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ClayHR logo


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ClayHR’s onboarding is the first attractive impression on your employees, who do not have to manually fill in their joining formalities and documents. Everything from forms, training, eSignatures, etc. is done through this feature.

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Multiplier logo

Employ Anyone, Anywhere With Full Compliance In a Breeze.

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Multiplier is breaking new ground in empowering businesses of all sizes to build global teams with its global employment platform. Employ full-time employees or contractors in minutes, make accurate payments, and manage them compliantly in any part of the world, without setting up local entities.

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Wrapbook logo

Payroll and accounting software for production companies

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Wrapbook is a unified production platform for film, TV, and commercial payroll, accounting, and cost tracking that offers automated timecards, budget management, compliance, and more to production crews. Wrapbook connects teams and streamlines onboarding, payroll, cost tracking, accounting, and reporting.

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Cegid Talentsoft logo

Human resource and talent management solution

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Cegid TalentSoft provides HR teams and recruiters with tools for human resource (HR) and talent management. It offers products for recruiting, performance and competency tracking, learning management, talent review, compensation management, onboarding, and workforce management.

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Userlane logo

Instant software adoption, instant results.

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Up to 5x faster onboarding process thanks to Userlane’s in-app interactive guidance technology.
You can create and tailor content for your users within minutes, and offer a swift onboarding experience to your employees and customers.

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Travitor logo

Simplify learning at work.

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Simplify learning at work. Create courses and manage live training events. Plus get 200+ courses included.

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Transformify logo

HR suite for recruitment and employee onboarding

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With Transformify, companies can effortlessly manage and onboard talent from across the globe. Our ATS module enhances hiring with AI-driven analytics, while the HRMS module supports team management and organizational tasks.

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Fountain logo

High-Volume Hiring for the Hourly Workforce

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Fountain's mobile-first platform is trusted by organizations that rely on an hourly workforce to streamline and scale their recruiting operations across the globe. Fountain enables employers globally to make data-driven decisions and attract the best candidates.

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Cards micro-learning logo

Microlearning application for any-sized business

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Cards allows you to create short and mobile digital training courses.

With our microlearning management system (LMS) & mobile learning app, your team will develop new skills and knowledges.

Create a microlearning, add your teams or learners and analyze their progress.

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HireRoad logo

Modern Talent Acquisition Combined with Powerful Analytics

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HireRoad is the modern, end-to-end talent acquisition platform that streamlines every stage of the hiring journey and fast-tracks the time it takes to turn new recruits into major contributors. It can also Integrate all your disparate HR & Talent data to deliver end-to-end reporting and analytics.

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Eduflow logo

Learning experience management software

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Eduflow is a learning experience management software that helps higher education institutes and corporate training programs create courses, manage learner engagement, create deadlines, and more from within a unified platform. With the built-in authoring functionality, trainers can build custom course resources with text, videos, images, and other file uploads.

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Infinite Talent logo

HR powered by AI is the new driver of business growth.

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A fully integrated solution that uses recruiting, onboarding and assessment capabilities that enable organizations to attract, engage and hire top talent – Its’ about having the right person in the right job at the right time

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Bloomin logo

Employee Feedback Platform

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Bloomin allows HR teams and managers to measure the employee experience in real-time with Pulse Surveys and 360 feedback.

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Skilljar Customer Education logo

The leading LMS for Customer and Partner Training

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Skilljar is the leading external LMS to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and lower cost to support. The solution accelerates customer onboarding and engagement by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment and CRM data integrations.

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Bambee logo
Category Leaders

Bambee services businesses with less than 500 employees.

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Bambee puts your HR on autopilot and gives you a dedicated HR Manager, so you can confidently grow your business without HR risk. Get custom policies, help with worker onboarding, terminations, and performance management, and proactively resolve any HR that could cost you your business

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Cornerstone Recruiting logo

Hire and retain the best people.

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Streamline your recruiting so you can attract and engage top talent, match them to their perfect role, and help them quickly become a productive member of your team.

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Coursebox logo

AI-powered course creation and learning management

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Coursebox is the AI course creator and LMS that helps you build online courses faster than ever.

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OstendiHR logo

Base your personnel decisions on credible data

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The 360-degree evaluation can help identify employee strengths and development areas, and foster a feedback-oriented culture within your organization.

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Collage HR logo

All-in-one HR software for modern businesses

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Collage is an all-in-one HR platform for modern businesses with features like: employee database management, time off tracking, performance management, etc.

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Ascentis logo

Organize. Humanize. Maximize.

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Ascentis offers powerful but easy-to-use, full-suite HCM software for mid-sized, U.S.-based businesses

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Northpass logo

Create an academy you're proud of.

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Northpass is the learning platform for mid-sized businesses seeking to create and scale learning to customers, partners and employees.

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SafeHR logo

Easy to use, powerful HR and payroll for small UK businesses

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We focus on providing simple, powerful and easy to use software that makes day to day HR and payroll admin a breeze.

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VisualSP logo

Contextual in App Training, Support & Help System

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VisualSP is a full-featured training and support system that provides quick access to business-specific on-page training & guidance for Microsoft Apps. Ranging from interactive walkthroughs, pop-up videos, to announcement banners, in-context learning has never been this seamlessly accessible.

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Openforce logo

Intelligent independent contractor management software

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Openforce's award-winning contractor management software offers compliant solutions for independent contractor recruitment, onboarding, insurance handling, payment processing, and retention management.

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Learningbank logo

The Easiest Way to Onboard and Train People.

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User-friendly, intuitive LMS & onboarding platform. Save time with automation, build engaging content or use ready-made learning modules. Collect your digital and physical training in one place and report progress easily. Perfect match for companies with 100+ employees. Read more & get a free demo.

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