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Appcast logo

Fill your hiring funnels faster with qualified applicants.

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Appcast delivers candidates for all of your open jobs by using best-in-class technology, an unmatched set of data, and a team of industry experts.

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QPage logo

Social Sourcing/Recruiting Platform | All-in-One

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A fresh and modern approach to performance recruiting by autonomous workflows and resourceful selection offering a long-tern low cost sourcing/recruiting strategy.

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Recruitify logo

A cloud-based ATS & recruitment automation system

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Recruitify is an All-in-One recruiting tool. Next-generation recruitment automation platform helping you complete complex recruitment processes, including features like project management, sales (for agencies), recruitment activities, career sites, ATS, client and candidate management.

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Chameleon-i logo

Staffing & Employment Agency software Chameleon-i software i

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One of the most adaptable recruitment database solutions available today is called Chameleon-i. To operate temporary, contract, and permanent recruitment desks in every market vertical, we have everything you need.

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RecruitBot logo

Harness AI and ML to find the right candidates

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RecruitBot is a powerful hiring platform that helps businesses find top talent through machine learning, automated outreach, and collaborative recruiting. The web-based software enables teams to automate the top of the recruiting funnel.

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EmployeeConnect logo

Human resource management software with customizable HRIS

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EmployeeConnect is a cloud-based human capital management software, which helps organizations manage onboarding, recruitment, benefits, and more. The platform enables businesses to create a personalized HR information system with custom workflows, menus, and forms.

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Ascender Payroll and HCM logo

Employee performance appraisal for business management

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Ascender Payroll and HCM is a cloud-based suite of tools for managing payroll and human capital. The platform provides modules for performance management, payroll, learning and talent management, reporting and analytics, recruitment, onboarding, and more.

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RippleMatch logo

Recruiting platform for hiring talent virtually

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RippleMatch is a web-based recruiting platform designed to help businesses hire the right talent virtually. It lets users streamline early-career hiring processes through employer branding, events management, and diversity recruitment capabilities.

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Guru Jobs logo

Hire better, faster, cheaper.

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Guru Jobs is a platform that screens candidates’ work attitudes with a questionnaire and a report. It ranks candidates in a CRM system and integrates with any ATS. It offers a project manager, webinars and training. It saves time and money and hires for skills and attitudes.

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CVMinder ATS logo

Applicant Tracking System with Safer Recruitment compliance

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Recruiting made easy for Care, Education, Not-for-profit and Hospitality employers. Get the award winning ATS. Best value. Best Support.

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Hirevire logo

Automate collection of simple video/audio/text answers.

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Hirevire is a cloud-based tool to collect video or audio or text answers from candidates. It comes with standardized questions for all candidates. Candidates screen themselves at a time that's suitable for them. Team members can review the screening at a time suitable to them. They can talk to only the best candidates. It also lets users collect video/audio/text/files from candidates to reduce bias from recruiters. Additionally, they can share these answers with the interviewers.

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Outmatch logo

Assessment tool for hiring, retaining and developing talent

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OutMatch is a single cloud-based recruitment platform for businesses, that assists with the hiring, retention and development of talented employees with candidate assessments, on-demand interview guidance, automated reference checking, onboarding, and the derivation of actionable workforce analytics

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Circa logo

Cloud-based recruiting and applicant tracking software

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Circa is a cloud-based job board and recruiting software which helps HR professionals handle OFCCP compliance and maintain a database of applicants and jobs. It enables staffing agencies to manage applicant hiring operations, conduct audits, and create workforce strategies on a unified platform.

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Plum logo

Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

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Plum is a cloud-based pre-employment testing solution which assesses applicants on their problem solving abilities, behavior & attitude, and social intelligence

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TargetRecruit logo

Software for staffing & recruiting firms built on Salesforce

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TargetRecruit is an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) built on Salesforce for staffing and recruiting firms which enables users to streamline the recruitment process through an ecosystem of customizable apps to run every aspect of staffing and recruiting

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Fitzii logo

Complete Hiring Solution for SMBs

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Fitzii is the recruiting department for small businesses, offering expert services and smart tools that improve hiring success.

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eBoss Recruitment Software logo

End-to-end software solution with recruitment intelligence

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eBoss is an end-to-end software solution for recruiters targeting growth and quality in their placements. It offers smart tools, automation, AI assistance, and integrated communications tools that bring a new level of sophistication to your recruitment enterprise.

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Crosschq  logo

Reference management solution HR teams

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Crosschq is a reference management solution, which helps organizations streamline processes related to the screening, hiring, & onboarding of applicants. Its built-in talent acquisition tool gathers insights from candidates to let hiring managers match applicants with job requirements.

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LiveHire logo

Recruiting software for HR leaders and managers

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LiveHire is a talent management software designed to help hiring managers connect and engage with job seekers and existing employees. Administrators can utilize AI-based tools to find, classify, and organize the applications of candidates based on different criteria.

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Webrecruit ATS logo

Deliver better results, faster with the best ATS software.

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Webrecruit ATS, Webrecruit's cloud-based Applicant Tracking System, allows you to manage your entire recruitment process, from job requisition and advertising, right through to onboarding. Webrecruit ATS is proven to make hiring easier and quicker, while providing a great candidate experience.

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Viterbit logo

Talent management platform for HR professionals

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Viterbit is a Spanish-language talent management platform with which you can centralize, automate and optimize recruitment and selection processes.

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Worksome logo

Workforce hiring and management software

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Worksome is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage freelancers' hiring, onboarding, payments, compliance, contracts, taxes, and more via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create an internal talent pool to streamline the candidate hiring process for internal teams and clients.

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AmazingHiring logo

AI Sourcing and Messaging Platform for Tech Recruiters

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**AI Outbound Recruiting & Messaging Platform** for hard-to-fill tech roles: Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UX/UI designers, etc. Accelerate sourcing qualified candidates, save time-to-interview. Best for: recruitment teams with 10+ tech positions open. GDPR compliant. ATS data enrichment.

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JobScore logo

Simplify, Optimize & Improve your Hiring

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JobScore is the original user-friendly, all-in-one online recruiting software solution. Post to 50+ job boards with one click. Customize Forms. Parse & score resumes. Sync your email & calendar. Interview better. We simplify hiring and help improve recruiting results.

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Softy logo

Recruitment management and pre-employment testing tool

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Softy is a recruitment software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage career websites, job applications, candidates, video interviews, and more on a centralized platform. Hiring teams can create offers and distribute, advertise, and publish them across multiple websites or job boards.

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