruiting, onboarding and employee performance: ATS based on cross languages AI with a semantic engine that matchs job ads and CVs + Onboarding software + Performance management system.

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Oleeo logo

Applicant tracking and hiring management software

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Oleeo is an applicant tracking system that allows businesses of all sizes to quickly and efficiently review resumes, connect with candidates, and manage the hiring process across the entire recruitment pipeline. The platform allows organizations to automate a variety of tasks including candidate matching, review, evaluation, and more.

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ZippyApp logo

Applicant tracking, recruitment marketing & onboarding

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ZippyApp is a cloud-based solution for recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, and new hire onboarding, with support for multiple business locations

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Interviewer.AI logo

Video interviewing platform that helps you shortlist better.

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Spend 3 mins on Interviewer.AI before you spend 30 mins with a candidate. With résumé scoring, skill assessment, and Asynchronous Video Interviews (AVIs), your time to hire can be less than 2 weeks.

Sign up for a demo to see our easy-to-use platform for shortlisting, interviewing and insights!

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Employa logo

Smart ATS Add-On for Candidate Sourcing and Vetting

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Hi! I'm Employa
I match innovative companies with the tech talent they need.
Whether you need a recruitment service or an upgrade to your existing ATS software, I can help you with it.

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QJumpers Applicant Tracking logo

ATS Recruitment Software

learn more
QJumpers is a cloud-based ATS which combines online job advertising, career sites, customizable workflows, job requisition, interview scheduling, collaborative decision-making, talent pool creation, offer document generation, onboarding automation, HR system integrations, and more.

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Naaloo logo

Cloud-based SME and human resources software

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Naaloo allows SMEs to centralize and automate their HR management in a simple way, saving a lot of time and costs.

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PeopleCloud logo

Manage everything in the cloud and within the same platform

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People Cloud is a human resource software that helps enterprises centralize engagement, evaluation, retention, and development of employees.

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Sloneek logo

Smart and hugely flexible HR system for SME's.

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Sloneek is a cloud-based HR management system designed to help businesses handle various administrative processes, such as attendance tracking, absence management, eIDAS document signing, timesheets, assets management, onboarding, video conferencing and more.

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Sage People logo

Enabling HR to build a high-performing global workforce.

learn more
Sage People empowers HR to build a high-performing, global workforce that can handle future changes and stay ahead of the competition. Align talent with business strategy & deliver great workforce experiences that support a diverse culture through enterprise-grade, highly configurable HR technology.

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HR Neeti logo

Let's maximise your human capital

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Designed for Organizations (>1000 employees) who face issues in managing distributed and complex workforce structures & processes. High growth companies looking to TRANSFORM the HR function, rather than just Digitize, with a suite of RPAs to achieve 100% HR Process Automation.

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TalentReef logo

The Experts in Hourly Hiring

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The only talent management platform purposely built for location-based, high-volume hiring, TalentReef automates processes and optimizes workflows to remove friction for candidates and hiring managers. We have the tools you need and the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s changes successfully.

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MyNextHire logo

Cloud-based applicant tracking software for hiring managers

learn more
MyNextHire is a cloud-based applicant tracking software that enables businesses to streamline the entire recruitment lifecycle, from creating job requisitions, conducting interviews, and screening candidates to providing offer letters and managing employee onboarding processes.

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ExactHire logo

Hiring software and strategy for growing organizations

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ExactHire is an ATS that provides SMBs with the tools to automate job posts, applicant management, screening, email communication, compliance reports, & more. ExactHire helps HR professionals & recruiters to find the best applicants, while providing applicants with a mobile-responsive portal.

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