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Online job marketplace & hiring platform

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Workpop is a full service hiring platform designed to provide SMBs & enterprises with the tools to find, screen & hire prospective job candidates effectively

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Saba TalentSpace


Put your people in the driver's seat of their own experience

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Saba TalentSpace™ is an organically built cloud-based talent management suite that reinforces & drives higher employee performance across all talent programs.

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LMS, Performance Management, & Peer-Peer Video Learning

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Bridge gives employers the tools to manage and develop their talent and employees, from onboarding to exit, employees to managers.

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The Devine Group Suite


Employee assessments & talent analytic tools

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The Devine Group is a employee assessment and talent analysis tool for employers and recruiters which is designed to help businesses match the right candidates to each job opening. The online tool uses pre-employment testing and competency-based assessments to aid in making smarter hiring decisions.

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Your Online Learning Partner

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BizLibrary is an online employee training solution that enables learners to view training content related to various fields in the form of videos and lessons

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Hello Talent


Candidate CRM & collaborative recruiting tool

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Hello Talent is a cloud-based recruiting solution which allows users to create and share job opportunities, manage candidate relationships, nurture candidates, and collaborate on hiring. Features include social media aggregation, CV parsing, GDPR compliance management, automated emails, and more.

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Saba Cloud


Work Like You

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A more proactive and personal approach to talent management to help your people and your business thrive.

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Simplify learning at work.

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Simplify learning at work. Create courses and manage live training events. Plus get 200+ courses included.

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Oracle Taleo Cloud


Talent Management for Small to Midsize Businesses

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Oracle TBE Cloud Service you can easily access key employee data and streamline operations with modules for every talent management process – from recruiting to performance management to learning and development.

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High-Volume Hiring for the Hourly Workforce

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Fountain's mobile-first platform is trusted by organizations that rely on an hourly workforce to streamline and scale their recruiting operations across the globe. Fountain enables employers globally to make data-driven decisions and attract the best candidates.

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A free end-to-end solution for recruiters.

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MightyRecruiter is an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes previously manual, time-consuming tasks easy, quick, and effective.

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IBM Talent Management


HR powered by AI is the new driver of business growth.

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With IBM Watson Talent Management expand human expertise, empowering HR to improve and speed people’s impact on the business.

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Empower your people.

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WeThrive goes way deeper than traditional employee engagement surveys. Our powerful employee engagement software uncovers how your people truly feel, revealing the subconscious factors at the root of common workplace issues. Our clients benefit from higher engagement, retention and productivity.

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Quantum Workplace


Modern tools to elevate employee and business success.

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Quantum Workplace is a cloud-based employee engagement solution, which assists businesses of all sizes with conducting surveys and collecting employee feedback. Key features include data analysis, automated reminders, goal setting, progress tracking, engagement tracking, and talent review.

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Your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform

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HireVue is your end-to-end Hiring Experience Platform with video interview software, conversational AI, and assessments.

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Organize. Humanize. Maximize.

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Ascentis offers powerful but easy-to-use, full-suite HCM software for mid-sized, U.S.-based businesses

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EMP Trust HR


HR Onboarding software for forms & tasks using phones & web.

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Recruit and hire with employee onboarding, engagement and performance software along with training orientation

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Intuitive all-in-one recruitment platform

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The key to successful hiring is attracting the very best talent. Our employer brand page can easily integrate with your existing website. Candidates can easily apply, no matter what device they are using (smartphone, tablet, computer). The data is gathered into our applicant tracking system, which allows for the creation of talentpools, automating internal and external communication, digitizing interviews and building intelligent scorecards.

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ADP Vantage HCM


Globally scalable HR system

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ADP Vantage HCM is a global human resource management and talent management software enabling businesses to manage all aspects of their HR process via one dashboard. ADP Vantage HCM is completely web based and optimized for mobile devices.

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Kazoo is a transformative employee experience platform that helps organizations achieve peak performance.

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#1 in Quality of Service

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myStaffingPro is a comprehensive recruiting platform that offers applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in a scalable, configurable solution. With more than 500 clients, myStaffingPro is not limited by industry, browser, or integration requirements. Its SaaS model makes it accessible from anywhere at any time, and offers unlimited integration capabilities. The system supports businesses ranging from a small office to large enterprises.

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Enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition & management

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Avature is an enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management, and a provider of candidate relationship management for recruiting. Avature offers solutions for managing campus recruiting, recruitment events, employee referrals, internal mobility, succession planning, and more.

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PiiQ by Cornerstone


Performance & Learning Management and Analytics for SMBs

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PiiQ develops talent with tools for goal setting, competency management, performance reviews, development, succession planning and more.

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Applicant tracking & hiring for hospitality businesses

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Harri is an applicant tracking and hiring platform designed to help hospitality businesses source, manage, track, and onboard candidates, with applicant screening technology, video interviewing, payroll integration, digital onboarding, mobile tools, and more

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Time and attendance tracking for on-site and remote teams

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WorkforceHub from SwipeClock provides multi-location businesses of any size with timekeeping and attendance tracking for on-site and remote employees. Features include timesheets, webclock, compliance management, mobile application, complete timecard history, geofencing, custom fields, and more.

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