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AmazingHiring logo

AI Sourcing and Messaging Platform for Tech Recruiters

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**AI Outbound Recruiting & Messaging Platform** for hard-to-fill tech roles: Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UX/UI designers, etc. Accelerate sourcing qualified candidates, save time-to-interview. Best for: recruitment teams with 10+ tech positions open. GDPR compliant. ATS data enrichment.

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JobScore logo

Simplify, Optimize & Improve your Hiring

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JobScore is the original user-friendly, all-in-one online recruiting software solution. Post to 50+ job boards with one click. Customize Forms. Parse & score resumes. Sync your email & calendar. Interview better. We simplify hiring and help improve recruiting results.

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Softy logo

Recruitment management and pre-employment testing tool

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Softy is a recruitment software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage career websites, job applications, candidates, video interviews, and more on a centralized platform. Hiring teams can create offers and distribute, advertise, and publish them across multiple websites or job boards.

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a3innuva | Nomina logo

Software for payroll and Human Resources management in Spain

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a3innuva | Nómina is a modular management platform for companies in Spain needing to manage payroll, and HR operations. The application is in the cloud and accessible from any device. Modules can be integrated to suit the needs of each company.

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Serand logo

Hire the best talent faster.

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Serand is a recruitment software that uses machine learning and behavioral psychology to create role-specific assessments. With access to data reports, HR managers can make informed decisions.

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Sapia logo

Making recruitment technology human

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The world's first Smart Interviewer that helps you win the right talent, fast.

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Abler logo

Software for the digital management of recruitment processes

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Abler is a tool for the management of recruitment and selection processes, suitable for HR consultancies and medium to large companies that frequently hire. Among its functions is the adoption of digital and automated screening of candidates.

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CleverConnect logo

Resume parsing, CV matching and video interviewing software

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CleverConnect is a recruitment software suite designed to assist businesses and staffing firms with resume sourcing and qualification of job applications. Features include video interviewing, resume parsing and matching, evaluations and more, in a collaborative SaaS solution tailored for your needs.

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Oleeo logo

Applicant tracking and hiring management software

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An add-on module to Oleeo Recruit, Intelligent Selection leverages artificial intelligence to automatically score candidates for interview selection and next steps, reducing bias in selection, pinpointing top candidates, and improving quality of hire, while accelerating recruiting processes.

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HROnboard logo

Build amazing employee journeys.

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Employee onboarding & engagement software

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HROne logo

Enabling Better Workplaces

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HR-One is a comprehensive web based recruitment software that helps you manage the complete recruitment function seamlessly.

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Qintil logo

All in one software & mobile app for Staffing Agencies

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All in one software & mobile app for Staffing Agencies & Employers. Recruit, train, onboard & fill shifts, stay compliant, pay & bill. Includes Learning, Recruitment and Rostering software plus a mobile app, reporting and finance functions.

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CareerArc Social Recruiting logo

Recruiting tool for healthcare, retail & hospitality sectors

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CareerArc Social Recruiting is a cloud-based HR solution designed to help businesses in healthcare, retail, & hospitality connect & recruit job seekers on social media platforms. It allows users to distribute jobs across Twitter channels & engage with seekers using Twitter Cards.

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XOR logo

Text messaging, chatbots, and AI for recruiting teams

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Modern recruiting communication software with text messaging, AI chatbot automation, and on-demand video interviewing for faster hiring

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Psychometric Assessments logo

Software for managing assessment in recruitment process

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Psychometric Assessments allows businesses to validate the candidates based only on their skills and values and eliminate bias from hiring using proven psychometric data.

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Employa logo

Smart ATS Add-On for Candidate Sourcing and Vetting

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Hi! I'm Employa
I match innovative companies with the tech talent they need.
Whether you need a recruitment service or an upgrade to your existing ATS software, I can help you with it.

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QJumpers Applicant Tracking logo

ATS Recruitment Software

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QJumpers is a cloud-based ATS which combines online job advertising, career sites, customizable workflows, job requisition, interview scheduling, collaborative decision-making, talent pool creation, offer document generation, onboarding automation, HR system integrations, and more.

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DreamTeam logo

You Focus on People, HR Ops is on Us

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Let us do all the heavy lifting while you focus on building a company where everyone belongs.

An all-in-one people hub for SMBs to simplify complex people processes with the fastest, most flexible, and limitless HR platform.

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Entire OnHire logo

All-In-One Software for Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

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Entire OnHire empowers staffing businesses by streamlining all staffing processes, from initial recruitment to final invoicing. Fill more shifts and empower your workforce with our easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for agencies and temporary staff.

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Naaloo logo

Cloud-based SME and human resources software

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Naaloo allows SMEs to centralize and automate their HR management in a simple way, saving a lot of time and costs.

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Juggl logo

You'll Make Global Payroll & HR Look Easy!

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Eliminate complexities of hiring and running your team remotely as Juggl handles it all - from org charts to people directories, document management to onboarding, time tracking to approvals, localized benefits to invoicing. Make each aspect of your HR process more strategic with the power of Juggl!

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PeopleCloud logo

Manage everything in the cloud and within the same platform

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People Cloud is a human resource software that helps enterprises centralize engagement, evaluation, retention, and development of employees.

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Eklavvya logo

Software for creating and managing online assessments

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Eklavvya is a cloud-based assessment solution designed to help organizations create, conduct and manage custom assessments for academic tests, hiring, coding assessment, certifications, and more. Eklavvya combines automated scoring with highly configurable reporting tools to improve the accuracy of your test scores and accelerate the turnaround time.

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Sage People logo

Enabling HR to build a high-performing global workforce.

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Sage People empowers HR to build a high-performing, global workforce that can handle future changes and stay ahead of the competition. Align talent with business strategy & deliver great workforce experiences that support a diverse culture through enterprise-grade, highly configurable HR technology.

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HR Neeti logo

Let's maximise your human capital

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Designed for Organizations (>1000 employees) who face issues in managing distributed and complex workforce structures & processes. High growth companies looking to TRANSFORM the HR function, rather than just Digitize, with a suite of RPAs to achieve 100% HR Process Automation.

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