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MeetMax overview

All that you would expect ... and more
- Customize your conference registration forms and registration functions to your exact needs
- Import contacts and e-mail a custom invitation to your audience to speed up registration
- Design event marketing site, with up to 10 pages, to match corporate or event branding;simple content management tools make it easy to keep the event marketing site fresh with up-to-date information. Choose from several different templates or provide your own custom design.
- Process payments by credit card, check, purchase order; track revenue and both fixed/variable costs.
- Manage a Call for Speakers with on-line review/rating system
- Support Green Meeting Initiatives -- Speakers can upload copies of their presentation or other materials for electronic distribution to reviewers and ultimately, attendees.
- Build your agenda on-line and allow attendees to view, print or email the agenda from the registration system.
- Manage the hotel block.
- Handle ground transportation requests.
- Gather information on attendee special needs.
- Real-time access to all of your registration data.
- Ad-hoc queries allow you generate custom on-screen and downloadable reports
- Personal schedules for each attendee - hotel, transportation, workshops/activities and scheduled one-on-one meetings
- Blast email to attendees; use filters to e-mail to subsets of attendees
- All data is downloadable to Excel spreadsheets
- Manage sign-ups for workshops, evening and spouse/guest activities
- Allocate activities or workshops to different attendee types
- One-click reservation by attendees
- Include selectable options or special requests for each activity.
- System allows for either attendees or hosts to pay for optional activities
- Attendees indicate their meeting requests and priorities when registering for the event.
- Presenting companies/Sponsors/Exhibitors indicate their availability when registering their staff for the event and can indicate requests to meet with other companies or with attendees
- Your 1-on-1 Coordinator can then easily schedule meetings with one click of a key
- Check-in desk functions
- Print badges
- Attendance and No-Show reports
- Surveys
- View Presenter Uploads


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United Kingdom

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English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French and 7 other languages, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

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Katie Soffey


Reviewed 2013-12-16
Review Source: Capterra

I believe I am the oldest client of TWST. I was one of their first customers and have been ever since! I couldn't do my job without them! The staff is excellent and so willing to do whatever it takes to make everything work as needed. They also have a really fast response time, which I need considering I have clients to make happy!!!

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Karen Gauldin

Best Meeting Planning Tool

Reviewed 2013-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

Meetmax was created with all of the needs of a meeting planner in mind. The thought behind creating the back office function and the ease of the client's use, makes Meetmax the perfect tool for any organizer. The Customer Service aspect built into Meetmax makes it the only choice for all seasonal Meeting Professionals.

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Mallory White

MeetMax Review

Reviewed 2016-11-18
Review Source: Capterra

Upon my initial review of the MeetMax software, I was intrigued by it's features. I anticipate this software could potentially provide game changing additions to our internal event's 1-on-1 appointments.

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Lauren Gorrell


Reviewed 2013-11-05
Review Source: Capterra

I have worked with MM for years and I enjoy the ease of use and the customer services is great. Carrie and Rob are wonderful. I have worked with both of them at 2 different companies and they are always a pleasure.

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Tim Stuhldreher

Meetmax is great

Reviewed 2016-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

We are using MeetMax for our current internal conference in March of 2017 and they have been nothing but awesome. We have a complex event and their system is so customizable that even our toughest aspects have seemed to be "no big deal" to them. Very impressed!

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We work to earn your business with every event you do. No long term contracts, no minimum commitments.
MeetMax per event pricing: $200 set up fee, plus $4 per registrant.

MeetMax features

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Additional information for MeetMax

Key features of MeetMax

  • Create Custom Registration Forms
  • Extensive Report Library
  • Ad Hoc Queries and Reports
  • Create Your Own Multi-Page Event Marketing Site
  • Simple to Use Content Management Tools
  • Create and Email Custom Invitations
  • Manage Activities and Workshop Sign-ups
  • Industry Leading Scheduling Tools for Private 1x1 Meetings
  • Manage Hotel Block and Transportation Requests
  • Securely Process Payments
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You have a lot of options when selecting a registration system for an upcoming event. If you asked our clients why they use MeetMax for online event registration, you would hear four reasons:

A lot of registration tools look like they were designed by engineers, for use by engineers. MeetMax has intentionally stayed easy-to-use, without giving up functionality. This might sound unremarkable – but complex systems get mis-used, and more sophisticated features get ignored. With MeetMax, people are productive and efficient within just a few hours. AND the resulting conference registration site is easy for your attendees to use.

MeetMax has incorporated features that are really powerful - way beyond the requisite registration form. Here are just a few:
~ Closed invitee validation. Set up an Invitee list and let users validate themselves.
~ Private 1-on-1 meetings. MeetMax is a world leader in managing private scheduled meetings within an overall event.
~ Managed email blasts. Want to blast everyone with no hotel reservation to remind them? Or everyone who signed up for the spa? Or presenters who haven't uploaded their slides yet?
~ Ad Hoc reporting. Need a report of just those attendees from New Jersey and New York who registered this week and who need a hotel room? No problem.
~ Dynamic budgeting – let the MeetMax budget feature update your total costs as more people register.

MeetMax does a great job of making a registration system that is exactly what our client needs – rather than just a “good-enough” system.
That means the right fields on the form, called the right thing, required or not, set up the right way. Branding and logos where you need them. Informational messages and directions, links to documents, deadlines. Functional variations depending on what type of registrant they are. Translate your registration forms, including buttons, into multiple languages.

No other registration system allows for the kind of flexibility that MeetMax does.

Most of our clients are corporate – doing high value corporate meetings, incentive programs or large client conferences. They are busy people, who may want to share the job of managing the registration site. They may email us a logo, and say - “can you include this on our site.” Or send us a list of activities, and ask us to set them up with time slots, capacities, rules, options and costs. Nothing they couldn't do themselves as administrators – but our help frees their time to work on other aspects of the event.