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Payroll software is used by companies to streamline and automate employee payment and tax filing. The software typically calculates wages, handles taxes and deductions, and delivers checks.

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Time & expenses reporting system

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Report time and expenses from inside the Outlook Calendar. Complete time reporting for workgroups. Report to MS Access or SQL database, directly or via ASP. PDA integration. Statistics tool.

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Heartland Payroll


Integrated and customizable payroll solution for SMBs

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Heartland Payroll is a web-based payroll solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It is part of Heartland’s integrated suite which includes solutions for time and attendance, HR administration, tax reporting, benefits administration, recruiting, and more. Heartland Payroll can be customized to suit unique business needs and specialized payroll requirements.

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AFAS Software


Human resources, payroll, and finance management

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AFAS Software is a suite of tools that automates processes for human resources, payroll, & finance management, providing personalized access to the platform for both employees & managers. AFAS features include automated invoice reconciliation, leave and absence registration, payroll analysis & more.

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CloudWadi HR Software


Human resources solution for businesses of all sizes

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CloudWadi HR Software is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate the entire human resources lifecycle, from candidate recruitment to employee termination. It collects and stores various employee data, including personal and professional information, in a unified repository.

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Cloud-based eBilling solution for healthcare industry

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DaisyBill is an eBilling tool for the healthcare industry, which provides features such as automated medical invoice submission, workers’ compensation tracking, and more. Using the digital invoicing module, businesses can utilize the real-time task dashboard to gain insights into billing statistics.

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Cloud-based solution for HR management

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Employes is a cloud-based payroll management solution that helps enterprises streamline human resource (HR) processes. It enables users to record employee details including hours worked or allowances, and automatically generate pay slips in compliance with industry regulations.

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A Cloud-Based Payroll Software for India

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HivePayroll is a cloud-based human resources management and payroll software designed to help businesses process payroll, generate payslips for distribution, track employee attendance, and generate real-time payroll reports. Key features include timesheet, attendance, leave management, reporting and analytics, TDS and payroll and statutory compliance.

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Digital payroll and accounting software for small businesses

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Lohni++ is a program for implementing payroll and accounting processes. It provides the necessary functions required to deduct mandatory taxes and contributions from salaries and wages. The program provides templates for income tax registration (Elster) and cash contributions (SV-Net).

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Salary and HR management for accountants & employers

learn more is a human resources (HR) & payroll management platform for accountants and employers. It offers tools for processing human resource and payroll administration tasks as well as collaborating with accountants and employees to maintain up-to-date personnel and legal information.

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Payroll administration for contract and salary management

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Loon is payroll management platform for calculating, storing, and sharing employee salaries, pensions, bonuses, and more. Payroll managers can input data relating to company-wide gross salaries, sick leave, holidays, taxes, bonuses, and deductions so Loon can calculate individual employees payroll.

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M&H OneSource


All-in-one HR, payroll & benefits administration

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M&H OneSource is a compliant, all-in-one HRIS with modules for recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, time off tracking, employee benefits & more

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Payroll and HR for businesses and accountants

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Nmbrs is a payroll and human resource (HR) management platform providing digital, automated solutions for employees, business managers, accountants, and administration offices. Nmbrs features include workflow management, secure document storage, leave and abscence registration, and more.

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SDB Salaris


Payroll and salary management for the healthcare industry

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SDB Salaris is a cloud-based payroll solution that covers personnel registration, salary and test processing, and extensive checking and correction options for the healthcare industry. The platform provides accurate and current financial information including forecasts of future costs and budgets.

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Payroll and employee management solution

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SalarFusion is a payroll management solution for the Dutch market, designed to help businesses manage salaries, employee records, pensions, tax submissions, & more. The platform comes with an employee portal that allows users to view and download payslips & annual statements.

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Gestión de Personas

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We deliver an ecosystem that assists businesses with people management, digital signatures, remunerations, and attendance and shifts management, streamlining human resource (HR) processes.

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Online software for consignment management

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eConsig is an integrated online consignment management solution with a platform that works as a direct communication channel between the employees of a company and financial products of several banking institutions.

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