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Virtual Events | Vibrant Networking | Vivid Experience

Hubilo aims to make your virtual events experience better than actual events through the unique Virtual Event Platform. Unlike most of the online events, those are just webinars, Hubilo provides a wide range of features set like to access attendee list, host 1-1 meetings, exchange business cards etc

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Connect Better

Aventri’s platform has the tools you need to manage all of your in-person, virtual, and hybrid event needs. The multi-lingual, multi-currency event platform is a global solution for organizations of all sizes.

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Video management and live streaming platform

Brandlive is a cloud-based video streaming platform designed to help businesses launch products and train employees through live and pre-recorded video content. Features include HD streaming, customizable branding, analytics, audience management, watermarking, and library collections.

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Event management software with built-in chatting tool

SpotMe is an event management software that helps businesses organize meetings, display presentations, add personal notes, and capture audiences’ responses on a centralized platform. The Q&A tool allows panelists to prioritize and broadcast questions raised by meeting participants.

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All-in-one events platform to host meet-ups and conferences

Airmeet is an all-in-one events platform for hosting virtual & hybrid conferences, meet-ups, expos, and fairs that your participants love.

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The Leader in Event Management and Virtual Event Platforms

Everything you need to plan, promote, monetize and produce your next virtual event:
* Event marketing websites with advanced registration
* Customizable and interactive Virtual Space
* Integration with registration, CRM and video platforms
* Professional livestream production services

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Create jaw-dropping virtual events

Welcome event software gives you everything you need to produce jaw-dropping virtual events. With low-latency, high-production video that feels like an interactive TV show, it's like having a broadcast studio at your fingertips.

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The platform for modern webinars, virtual, and hybrid events

Let's create the virtual event of your dreams together with industry-leading customization and engagement options.

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Virtual event tool for conducting online webinars & summits

Hopin is a virtual event software designed to help organizations create, host, and manage live events to connect with team members or external stakeholders. The platform enables administrators to host online webinars, conferences, summits, workshops, and other business events in real-time.

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Video, audio and web conferencing platform

BlueJeans Events, a globally trusted live video streaming solution, is an easy-to-use virtual event platform for keynotes, thought leadership, and brand awareness. Invite customers into a virtualized venue to strengthen community with a modernized alternative to worn-out webinars.

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Virtual hiring event & online career fair solutions

Brazen is a virtual event and career fair solution for recruiters and universities which offers one-on-one video & text chats, live video broadcasting, AI-powered chatbots, pre-screening, event promotion and more. The cloud-based tool allows users to boost engagement and broaden their reach.

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virtual conference platform, application and review platform

OpenWater is a Washington, D.C. based Inc. 5000 company that works with associations through our Event Cloud virtual conference platform, along with our Application and Review Cloud platform for awards, abstracts, grants, scholarships, and any other competitive review processes.

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All-in-one event registration, ticketing and CRM platform

Complete web and mobile-based event registration and management solution spanning site building, ticketing, analytics, CRM features and on-site check-in support

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Progressive Webinar App

ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform for hosting webinars and training sessions. It allows users to talk to multiple people, share screens, and translate meetings in real time. The webinar room can accommodate up to 4 presenters and up to 5000 attendees at the same time.

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Your affordable virtual event and registration platform

Join thousands of events using the only platform built by event hosts to help you sell more tickets and fundraise more effectively. Our affordable prices come with instant payouts and 24/7 support with a real person!

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Alumni engagement and learning management tool

Firsthand is cloud-based alumni networking platform designed to help universities engage with students, employers, and prospects using mentoring programs and virtual events. Administrators can create online campus communities to enlist students as ambassadors or alumni as mentors.

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A2Z Events


Cloud-based platform for managing in-person & virtual events

A2Z Events is a cloud-based event management solution that helps charities, associations, and non-profit organizations manage events and streamline marketing operations. It enables exhibitors, attendees, and speakers to manage digital assets and access event details from a centralized database.

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In-Person, Hybrid, or Live Event Management

Web and mobile platforms for in-person, hybrid. or virtual events.

Read more about EventRay



Online software solution for event registration

RegFox is a highly flexible online registration system offering totally customizable page and form builders, payment processing, social media & ecommerce tools

Read more about RegFox

Virtual Conference Platform


Cloud-based virtual conference platform

Virtual Event Platform is a cloud-based software that helps businesses conduct online trade shows with custom branded exhibit halls, presentations, booths, and networking tools. Staff members can use design templates and upload images to create theaters, exhibit halls, and resource centers.

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The Ideal Webinar Platform for Teaching and Training

GoBrunch is the ideal Webinar Platform for Virtual Events. The Free Version has no time limit, and you can create and record as many virtual classes or events you want. Turn on your camera, share your screen, share your videos, broadcast other presenters, record and create breakout sessions. ok.

