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ADP HR Assist logo

All-in-one HR solution for small business owners

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ADP HR Assist is a cloud-based, all-in-one human resources (HR) solution for small businesses to manage recruiting, employees, and compliance tasks. The platform offers an HR portal, document builders, the HR Foresight compliance tool to provide legal insights, and integration with ZipRecruiter.

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TalentHR logo

A fresh, intuitive tool for your HR needs.

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TalentHR is a fresh take on HRIS, an all-in-one tool built for people management and job applicant tracking (ATS) success. Streamline your hiring process and day-to-day people data management with TalentHR, a fresh take on HRIS. No IT skills required, all at a reasonable price.

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PayScale Suite logo

A modern compensation platform with built-in markert data.

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PayScale offers a smart, easy to use compensation management software with transparent datasets, intuitive structure modeling, and best-in-class service and support to ensure you are quickly set-up to attract and retain top talent.

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Rezoomo logo

Applicant tracking system for managing recruitment processes

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Rezoomo is an applicant tracking system that helps streamline recruitment across sectors with tools for job posting, candidate screening, and interviews.

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Glint logo

People success and engagement platform for global companies

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Glint is an online people success platform for companies keen to optimize their working environments, with solutions spanning employee engagement, the measurement of the full employee lifecycle from onboard to exit, plus the evaluation of manager and team effectiveness via customizable surveys

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Buk logo

Human resources software with electronic signatures

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Buk is a web-based human resources software designed to help businesses manage compensation, custom document templates, and internal request flows from within a centralized platform. It lets managers automate various HR tasks such as, organize information of collaborators, customize tabs, receive personalized notifications, generate reports, and access updated organization charts.

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Capabiliti LMS logo

Omni-channel training, assessment & engagement platform

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A unified platform that lets users recruit, onboard, train, assess and engage with employees, vendors, partners & more

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WorkCompass logo

Performance appraisal & talent management platform

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WorkCompass is a performance appraisal & talent management platform which enables SMBs to track & manage employee performance efficiently & effectively

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EmployeeConnect logo

Human resource management software with customizable HRIS

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EmployeeConnect is a cloud-based human capital management software, which helps organizations manage onboarding, recruitment, benefits, and more. The platform enables businesses to create a personalized HR information system with custom workflows, menus, and forms.

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WorkforceHub Time & Attendance logo

Time and attendance tracking for on-site and remote teams

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WorkforceHub from SwipeClock provides multi-location businesses of any size with timekeeping and attendance tracking for on-site and remote employees. Features include timesheets, webclock, compliance management, mobile application, complete timecard history, geofencing, custom fields, and more.

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Ascender Payroll and HCM logo

Employee performance appraisal for business management

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Ascender Payroll and HCM is a cloud-based suite of tools for managing payroll and human capital. The platform provides modules for performance management, payroll, learning and talent management, reporting and analytics, recruitment, onboarding, and more.

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Heartpace logo

Our cloud-based HRM system streamlines HR processes and maxi

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Heartpace is your partner for modern HR. Our tailored systems provide you with flexibility and user-friendliness with the highest security (ISO 27001). The solution is easy to scale with your company. Our dedicated team supports your digital HR journey.

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LutherOne logo

Collaboration & performance platform that people love

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Continuous real-time data driven collaboration and productivity platform that significantly advances employee engagement & performance, driving enterprise productivity

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Prosper EX logo

Cloud-based employee engagement platform

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Prosper EX is a cloud-based employee engagement platform that helps businesses gain team insights such as performance overview, retention rates, workforce data, and more on a unified platform.

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Structural logo

Employee engagement and success platform with mobile support

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Structural is an organizational success platform for profiling and engaging employees with a view to connecting staff, developing talent and analyzing data

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Outmatch logo

Assessment tool for hiring, retaining and developing talent

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OutMatch is a single cloud-based recruitment platform for businesses, that assists with the hiring, retention and development of talented employees with candidate assessments, on-demand interview guidance, automated reference checking, onboarding, and the derivation of actionable workforce analytics

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TargetRecruit logo

Software for staffing & recruiting firms built on Salesforce

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TargetRecruit is an integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) built on Salesforce for staffing and recruiting firms which enables users to streamline the recruitment process through an ecosystem of customizable apps to run every aspect of staffing and recruiting

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Zelos Team Management logo

A very simple app for managing teams

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A free app for quick self-signup. Shifts, tasks and chats on desktop and mobile - with unlimited members!

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Each Person logo

We believe that Each Person matters.

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Each Person is the leading employee recognition and rewards platform making people feel more valued and motivated while doing good for the planet.

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tomHRM  logo

Modern HR Software - All-in-one. Choose what you need.

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tomHRM is an HR software designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline and manage processes for recruitment, onboarding, talent development, training and engagement with employees, 1 on 1s, Goals, and many others.

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Grapevine Evaluations logo

Web-based employee survey & evaluation platform

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360 Degree Feedback Tool is a web-based employee evaluation platform with which SMBs & large enterprises can manage employee evaluations, assessments & reviews

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LiveHire logo

Recruiting software for HR leaders and managers

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LiveHire is a talent management software designed to help hiring managers connect and engage with job seekers and existing employees. Administrators can utilize AI-based tools to find, classify, and organize the applications of candidates based on different criteria.

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Mercer Mettl 360View logo

An Easy-to-Use 360 Degree Performance Appraisals & Feedback

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Mercer | Mettl 360 View is a data-focused, cloud-based platform that enables organizations to conduct insightful 360-degree feedback surveys. The tool enables organizations to gather holistic employee feedback from managers, peers, leaders, subordinates and clients, among other stakeholders.

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SkillStation logo

Complete skills, training and competency management

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SkillStation is an online competency management software solution that provides an optimised approach to manage your training, skills, and competency records.

Remove the need for paper records and fragmented spreadsheets with SkillStation - complete competency management.

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PeopleGoal logo

Global performance management software for high growth teams

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PeopleGoal is an employee experience platform for high-growth teams. Engage your employees with recognition, rewards, surveys and news. Boost performance with goal setting, one-to-ones, constructive feedback and reviews.

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