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Zoho Backstage logo

Run events smarter, better.

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Zoho Backstage in a comprehensive event management software that empowers organizers to plan, promote, and run online and in-person events.

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Cvent Event Management logo

Online software for event management & hospitality

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Cvent provides online event planning and management, web survey and email marketing software for event planners, attendees, and hospitality venues across industries, globally. The software supports the entire event lifecycle, from marketing and initial registration through to event check-in & beyond

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Accelevents logo

Host your virtual, hybrid and in-person events in one place.

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Accelevents is the only enterprise-grade event software platform that is easy to customize and use. We support virtual, hybrid, and in-person events of any size.

Book a demo, and we'll show you how to manage all your events with one powerful software solution.

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A2Z Events logo

Tradeshow, exposition, and conference management software.

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A2Z Events is a cloud-based event management solution that helps charities, associations, and non-profit organizations manage events and streamline marketing operations. It enables exhibitors, attendees, and speakers to manage digital assets and access event details from a centralized database.

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Bizzabo logo

Build every event with Bizzabo

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Build everyevent with Bizzabo's next-generation event management platform. The Event Experience OS is a data-rich open platform that empowers Event Experience Leaders to manage events, engage audiences, activate communities, and deliver powerful business outcomes.

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EventsAIR logo

Software for event management professionals & associations.

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EventsAir is an all-in-one event management platform that provides all of the tools and technology you need to execute successful in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. From built-in budgeting and accounting tools to breathtaking on-brand event sites and seamless registration experiences.

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Attendease logo

The most scalable, configurable, easy-to-use event platform.

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Attendease is the most scalable, configurable, easy-to-use meeting and event platform. Award-winning event platform for event teams built to enable a repeatable, scalable event planning and execution process.

Plan. Launch. Amaze.

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Expo Pass logo

On-Demand Badge Printing & Check-In to Level Up Your Event.

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Expo Pass is a cloud-based event management solution which lets users manage registration, badge printing, check-in, event apps, lead retrieval, and other functions for both physical and virtual events. Users can create multi-session virtual events and customize them with sponsor & company branding.

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Tripleseat logo

#1 Guest and Event Management Software for Hospitality

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Tripleseat is a Sales & Event Management web application for restaurants, hotels & unique venues that increases event sales & streamlines the planning process

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Momentus Technologies (formerly Ungerboeck) logo

Make it Momentus

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Momentus Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end venue and event management software solutions, including CRM, venue booking, registration, event planning, reporting, financials and more.

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Swoogo logo

Expect more from your event management platform.

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Manage every aspect of your event without a customer service call. 100% mobile responsive back end with two levels of user types.

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Bonterra Guided Fundraising logo

Fundraising software for small nonprofit organizations

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Bonterra's Guided Fundraising solution helps small nonprofit organizations manage event ticketing, task scheduling, data migration, donor communications, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to create mobile-responsive fundraising pages with custom forms and surveys.

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Trumba Connect logo

Trumba Connect—The Calendar Experts

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Seamlessly schedule, publish, promote and track your events all in one place with Trumba Connect. The online calendar & event management software is perfect for virtual, in-person or hybrid events. Boost attendance, simplify registration and improve user engagement.

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Event Booking Engines logo

Event Mgmt system for Venues, Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants.

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Event Booking Engines is a cloud-based Event Management solution designed to help Venues, Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants and Hospitality Groups manage event bookings, staff & operations.

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iVvy Venue Management logo

Venue management software for hospitality venues

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iVvy Venue Management is a vendor management software used by hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations to manage bookings for spaces & venues

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ClearEvent logo

Event planning simplified.

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ClearEvent offers comprehensive event management software with tools for scheduling, job assignments, and going live with registration and ticketing. Enjoy real-time budget tracking, fast payments, and a branded mobile app. Benefit from 5-star in-app support from experienced event planners.

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BentoBox logo

Know your diners. Grow your business.

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Get a full view of what your diners want — and keep your business growing — with the BentoBox Marketing & Commerce Platform, an all-in-one restaurant commerce engine that puts diners at the center of how restaurants operate.

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Arlo for Training Providers logo

A complete training management system for training providers

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Sell training? Arlo is software for training providers who want to save time and crush sales targets. It's a complete training management solution to organize and sell instructor-led, online and blended courses.

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ThunderTix logo

Ticketing software for the performing arts

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Catering to the performing arts and live music venues with fully integrated tools to efficiently run your box office. A single platform for reserved seating for multiple venues, season subscriptions, donor management, gift cards, merchandise, customer loyalty, concessions, coupons, and surveys.

