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myQuest logo

Action-based Learning Management System

learn more
myQuest is an action-based Learning Management System that delivers real learning experiences to your people. We offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface to learners and administrators, which allows you to achieve amazing results in less time.

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Eggup logo

Soft Skills Digital Assessment Solutions

learn more
Digital assessment service to analyze and enhance people’s soft skills with personalized questionnaires and continuous learning suggestions.

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Cority logo

Environment, health, safety and quality management software

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Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability, occupational health, safety and quality.

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Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC) logo

Drive engagement and retention through inclusive mentoring.

learn more
10KC is the only all-in-one platform for inclusive mentoring, connectivity, and skills development that drives better employee engagement and retention. Organizations rely on 10KC to build, manage, scale, and measure all of their mentoring and networking experiences in one fully integrated platform.

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Go1 logo

Online learning management platform

learn more
Go1 is an enterprise learning management system that helps businesses of all sizes develop and distribute training content across the workforce. It offers Go1 Content Hub, which allows businesses to search content, build learning programs from pre-curated playlists, and identify training material to meet business requirements.

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Traineaze logo

Online employee, partner & customer training platform

learn more
Traineaze is a cloud-based learning platform for creating & delivering online training courses with quizzes, completion certificates, real-time reporting & more

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AirManual logo

Makes processes simple.

learn more
AirManual helps businesses to document and use their processes, training, and onboarding to free up time, improve quality, and continuously improve. To do this, AirManual provides a super user-friendly tool and expert support to help you address your biggest challenges.

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Wooqer logo

One App for All Ops - Workflows, Audits, Compliance, Surveys

learn more
Wooqer is an App for businesses to digitize frontline operations trusted by brands like Lifestyle, Skechers, Pantaloons, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Dominos and others.

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Testinvite logo

Leading online assessment and exam software

learn more
TestInvite is an online examination software for SMBs, enterprises, and public administrations to conduct secure, supervised, and customizable tests. It locks down browser activity, monitors and records live video streams, and implements access restrictions to ensure security and integrity.

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GoTo Training logo

Online classroom and desktop sharing solution for trainers

learn more
GoToTraining is a web-hosted training solution for conducting remote and hybrid classes for up to 200 people, offering registration and session sharing features

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Ving logo

Safety training and compliance monitoring platform

learn more
Ving is a safety training and compliance monitoring platform that helps businesses manage audits conducted by organization leaders and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Supervisors can monitor and track employee progress and completion status across all training programs.

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Lectora logo

Web-based, easy-to-use interactive content authoring softwar

learn more
Lectora is a content authoring tool that helps businesses design, publish, and deliver assignments, quizzes, and surveys across multiple learning management platforms. It enables content developers to collaborate on tasks, add reviews, and create interactive, video, and scenario-based assignments.

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WalkMe logo

Transform the User Experience

learn more
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to transform the user experience in today’s overwhelming digital world. Using AI, analytics, guidance and automation, WalkMe’s transparent overlay assists users to complete tasks easily within any enterprise software, mobile app or website.

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SwipeGuide logo

CPG & Industrial Manufacturing

learn more
Instructional how-to meets frontline know-how. Simplify the way people work and learn at the frontline.

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WorkRamp logo

The learning cloud for your employees, customers & partners.

learn more
WorkRamp is the Learning Cloud that empowers businesses to design impactful learning programs for employees and customers in one single platform.

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Digemy logo

The most powerful learning solution.

learn more
Digemy is an innovative adaptive learning solution that transforms traditional tickbox training with micro-modules, gamification, and spaced repetition.

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SmarterU LMS logo

We Solve Training Pain!

learn more
One solution for both your Learning Management System (LMS) and Online Training Course Design. We'll solve your training pain. We'll make your courses look great. We'll love you more. Pain free

Read more about SmarterU LMS

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Cegid Talentsoft logo

Human resource and talent management solution

learn more
Cegid TalentSoft provides HR teams and recruiters with tools for human resource (HR) and talent management. It offers products for recruiting, performance and competency tracking, learning management, talent review, compensation management, onboarding, and workforce management.

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Accord LMS logo

LMS solution for SMBs and extended enterprises

learn more
Accord LMS is a cloud-based Learning Management System providing enterprise level functionality priced for SMB and extended enterprise customers

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Kallidus Learn logo

LMS for compliance, elective learning, and manager advocacy.

learn more
Kallidus Learn allows users to deploy, manage, track, and report learning across multiple devices with an intuitive learner experience and a commitment from our team to yours to ensure success from pre-sale to implementation to scaling up, growth, and innovation.

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ovos play logo

Learning management solution for employee & student training

learn more
ovos play is a learning management solution that helps organizations manage training for onboarding, sales support, online education, and more. The platform comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables businesses to create, as well as update, learning content across multiple topics.

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Userlane logo

Instant software adoption, instant results.

learn more
Userlane offers a code-free DAP solution, tailored for organizations willing to accelerate software adoption, enhance user experience, support and guide their users at scale.

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Travitor logo

Simplify learning at work.

learn more
Simplify learning at work. Create courses and manage live training events. Plus get 200+ courses included.

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ExamBuilder logo

Online testing platform for businesses of all sizes

learn more
ExamBuilder is a cloud-based online testing platform that enables businesses to streamline processes related to student & employee management, exam creation, scheduling & more. Businesses of all types can use the platform to create an online training library and exams for teams & individuals.

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Users also considered logo Create your own online-courses within minutes.

learn more
With, companies, academies, trainers, and coaches can create their own e-learning courses with multimedia content in no time. These courses are accessible to their learners via the learning platform on all devices, anytime, and anywhere.

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