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Virtual and hybrid meeting platform

VirtualCrowd is a web-based virtual and hybrid meeting platform, which helps businesses plan, promote, and organize events for remote and on-site attendees. The customizable application enables participants to access events via desktop and mobile devices.

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Nextech AR Virtual Events


Cloud-based video streaming platform

Nextech AR Virtual Events is a video learning experience platform designed to help businesses provide employee training through interactive content, searchable videos, and live and on-demand webcasting. Teams can customize the visual component of widgets as per individual requirements.

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Cloud-based virtual event management software

Shindig is a cloud-based virtual event management software designed to help businesses communicate, collaborate, and connect with audiences during video conferences via private chats, text, green rooms, screen sharing capabilities, and more.

Read more about Shindig



Flexible event technology solutions

GTR is an event technology platform which provides solutions for online registration, badge printing, attendance tracking, lead retrieval, and virtual event hosting. The software can be used for conventions, conferences, expos, trade shows, corporate events, and more.

Read more about GTR

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Buyers Guide

Virtual event

Organizing virtual events can be complicated and resource-intensive. Not only do you need to prepare the content but you also need to provide attendees with a stable mode of engagement to retain their interest.

Without the right tools, a virtual event can end up being a disappointment for the attendees and the organizers alike. So, to help you find the right tool, we’ve prepared this guide. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is virtual event software?

Virtual event software is a tool that enables businesses to create and stream events with live and recorded content. The tool also helps them engage the audience via interactive options such as reactions, comments, and shareable snippets. 

Off lately, social media platforms have come up with options such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live to host online events, but these are standard tools that might not be apt for every type of event. 

First, they don’t allow restricting the audience to a list of attendees or making the event private or paid. Second, they don’t offer the flexibility and interactive capabilities required for industry-specific events such as seminars or conferences. 

Dedicated virtual event software, on the other hand, allows users to customize the event as per requirements. It can be used to restrict the audience to registered and paid attendees, create Q&A dashboards and discussion forums, as well as share additional content such as brochures, event books, and research papers with the attendees.  

What are the deployment options for virtual event software?

Virtual event tools are typically available in one of the following two deployment models:

Cloud-based deployment: The responsibility of hosting and managing the tool rests with the vendor, and users can access it via a browser or desktop/mobile app. This does not require a heavy investment in IT infrastructure, and users can pick from monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

On-premise deployment: The responsibility of hosting and managing the tool rests with the user and the vendor is only responsible for providing the tool for a one-time payment. Most vendors also provide updates for the tool, which may either be free or paid, depending on the user’s license agreement. 

Key question to ask a vendor: Are there any add-on equipment or installation costs to use the tool?

What are the common features of virtual event software?

Understanding the common features offered by virtual event software can be helpful when evaluating different tools. To help you out, we’ve listed the most common features below:

Event page: Create a branded web page or website for the event, providing details about the event date, star speakers, or any other relevant information. For recurring events, this page can also be a repository of past events and their highlights. 


Creating an event website with Aventri

Online registration: Enable attendees to register for the event and make payment for paid events. This feature essentially requires a branded registration form as well as a point-of-sale (POS) option to receive payments. 


Online registration with Localist

Video/audio streaming: Stream live or pre-recorded videos and audios. In live events, attendees can view what is happening in real time and playback any parts they missed. In pre-recorded events, videos and audios can be played on demand. 


Streaming an event online with BigMarker 

Attendee management: Collect and organize attendee information such as name, email address, and location in a single database and use those to personalize communication with them. 


Attendee management in A2Z Events

Comments and Q&A: Allow attendees to interact with the speakers/hosts or among themselves with the help of comments and Q&A forums. 


Asking questions in an event with GoToWebinar

Survey management: Hold quick surveys with the audience during an ongoing event and ask them to vote on the spot. 


Analyzing survey responses with BigMarker

Spaces: Offer virtual spaces such as lobby, exhibit hall, meeting room, and networking lounge. These are essentially forums or web pages within the app that can be customized to encourage attendee engagement.


Virtual spaces created using vFairs

Knowledge base: Share documents such as brochures, event books, and research papers with the attendees. The documents can be restricted to enable view-only or allowed greater flexibility for downloading. 

knowledge base

Knowledge base created using vFairs

Email marketing: Send attendees customized and branded emails from within the tool. This is especially useful when sharing tickets or requesting feedback after an event. It can also be used to share information about upcoming events. 

Email marketing

Creating email campaigns with Whova

Analytics and reporting: Analyze attendee engagement and response with multiple customizable metrics. While some tools provide this as an online dashboard, others might allow users to download reports. 


Reporting in Eventzilla

Key questions to ask a vendor: Does the tool offer customizable templates for creating event web pages, registration forms, or marketing emails? If yes, what customizable elements do the templates support—adding brand colors, logos, taglines, etc?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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