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Ticketbud logo

Online ticketing, registration & event management made easy.

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Ticketbud is an online ticketing, registration and event management platform for event organizers. Free, custom branded and mobile optimized event pages designed to maximize sales. Own your data with robust reporting features at no extra cost. Free mobile app for ticket scanning.

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Users also considered logo

Event creation & Effortless management system.

visit website is a cloud-based event creation & management tool designed to automate event processes including registration, reservations, payments, and more

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Eventsquid logo

Automated event registration with website & app creation

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Eventsquid handles conference website, mobile app, registration, CEU tracking, check-in, payment, agenda and speakers, surveys and more.

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AudienceView logo

Live event ticketing, simply better

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Unlock growth with 'More' than just a ticketing software. Master the business of live events with AudienceView Professional – the all-in-one event ticketing solution that helps connect enthusiasts to your events. Now with even more control and flexibility to create and manage events.

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HoneyBook logo

Client management for freelancers & SMBs

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Everything you need to manage your event business: proposals, contracts, payments, and more.

Get started with a 7 day free trial today.

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LineUpr logo

The event app for your on-site, hybrid or online event!

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LineUpr empowers event organizers with personalized and engaging apps for hybrid, on-site, or online events. Keep attendees informed and updated, while engagement features like surveys and networking foster interaction and feedback. The attractive pricing makes LineUpr ideal for events of all sizes.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Event Management

Organizing an event can be a daunting task for small businesses with limited staff and resources. But participating in or organizing events are important to showcase and market your products and services.

Event management software can help simplify and automate many of the tasks associated with organizing an event including managing attendees, ticket collection revenues, booking rooms, and more.

In this buyer's guide, we discuss the core features of event management software, the different types of solutions available, and the latest trends in the market.

Here's what we'll cover:

What is event management software?

Event management software is a set of tools that help you plan, organize, and manage events. It helps in automating workflows associated with every step of organizing the event including event planning, attendee registration, event scheduling, revenue management, post-event feedback surveys, and analysis.

Event management software automates many of the manual tasks like collecting participant details, collaborating with the marketing and logistics teams, maintaining event cash flow accounts, travel management, and post-event analysis.

Types of event management software

Managing an event involves multiple tasks such as planning the event, scheduling the event, managing ticketing, coordinating with logistics teams, setting up web conferences for online attendees, and more.

There are different types of event management software available in the market today. Some of them offer specific capabilities targeted at one or few functions associated with an event, such as ticketing or post-event surveys. Others offer a broader range of capabilities that can help you in the end-to-end organization of an event.

Some of the different types of event management tools include:

Ticketing apps: Ticketing apps help specifically in the generation and distribution of tickets for the event. The tool allows you to sell tickets online or offline and collect payments. Advanced versions may also support sales of custom tickets and attendance management.

Event scheduler/planner: Event scheduling and planning apps help guests check-in for the event sessions or programs of their choice without having conflicting calendars. The tool also helps participants to reschedule or cancel their bookings.

Polling/survey apps: Polling and survey apps are used to get opinions of participants during or after the event. It helps to generate results to questions posed to the audience and analyze the success of the event.

Web conferencing apps: Web conferencing and live video streaming apps help broadcast your event to a larger audience. With global attendees, web conferencing and video streaming apps help your out-of-station attendees be a part of the event in real-time from a different location.

End to end event management apps: Comprehensive event management solutions offer features that support almost all activities from your pre-event preparations to post-event analysis. These solutions offer all features including ticketing, revenue and expense management, event scheduling, event marketing, and feedback collection.

Event-specific apps: The market also offers event management apps specific to support certain types of events such as weddings, company conferences, etc. These apps provide some niche features needed to conduct certain types of events as well as offer relevant designs and themes.

Key question to ask your event management vendor before you buy: Are the different features offered in an end-to-end event management solution as deep and powerful as those offered in niche solutions?

Deployment options for event management software

Event management solutions, like other software products, are offered either as cloud-based or on-premises solutions. Most organization prefer cloud-based solutions because you can access the tool from anywhere. With most event organizers not always working from a fixed location and constantly on the move, this becomes helpful.

Most event management software also offer mobile apps to help your field staff capture and update event details easily.

