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Create, market and sell online courses with Thinkific

Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, & sell courses on their own branded websites using drag & drop themes or custom coding.

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SaaS employee recognition and rewards solution

Fond is a SaaS employee recognition solution designed to help employees redeem corporate perks or rewards and share achievements with team members. The application allows HR teams to create service award catalogs for employees, track their work anniversaries, and award commemorative trophies.

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Real-time goal & OKR management platform

Employee experience
Elevate the employee experience. Use Gtmhub's alignment, transparency, collaboration, and recognition features to make this your reality.

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Employee engagement and feedback collection platform

Happyforce is a cloud-based employee engagement platform designed to help organizations retain talent, interact with the workforce, and analyze employee sentiment or requirements through pulse surveys and feedback channels.

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Everyone's Favorite All-in-One Social HR Software

Social HR software with focus on Employees Engagement is what WebHR is all about. Real time chat, employee badges, wall of fame, employee of the month and more

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Objectives & key results (OKR) goal setting and tracking

Profit is an OKR (objectives & key results) goal setting & tracking tool for managing individual, team, & organization-wide goals for businesses of all types. Businesses can utilize Profit to define custom metrics and roll out OKRs across the entire company in order to track goals & results.

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Zonka Feedback


Multi-channel survey & feedback platform

Zonka Feedback is a multi-channel survey & feedback platform which allows users to build survey forms, generate real-time reports, and receive instant alerts

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Talent Management Software for SMBs

ClearCompany helps customers recruit, assess, hire, onboard, and review talent in one seamless ecosystem.

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The best employee communications App available!

OurPeople's powerful mobile first solution improves your frontline team engagement like never before. Know they know and track reports on everything automatically, so you know who is engaged with the business and who to follow up with. OurPeople's unique delivery system creates engaging broadcasts

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All-in-one configurable employee platform for SMBs.

niikiis is an exciting employee engagement platform that boosts the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization so that they are passionate and involved with their work at all levels and organizations register higher profits.

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Employee Mentoring Made Easy

Mentoring is proven to increase engagement, improve development, and retain employees when powered by mentoring software.

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Simplifying Business Communication

Nextiva is transforming the way businesses communicate. Nextiva is a communications platform providing businesses with big-business phone features at a small-business price and it offers offers ease of use, manageability, scalability, reliability and enterprise-class functionality.

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Performance Management Software for High Performance Teams

Performance Management platform built for High Performance Teams. 360 Performance Appraisals, 1on1 Feedback, Goal Management and Social Praise.

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Alumni management solution for organizations

Aluminate Community Builder is a cloud-based alumni management solution that helps organizations streamline processes for managing memberships, recruitment, event planning and more. Users can create profiles with information such as name, contact details, biography, employment history, and skills.

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Internal Communication. Made Easy.

Vibe is an internal communication software platform that helps businesses connect with hard-to-reach workers in an impactful and meaningful way.

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Spinify Lively Leaderboards: Gamification Made Easy

Spinify supercharges employee engagement by focusing a team on accomplishing key metrics, and celebrating achievements. Engaging your team with Spinify enables you to reach and surpass objectives, resulting in increased productivity. Results such as a 4x increase in pipeline being created.

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Performance Pro


Employee Performance Appraisal Software

Performance Pro can support the purpose of your employee check-ins, coaching, and evaluation process with user-friendly business tools that help eliminate task-heavy headaches, and provide the ability to automate, track, and enhance overall employee performance.

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An Intranet That Activates Your Culture

OnSemble intranet software gives you the ability to activate your culture by enabling you to regularly communicate with all employees, keep employees connected and engaged, align employees with company objectives, and give employees the tools to share documents and collaborate.

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The 360-degree Feedback Company

EchoSpan puts you in control of your employee performance management and leadership development programs with our 360-degree feedback and employee engagement review tools.

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Employee Recognition Software (FREE for Unlimited Users)

Foster engaging and top-performing teams We are a recognition and rewards platform that helps you scale your company culture.

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Automated feedback collection for development-based programs

Blue is cloud-based experience management software designed to automate central surveys, course evaluation, and 360 degree feedback review initiatives through integrations with HRIS, CRM, student information system (SIS), learning management system (LMS), and single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

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Team personality, skill & culture testing and mapping

Cloverleaf is a cloud-based personal & team development tool which assesses multiple dimensions of employee performance, cross-maps team data, identifies gaps and misaligned expectations, and enables scenario planning to discover hidden talent or locate the right roles or project teams for new hires

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Employee app for internal communication & process automation

Connect all employees from HQ to the frontline over a single platform. Foster workplace engagement and elevate employee experience with seamless internal communications, rewards and recognition, surveys and polls, fun gamified challenges, and more.

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OKR based modern Agile Performance Management System

PossibleWorks is not just another agile PMS. Aligns team performance to organizational priorities driven by individual competences.

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Start & Grow a Modern Mentorship Program with Qooper

Engage and develop your employees with custom learning content and mentorship. Qooper creates meaningful mentorship relationships and encourages custom learning content creation for employee engagement and development. The relationship, mentorship and learning progress are all tracked for ROI.

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