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QuestBase logo

Web-based assessment platform

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QuestBase is a web-based application that allows organizations to create and manage tests, assessments, exams, and certifications. It provides a complete platform for all student-centered testing needs from grade book integration to reporting and analytics.

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Elite logo

Learning management system

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Elite is an AI-powered skill management tool enabling companies to map skills, define career paths, get engaging content, and validate and reward learners through advanced analytics for every role. It's everything a business needs to organize the team learning and make a great impression.

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EHS Insight logo

Web based EHS management solution for SMBs

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EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces.

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PlayerLync logo

The Digital Workplace for the Mobile Workforce

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PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that combines mobile learning, operational support and compliance, content management, and communications in one easy-to-use application. We help companies like Starbucks, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Southern Company Gas.

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iTacit logo

Workforce communication software to engage & train employees

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Through iTacit’s LMS, employees can access a full online course library to browse training, view special enrolment instructions and self-enrol in the course (if permitted). iTacit is the answer for all your training needs including team and compliance tracking, course authoring and learning paths

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Amplifire logo

Get smarter about getting smarter

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Amplifire is an adaptive eLearning platform that detects and corrects misinformation and knowledge gaps that can lead to errors.

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CurrikiStudio logo

Content authoring and publishing management software

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CurrikiStudio is a cloud-based content authoring software, which helps publishing businesses and higher education organizations design, customize, publish, and manage online learning courses via a unified portal. The platform enables users to add interactive elements to videos, slide presentations, assessments, lectures, and case studies to optimize the learning experience.

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Coassemble logo

Drive business growth by creating quality employee training.

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Built for growing businesses looking for their first online training platform, Coassemble allows you to create high quality training.

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MetaCompliance logo

Make it Personal.

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Our bite sized, targeted eLearning helps to foster a culture of cyber security awareness in your organisation. Educate and engage employees with award-winning training from our extensive eLearning library, expertly produced with personality in mind.

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Digemy logo

The most powerful learning solution.

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Digemy is an innovative adaptive learning solution that transforms traditional tickbox training with micro-modules, gamification, and spaced repetition.

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Schoox logo

Learning wherever work happens

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Schoox is an LMS with a people-first twist. It makes learning and career development easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun, so whatever your learners need to know just “clicks.”

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Acorn logo

Cloud-based performance learning management system.

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Acorn Performance LMS (PLMS) is the dynamic AI-powered platform for learning experiences synchronized to business performance at every step.

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Northpass logo

Create an academy you're proud of.

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Northpass is the learning platform for mid-sized businesses seeking to create and scale learning to customers, partners and employees.

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ShareKnowledge logo

Learning management system for businesses

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ShareKnowledge is a cloud-based learning management solution which helps small to large businesses create, publish, and share content. Key features include a content library, goal tracking, employee performance assessment, engagement metrics, signature capture, reporting, and analytics.

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ProProfs Training Maker logo

Create Online Training Courses & Assessments Easily

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Switch your employee training to online with ProProfs Training Maker, an award-winning enterprise-grade online training platform. Train employees on compliance, policies, procedures, and industry skills. Keep them engaged with gamification, online quizzes, surveys, and polls.

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VisualSP logo

Contextual in App Training, Support & Help System

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VisualSP is a full-featured training and support system that provides quick access to business-specific on-page training & guidance for Microsoft Apps. Ranging from interactive walkthroughs, pop-up videos, to announcement banners, in-context learning has never been this seamlessly accessible.

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AerieHub logo

Web-based building information tool for facility managers

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AerieHub, designed by Aerie Engineering, is a web-based building information application catering to facility managers across various industries, including education, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and more. This highly adaptable solution serves as an invaluable resource, granting swift access to essential data crucial for day-to-day operations.

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Elucidat logo

The smarter, faster way to produce quality digital learning

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The award winning authoring platform that will help you create and manage high quality online training content, at scale.

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Learningbank logo

The Easiest Way to Onboard and Train People.

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User-friendly, intuitive LMS & onboarding platform. Save time with automation, build engaging content or use ready-made learning modules. Collect your digital and physical training in one place and report progress easily. Perfect match for companies with 100+ employees. Read more & get a free demo.

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Enabley logo

Training Platform, LMS, Free Trial, Mobile training,

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Create, update and distribute courses in minutes; easy, intuitive, user-friendly interface.
The platform includes as well content eCommerce store, catalogue and billing capabilities.

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Pluto LMS logo

Proving the power of learning to drive business success

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Pluto LMS empowers L&D teams to create highly effective learning experiences that deliver measurable results for businesses of any size.

Book your personalised demo now - experience how Pluto LMS can free up your time and upgrade your training!

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Cognician logo

Employee activation platform

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Cognician is an employee activation platform that creates behavior change through scalable digital learning experiences. This neuroscience-based approach results in measurable change in 30 days or less.

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Attensi logo

Empower people to master new skills & behaviors.

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Attensi is the world’s leading provider of high impact gamified training — the most effective way to upskill your people with significant improvements in your KPIs. Engage your staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights from human psychology, learning, and gaming.

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JoomlaLMS logo

LMS for eLearning websites & course sales platforms

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JoomLMS is a learning management system for eLearning websites, course sales platforms, and business training programs, with a built-in course authoring tool

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Administrate Training Management logo

Powerful Software for Training Operations

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The comprehensive training management solution for enterprise training departments and training companies. Maximize training resources, demonstrate business results.

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