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a3innuva | Nomina logo

Software for payroll and Human Resources management in Spain

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a3innuva | Nómina is a modular management platform for companies in Spain needing to manage payroll, and HR operations. The application is in the cloud and accessible from any device. Modules can be integrated to suit the needs of each company.

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TeamBridge logo

AI-powered workforce management

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Zira is a cloud-based workforce management platform, powered by artificial intelligence. The platform offers a suite of tools for automating policies, gathering data-driven insights, optimizing schedules, and creating incentive programs for employees.

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WhosOff logo

The Online Staff leave planner

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Online staff leave planner since 2007
Streamline leave management, no more holiday forms
Vacation, holiday, absence, meetings can be tracked in WhosOff.
Add upto 30 different vacation/leave types to suit your business.
Manage Staff leave in Days/Hours.
Tag users for easy grouping and reporting

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Profiler Cloud logo

Human resource management software

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Profiler Cloud is a human resource software that is designed to help small to medium businesses manage employees and keep track of their performance. With the digital communications feature, supervisors can send out messages to employees and create as well as share surveys or polls the entire team.

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Aplano logo

Employee scheduling made easy

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Aplano is an employee scheduling software offering multiple solutions over one platform. It can be used on all devices and works in real-time. Main functions: time-tracking, vacation-management, multiple schedule views, availabilities, chat and reports.

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mJobTime logo

Premier timekeeping solution for the Construction industry.

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The most feature-rich, customizable timekeeping and mobile solution for the construction market. Deep integrations for most of the leading construction accounting systems.

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HROne logo

Enabling Better Workplaces

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HR-One time office management software easily manage your employees’ attendance and automate all sorts of leave, shift-scheduling and attendance policy.

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CrossChex Cloud logo

Cloud-based time and attendance management software

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CrossChex Cloud is a cloud-based time and attendance management solution offered by Anviz. This software is designed to cater to the needs of any business, providing seamless connectivity and advanced features for efficient time tracking and workforce management. The software allows administrators to track employees from any location and manage user permissions.

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Smart Square logo

Scheduling platform for healthcare providers

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AMN Healthcare's predictive analytics and scheduling software solution, Smart Square, enables healthcare provider organizations to determine labor needs based on forecasted demand, automatically post unfilled shifts, and utilize a calendar methodology to fill the shifts.

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Naaloo logo

Cloud-based SME and human resources software

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Naaloo allows SMEs to centralize and automate their HR management in a simple way, saving a lot of time and costs.

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Timecloud logo

Mobile-based employee management and timesheet application.

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Timecloud is a mobile app for managing employee timesheets and costs. Key features include daily hour recording, vacation request management, task assignment, and data reporting. The app also handles payslips securely. It is an Italian language app available for iOS and Android.

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Sloneek logo

Smart and hugely flexible HR system for SME's.

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With its intuitive time clock, smart integrations, and handy overviews, Sloneek offers a hassle-free solution to track your time.

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TimeKeeper logo

Time and attendance software for small businesses

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Simplify your time and attendance processes with TimeKeeper, and eliminate paper timesheets forever. Facial recognition, GPS geofencing and intuitive reporting to save you time and money.

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SYNCrew logo

Mobile workforce management with photo & GPS clock-in

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SYNCrew is a mobile workforce management solution which allows managers to track their work teams out in the field. The platform offers clock-in/clock-out with photo & GPS verification, time tracking, employee & team scheduling, email alerts, progress photos, customizable forms, reporting, and more.

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Work&Track Mobile logo

Business process management software

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Work&Track Mobile is designed for all companies with employees or subcontracted collaborators that perform an important part of their work out of the company's headquarters: service companies, logistics, energy & utilities, infrastructures, and facilities.

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TimeTrex logo

Web-based workforce management solution

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TimeTrex Workforce Management is a comprehensive workforce management software solution that provides even small organizations with the benefit of automation, which previously only large companies could afford. The extremely flexible rule engine can automate some of the most complex government regulations and business policies, in both Canada and US. Its mobile app can transform tablets and phones into fast and accurate biometric facial recognition timeclocks.

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SubItUp logo

Workforce management and scheduling tool

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SubItUp is a cloud-based workforce management software that helps organizations schedule jobs and analyze their employees' work progress. Features include customizable branding, single sign-on, attendance tracking, shift swapping, leave management, group messaging, reminders, and reporting.

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Users also considered logo

Timesheet management platform for contractors & consultants

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eTimesheets is a time tracking software designed to help contractors and consulting firms manage employee timesheets in compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations. Managers can allocate labor costs and utilize the audit log to track changes across timesheets.

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Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA logo

Employee time tracking, live time sheets, and leave requests

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Aussie Time Sheets Workforce TNA is a cloud based employee time tracking, leave management, and live time sheet platform with payroll, accounting, and human resources (HR) integration. Users can track, monitor, and store employee working hours, leave requests, vacation days, sick pay, and more.

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NOVAtime logo

Web-based workforce management and timekeeping software

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NOVAtime is a web-based workforce management software, which helps analyze employee productivity and manage time and attendance across the organization. Features include talent management, payroll processing, job costing, leave management, reminders, and reporting.

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Workzoom logo

All-in-one people management software

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Ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time with automated clocking and free up administrative time by streamlining leave requests.

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Wobbly logo

Wobbly Time Tracker

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Wobbly is a free, user-friendly time-tracking tool for freelancers, developers, and small businesses, offering features like task/project management, automatic reporting, team tracking, invoice generation, and integrations with Trello, Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Salesforce, Google services.

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Humanforce logo

Making work easier and life better

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Humanforce offers a leading HCM suite for frontline and flexible workforces, providing configurable WFM, HR, Payroll, and Wellbeing solutions without compromise. Established in 2002, with 2300+ customers and 600K users worldwide, it serves mid-large enterprises.

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Talana logo

Human technology for people

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We accompany you to achieve your goals with Talana, the Human Resources software in Chile for the management of your employees, saving time and costs and achieving greater satisfaction among your team.

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CenterPoint Payroll logo

Better tools for those outgrowing basic payroll systems

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Payroll Software for growing businesses that adds profits by reducing the time and money associated with payroll processing. CenterPoint Payroll Software stands apart from other payroll software programs with features that are not found in basic packages, and won't cost you a bundle like they would in the complex, more expensive packages.

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