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What is Mezzanine?

Mezzanine is a cloud-based video conferencing solution designed to help businesses organize team meetings across multiple locations. Features include real-time content sharing, a collaborative workspace, optical tracking, annotations, and data synchronization.

It enables hosts to upload images or presentation slides, arrange the placement of content on the screen, and share projects with team members across multiple devices such as laptops, digital media players, PCs, and more. Users can capture snapshots of on-screen content and add comments or notes to share ideas with attendees. Professionals using Mezzanine can stream content across multiple screens, letting users arrange the content during presentations for comparisons or cross-referencing.

Mezz-In, the collaboration feature for virtual teams in Mezzanine, enables remote users to view the workspace and share screens. It also allows remote participants to control the flow of the presentation and communicate with team members via video calls in real-time. Designers can use the solution to create interactive 2D presentations and dynamic content layouts using images, videos, and webpages.


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