On-premises software

  • High one-time investment costs

  • May need additional investments in hardware such as ticketing machines

  • Not easily accessible from locations outside of your office

  • Customizable according to your needs

Cloud-based software

  • Low upfront costs and charged on a per-user or attendee basis

  • Can access it from anywhere using the internet

  • Updates and upgrades to the software are shared by the vendor

  • Scale up or down easily based on the number of users

Mobile app

  • Use on mobile devices and tablets

  • Offline access often possible

  • Easy-to-use from anywhere

Key question to ask your event management vendor before you buy: Is your solution accessible on a mobile browser or do you offer native mobile apps along with the subscription?

What are some common features of event management software?

Event management software tools come with many features. Some of the most common ones include:

Attendee management: Captures and stores information about people attending the event, including contact details, travel plans, session sign-ups, and meal preferences. It also helps in planning and sharing attendee seating arrangements, escort staff details, poll, and Q&As to enhance the attendee experience.

Attendee management in Purplepass

Attendee management in Purplepass

Ticketing: Facilitates the sales of event tickets and registration forms through offline and online channels. It also helps you to collect payments via cash or e-payments. You can also customize ticket prices, set quantity limits, offer discounts or special packages.


Ticketing feature in Eventdex

On-site management: This includes managing event-related activities on the spot including printing name badges, accepting new registrations, modifying session sign-ups, and integrating with self-service kiosks for easy check-in.


On-site management features offered by Brushfire

Exhibitor management: This feature helps you to allocate booths to exhibitors, collect charges from them, manage sponsorship levels, and booth reservations. The tool can also help you prepare maps of your venue layout with exhibitor and booth numbers included.

Sponsor management feature in Socio

Sponsor management feature in Socio

Reporting and analytics: Generate attendance reports, expense and budget reports, and track user-engagement on the various event marketing initiatives, both online and offline. Analyze post-event success using metrics collected throughout the course of the event.

Reporting and analytics in Eventbrite

Reporting and analytics in Eventbrite

Event marketing: Event marketing features should be able to connect both your offline and online activities include pushing out email messages, publishing social media posts, and create promotional posters and websites.

Event marketing feature in Eventzilla

Event marketing feature in Eventzilla

Budget management: Budget and revenue management features help you to manage and track the expenses of your event. It helps you capture all event transactions, track quotes and deals, calculate costs and determine ROI.

Revenue and budget management in Thundertix

Revenue and budget management in Thundertix

Key questions to ask your event management vendor before you buy: What are the features offered in the basic version of your software? Do you allow customers to customize the tool with the features they want?

What are some important event management software integrations?

No business function works in isolation. The successful organization of every event is due to the combined effort of different teams – events, marketing, sales, operations, and product. To get the best results, it's important that your event management software integrates with a plethora of other applications such as social media marketing, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Some of the important event management software integrations include:

CRM: Integration of an event management tool with a CRM software helps to share and keep customer details. You can import leads from the event management tool into the CRM system and vice versa. It also helps to record details of customers collected during the events to create a better overall customer experience in the future.

Marketing: Integrations with marketing tools helps to send relevant promotional offers and other materials to the participants. The event management tool will have to integrate with your various marketing solutions including:

  • Email marketing: Helps correspond with clients and potential attendees via email for online ticket sales, sending schedules, etc.

  • Social media marketing: Publish social media posts to promote the event and create buzz.

  • Channel management: Manage promotional activities on different channels to support ticket sales.

Accounting: Help in accurate recording of cash flows by capturing ticket sales data, event expenses, and other costs. Integration with accounting tools helps to avoid double-entry and reduces errors.

Point-of-sale: Integrating with point-of-sale systems is important to support online ticket sales. It supports payments via debit or credit cards, e-wallets, and net banking.

Key question to ask your event management vendor before you buy: Do you offer APIs to connect with other applications?

The future of events is being driven by emerging technologies such as augmented reality, smart venues, wearables, and more. The events are being managed is also changing. Event management software vendors are also incorporating the latest technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), beacon technology, and more into their apps.

AI-powered smart apps: Artificial intelligence technology in event management software can help predict attendee participation, response, and revenues. It makes guest registration easier using facial recognition systems as well as allots them seats based on their preferences. Event management tools may also offer AI-driven chatbots to address queries from guests quickly.

Big data analytics: Event management apps will be able to track customer behavior during the events, their social media posts, and other preferences to help the organizers provide a better customer experience. By analyzing customer feedback and non-verbal expressions, they can gauge their interests and prepare for future events and invite relevant guests accordingly.

Wearable technology: Event management apps must be able to authenticate participants using RFID tags on items like badges and smartwatches. Wearables will also help the event planning teams easily gather analytics about guest movements, food preferences, and more.

Key questions to ask your event management vendor before you buy: What latest features have you added to your product? How often do you offer upgrades?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.